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The new poster of “Flowers” releases Ma Yi Tang Yan and Xin Zhilei’s three flowers in Shanghai

The new poster of “Flowers” releases Ma Yi Tang Yan and Xin Zhilei’s three flowers in Shanghai

Since the drama series “Flowers” was announced, there has been constant action. Today, another set of blockbuster posters were released, showing the style of the three female characters in the drama. The drama “Flowers” is adapted from the novel of the same name by Jin Yucheng and Mao Dun Literary Award. It is the first drama directed by director Wong Kar-wai. The play is written by Qin Wen, with Bao Dexi as the visual director, starring Hu Ge, and starring Ma Yi?, Tang Yan, and Xin Zhilei. As a New Year’s Eve drama, it will be logged on Tencent Video on December 27 and broadcast exclusively on the entire network.

Three posters, three female protagonists, namely Lingzi played by Ma Yi?, Miss Wang played by Tang Yan, and Li Li played by Xin Zhilei. The posters have a sense of realism captured on the spot, showing the status and charm of the three characters in freeze-frame. , coupled with the small text of the copywriting, brings out the space for reverie and interpretation. What’s exquisite is that, unlike our common character posters, two of the posters have a part of the back of Mr. Bao (played by Hu Ge).

  Smiling without thinking, Ma Yi turned into “Sister-in-law Ah Qing”

Under a ray of sunshine, Lingzi, played by Ma Yi, was full of smiles. Looking up, it seemed that the things over there made her extremely happy. Mr. Bao, standing in front of him, had a tall and straight posture, only showing one side of his face and half of his shoulders. He was wearing a A paper hat, it seems that it is being painted and decorated. In the light and shadow, Reiko’s smile is bright and charming, giving people endless story speculations.

In the center of the picture are two lines of small words: Smile when we meet, but don’t think about it afterwards. This is a line from the Peking Opera “Shajiabang” written by Sister-in-law Aqing. Sister-in-law Aqing “boils three rivers in a copper pot and entertains sixteen parties”. She opens a teahouse and welcomes guests and guests. The plot of “One” is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and it also makes A Qing’s wife the most classic boss lady. Reiko, played by Ma Yi, is also a proprietress who runs a local restaurant called “Night Tokyo” with Mr. Bao on Jinxian Road. The poster is based on the lyrics sung by A Qing’s wife. Could it be that Reiko in Tokyo that night also has the same style and exquisite skills as A Qing’s wife.

  Tang Yan laughs or cries while leaning on the railing, I am not a crybaby

Miss Wang’s poster is the only one without a male figure from behind. Miss Wang wears glasses with thick lenses and a sense of the times. Her curly hair is as messy as the wind, and her expression looks like she is laughing or crying. There is a line of small words in the picture: Who said I am a crybaby. Crying spirit is a Shanghainese term that refers to a person who cries easily. Miss Wang’s expressions of laughing and crying, laughing and crying, seemed to be a powerful response to this sentence. It conveys a kind of optimism and open-mindedness after the rain has passed and the sky has cleared up, “I am not a crybaby”.

It is not difficult to speculate that Ms. Wang in the play must have cried a lot, and she must have been called a “crying girl”, otherwise she would not have made this excuse in vain. According to the previously released trailer, Ms. Wang is a professional woman who works in an office at No. 27 on the Bund. She has a bright and beautiful scenery. So what makes her cry and what makes her laugh?

  Xin Zhilei, the aura of ruthless words, is a dragon crossing the Yellow River

Li Li’s posters are very domineering. Li Li, played by Xin Zhilei, looked at Mr. Bao, escalating the stairs with one hand, his eyes burning like a torch. Li Li’s super aura was undoubtedly evident in the gaze, and half of Mr. Bao’s back appeared in the painting. In the center is a line of small words, “Never trust the kindness of strangers.”

This “harsh word” appeared in such a situation. Upon closer inspection, it seems like a piece of advice from Li Li to Mr. Bao. Whether kindness from strangers is a bargaining chip or a trap is unpredictable. Whether Li Li’s identity is an enemy or a friend is also confusing. According to the trailer, Li Li, played by Xin Zhilei, is the proprietress of the Zhenyuan Hotel on the Yellow River Road. She has such a strong aura and her strength should not be underestimated.

When we look at the three posters together, it is worth pondering. Lingzi and Li Li are the two proprietresses. One is driving the night in Tokyo on Jinxian Road, the other is driving to Zhenyuan on Huanghe Road, the other is the charming Mrs. Ah Qing, and the other is Kill the dragons crossing the river in all directions. Miss Wang appears alone in the poster, but she has a burst of resilience. Regardless of whether Mr. Bao appears or not, it seems to be telling that the three women are inextricably linked to Mr. Bao.

The female characters under Wong Kar-wai’s lens are both classic and tense. The three heroines shown in the three posters of “Flowers” have different postures. The details in the poster are full of suspense. Although it is just the tip of the iceberg, Reiko’s exquisiteness, Miss Wang’s stubbornness, and Li Li’s aura, the three heroines’ character charm and character atmosphere are undoubtedly revealed. Coupled with the text that points to the topic, the chaotic back figures, and the various suspense designs, it seems that the work is a puzzle left to the audience, giving people endless space for imagination, waiting for everyone to explore.

It is reported that “Flowers” will be launched in a bilingual version. The Shanghai-language version of “Flowers” has an authentic Shanghai flavor. Taking into account the viewing habits of audiences across the country, the actors also devoted their efforts to the specially recorded Mandarin version. Let us wait for “Flowers” to bloom.

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