The “new style” of Hefu lo mein enters the multi-catering scene, and continues to create a good taste of the category

The “new style” of Hefu lo mein enters the multi-catering scene, and continues to create a good taste of the category

During the three-year epidemic, the catering industry is in a “cold winter”. During this period, some companies choose to “flat“Lie” takes survival as the primary goal; some companies are actively exploring ways to transform and develop other businesses; Accumulate strength. As the leading brand of Chinese catering, Hefu Lo Mian actively responds to changes in the market.

According to public data, Hefu Lo Mian has more than 200 stores in 2019. After three years of development, the number has exceeded 400. Its stores are located in more than 60 cities across the country, and its brand members have increased to more than 10 million. In the face of market pressure, Hefu Lo Mian has received two consecutive rounds of huge investments in recent years, with a total financing of nearly 1.3 billion yuan. In 2021 alone, the E-round financing of nearly 800 million yuan will set a record for the highest financing in the domestic chain noodle restaurant industry. Decrease instead of increase.

Seeking “internalization”, innovative thinking

In the “cold winter” of the industry, various companies are trying different strategies to find ways to survive. However, during this period, some companies have withstood the pressure and ushered in the dawn after darkness, while some companies have become the same as the epidemic. “Past tense”. The reason why Hefu Lo Mein survived this “big test” and achieved large-scale development is because it created a new solution in the industry – catering with retail thinking.

Looking back on the development process, as early as 2013 before the opening of the first store, Hefu spent three years systematically building products, supply chains and brand systems, polishing the store operation management model, and laying a good foundation for its large-scale development. Today, Hefu Catering has a modern food industrial park of nearly 100,000 square meters and a central kitchen covering an area of ​​15,000 square meters to support the basic operations of thousands of stores in the future and the nationwide cold chain distribution needs.

In 2023, the catering industry will usher in a “spring”, and Hefu will continue to make efforts to spend 500 million manufacturing bases to upgrade its supply chain system. Compared with traditional restaurants that focus on chef resources, Hefu attaches great importance to the creation of supply chains, focusing on supply chains and products. The indicators were repeatedly adjusted and optimized to form a mature store operation management model, which achieved three-person one store and efficient operation, so that it can be replicated efficiently, quickly spread out outlets, and achieve large-scale development. This is also the confidence for Hefu to resist the pressure and immediately enter the pace of accelerated development after surviving the severe winter of the industry.

I believe that in the future, Hefu Lo Mian will continue to explore in terms of product innovation, quality and safety, to create more new gourmet experiences for consumers, and to inject new vitality into the development of innovative industries.

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