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The new version of “Genshin Impact” is online!Huawei Mate 60 series finally adapts

The new version of “Genshin Impact” is online!Huawei Mate 60 series finally adapts

  “Genshin Impact” version 4.1 “Morning Star in the Deep Water” is officially launched today. The update time will start at 06:00 this morning and is expected to be completed in 5 hours.

In version 4.1 of “Genshin Impact”, there will be a new area in Fontaine called “Li Fei District” and Fontaine Kinetic Energy Engineering Science Research Institute District, as well as new characters “Navilet” and “Leosli”. Weapons, etc.

Besides,“Genshin Impact” version 4.1 adds support for Huawei Mate 60 series.“Genshin Impact” players holding Mate 60 series will have a better experience of the game after today’s update, and there will no longer be the problem of texture errors.

Why do I encounter texture errors when playing “Genshin Impact” with Huawei Mate 60 series?The most critical reason is that game developers have not adapted to the Kirin 9000s processor.On the other hand, it can also be seen that the confidentiality level of this processor is quite high, and game developers cannot adapt it perfectly in advance.

It is worth mentioning that in August this year, some netizens asked on Zhihu, “How to evaluate the texture error when playing Genshin Impact on Huawei Mate60 Pro?”

A developer “Coresi7” certified as “Tencent Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. Game Client Development” answeredsaying “it proves that their CPU and GPU are really self-developed, and game manufacturers need time to adapt them.”

The developer also revealed that Huawei has always kept everything confidential. The first time they learned that our game (Tencent’s game) was having problems with their new model,We didn’t even know that this was a new chipset model, and there were no rules applicable to this chip in the performance rule library.Therefore, there will be some picture degradation problems when playing our games. Although this is playable, it is really a waste of talent.

The developer’s team wanted to adapt to this new chipset and hoped to contact Huawei for an engineering prototype for adaptation. The answer they received was: Sorry, no, it’s confidential. Then do a log analysis? Sorry it can’t be exported. The security policy of this new model of mobile phone is very strict, and it is impossible to pull logs to analyze problems. In the end, there was nothing we could do, so Huawei colleagues took the machines face-to-face to adapt.

Finally, the developer said bluntly, “With such a new architecture and such a short adaptation time, it is normal for problems to occur. I believe that both the Genshin Impact project team and the Huawei driver team must have been working overtime to fix it. It’s a bug. This rendering error problem may not exist for a few days, so let’s take a look and cherish it.”

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