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The new S+ music variety “Twelve Movements” is coming, gathering the power of the music industry to sing for life

The new S+ music variety “Twelve Movements” is coming, gathering the power of the music industry to sing for life


In the second quarter of 2024, the new S+ music variety “Twelve Movements” exclusively titled by Xiu Xiu Group will be launched on Dragon TV: the program will include twelve stories, twelve new songs, and twelve first singing ceremonies. It is a courtesy that I cherish as if I were meeting you for the first time in life, and I dedicate it to the person in the song.

People’s Daily’s “National Humanities and History” magazine and Haole Wuhuang Music Company will jointly launch the “People’s Haole” creation and communication plan, with “a true story, a warm song” as the main line, gathering the power of the music industry, and finally launching A music album that tells life through music and celebrates life through singing – “Twelve Movements”.

Music is more than just a melody. Behind the music are often the simplest but most sincere universal stories and life experiences. The person who writes the song buries his own feelings in it, and the person who listens to the song finds his familiar figure through the music, thereby building a bridge between hearts. Across the limitations of time and space, we met and got to know each other because of a song. This is a unique and romantic encounter, and everything will start from “Twelve Movements”.

  A new form of S+ outdoor music ensemble is coming, “Twelve Movements” returns to the music itself

As a unicorn company with great potential in the original music industry, in just 4 years since its establishment, Haolewuhuang has continuously produced more than 30 hit hits with tens of billions of views and extremely popular songs, many of which are phenomenal. Music works are popular in the industry, making Haolewuhuang a real “hit maker” in the industry, and the strength of original music is obvious to all.

This time, the innovative music variety “Twelve Movements” jointly produced by Haolewuhuang, Dragon TV and People’s Daily’s “National Humanities and History” magazine will present a different form of outdoor stage music variety than before. “Twelve Movements” will be based on the original nature and life, return to the true nature, and lead the audience to experience a completely different musical experience from the past: how a good music grows – what lies behind the moving melody Unforgettable story.

Haolewuhuang will start from the music itself and rebuild the connection between music and the audience. It hopes to restore the most authentic voice behind the song through the new form of music synthesis, so that the audience can capture the simplest emotions and stories in the music, using “storytelling” The combination of “+Good Songs + First Singing Ceremony” helps “Twelve Movements” find a new direction in music synthesis.

  Spontaneous exploration opens up touching clues, “a story, a new song”

“Twelve Movements” will adopt a first-person perspective and convey the experience of the protagonist of the story to the audience through an immersive experience. Here, every song comes from a true story, and music will become its most powerful form of expression – in fact, music is the best at telling stories.

The program will also invite a king-level representative of the music industry as a representative of the industry promoters, and extend invitations to more outstanding musicians who are good at telling stories through singing. All singers participating in the program will personally experience the life journey of the person in the song. Twelve songs, twelve touching first singing ceremonies, and twelve precious and unique encounters.

  Twelve first singing ceremonies, initiating the exclusive feeling of encountering music

The hurried modern society often lacks opportunities for people to calm down. What “Twelve Movements” wants to do is to seize the brief moment that enters everyone’s heart. Good music sings stories and understands life. It transcends the boundaries of time and space. “Twelve Movements” will create an immersive musical journey.

Meet with Dragon TV’s “Twelve Movements” in the second quarter of 2024, listen to the songs and stories that go straight into people’s hearts, taste all kinds of life, and sing for life!

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