The new king of open-back sports headphones is coming, Sony Float Run combines comfort and sound quality


On February 28, 2023, Sony (China) Co., Ltd. released three new earphone products: a non-in-ear open sports earphone Float Run for comfort, and two cost-effective earphones—the lightest earphones in Sony’s history.[[1]]The WH-CH720N is a wireless noise-canceling headset, and the WH-CH520, which features colorful Morandi color schemes, has a sense of fashion and quality.

With the improvement of public health awareness, more and more people incorporate exercise and fitness into their daily lives. Based on the user’s insight into the needs of sports headphones that are “comfortable, stable and good-sounding” and ear health, Sony created and launched the Float Run sports headphones for comfort. With a weight of only about 33 grams, exquisite ear hanging and head support design, Float Run makes the user’s earphones feel as light as nothing. In addition to being comfortable, it is also stable and reassuring to wear. In terms of sound quality performance, the new product uses a 16mm driver unit, thanks to Sony’s profound acoustic accumulation and professional tuning technology, it creates a listening experience with a wide stereo field, clear three-band, and surging bass. The sound unit of Float Run is located next to the ear canal. This open design makes the user’s music experience more comfortable and transparent. IPX4 waterproof grade[[2]]about 10 hours of battery life and fast charging and other functions, allowing users to enjoy a relaxed, convenient and secure music experience.


Sony non-in-ear open sports headphones Float Run and wearing effect

Headphones WH-CH720N and WH-CH520 released together are eye-catching with high cost performance and excellent performance, meeting the diversified listening needs of different users to enjoy good music. The noise reduction model WH-CH720N is equipped with internal and external dual feedback microphone technology and V1 integrated processor, and the noise reduction effect is further improved.Lightweight materials and exquisite design make the body weight of WH-CH720N only about 192g, becoming Sony’s lightest[1]Head-mounted wireless noise-cancelling headphones, greatly improving the comfort of wearing. WH-CH720N and WH-CH520 follow Sony’s black technology strength in the field of sound, equipped with DSEE digital sound enhancement engine and 360 live sound effects[[3]]And other technologies, let users feel the good sound as if they were on the scene.Two new headsets with a long battery life of about 50 hours[[4]]high-definition calls, multi-point connection and other basic functions, making the user’s daily listening experience comfortable and convenient.


sony ever light[1]Over-ear Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones WH-CH720N



Sony’s comfortable and efficient headphones WH-CH520, colorful Morandi color matching, outstanding appearance, fashion and quality

  Float Run, born for comfort

Compared with in-ear and over-ear headphones, this non-in-ear open-ear headphone Float Run focuses on wearing comfort, opening up a new experience of smooth sports for users. The overall light weight and the exquisite design of the ear-hook and back-hook make the wearing experience easy and convenient. The sound unit is suspended next to the ear canal, which will not squeeze the ear canal and avoid damage to the ear canal; the natural heat dissipation properties also keep Float Run dry and breathable. It is worth noting that Float Run does not produce the skull vibration that bone conduction headphones often have, and is more suitable for the user’s multi-sports scene.


Non-in-ear open sports earphones Float Run, light and comfortable for long-lasting companionship


Float Run: Non-in-ear open design for more comfortable and breathable wearing

  Stable and reliable, easy to wear

Float Run adopts a reasonable length and flexible back hanger, and an earhook with a wide contact surface. Under the synergistic effect of the two, the pressure on the ear is dispersed, and at the same time, it also brings a suitable clamping force, so that the user’s wearing body feels both Comfortable and stable. This headset can easily adapt to a variety of head shapes and ear shapes. Users can also adjust the inclination angle of the earhook according to their own preferences and needs to ensure that they are comfortable to wear, and they can be used in sports scenes accompanied by violent swings such as jumping, running, and stretching. In the middle, the earphones can still be worn firmly.

The high-quality ear-hook and back-hook designs also add to the wearability of the Float Run. Users with different hairstyles can wear it with peace of mind. Sports enthusiasts who love hats and headbands can also use it with confidence. Wearing it without burden, you can exercise more freely .

Float Run deformable earhooks are suitable for different head shapes, comfortable, stable and convenient

  Excellent wide sound field

Float Run inherits Sony’s profound audio technology and industrial advantages accumulation, taking into account openness and good sound, allowing users to fully enjoy good sound quality while exercising. The new product is equipped with a 16mm driver unit, adhering to Sony’s classic tuning features, presenting rich sound details, clear tri-band and surging bass. Different from the principle of bone conduction, the non-in-ear open design can gently and naturally blend the left and right channels to create a wider stereo field, highlighting the natural and open sense of space.



Float Run: 16mm driver unit creates a wide stereo sound field

Float Run adopts an open design, and the real and transparent ambient sound is accompanied by the melody of the music. You can hear the real voice when talking with others, you can listen to the natural language in the mountain scenery, and you can perceive the surrounding environment on the outdoor road. Escort for safety. In addition, the open design of Float Run avoids the “bone conduction effect” caused by closed earphones caused by noises such as the listener’s footsteps and chewing, making the listening experience more comfortable.

  Perfect function, worry-free exercise

Float Run supports IPX4[2]Waterproof, users don’t have to worry about sweat or rain; it has about 10 hours of battery life, about 200 hours of standby time, supports fast charging, and can be used for about 1 hour after charging for 10 minutes[[5]], battery life without anxiety, more powerful sports. Float Run also has a high-definition voice call function, and users can realize quick operations through the buttons on the headset. Float Run, which has multiple functions, is also very suitable for people to use in daily life scenarios such as work.In addition, Sony continues to practice technology and environmental protection, and the outer packaging box of the earphones is made of environmentally friendly materials that do not contain plastic[[6]]making sports and music experience more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

  More than sports unlock comfortable listening everyday

From commuting to work, traveling to work and study, the use of headphones has covered all aspects of music lovers’ lives. The two headphones released together this time – WH-CH720N and WH-CH520, create a comfortable listening experience for users in multiple scenarios.

WH-CH720N integrates functions such as intelligent noise reduction, high-quality sound quality and long-lasting battery life. WH-CH520 has multiple functions such as colorful Morandi color matching, good sound quality and high-definition calls. You can also feel the quality experience polished by Sony.

Adhering to the spirit of “For The Music” and utilizing the technological advantages accumulated in the audio field for more than 40 years, Sony continues to create innovative products that meet the needs of the times, connect music with diverse groups of people with innovative designs, and convey the power of music with sophisticated technology. Brand responsibility advocates a healthy lifestyle.Non-in-ear open sports earphones Float Run, comfortable and efficient over-ear noise-cancelling earphones WH-CH720N, and comfortable and efficient over-ear earphones WH-CH520 will start pre-sale gradually starting today[[7]], you can click the above model for product details. For more real-time news, please follow Sony China WeChat Official Account (WeChat ID: sonycn_001) or Sony-Portable Video official Weibo.


<1> As of February 2023.

<2> Equivalent to JIS/IEC IPX4 (splash-proof level): Prevent water from splashing into the device from all directions, excluding the ventilation hole of the earphone and the microphone hole. Do not wash the body, please use a dry soft cloth to wipe clean.

<3> Requires the use of the Headphones Connect mobile application and subscription to specific online music services. Subscription to music services may require payment to third-party service providers and related services may not be available in some countries or regions.

<4> The battery life of WH-CH720N is about 50 hours with noise reduction turned off, and about 30 hours with noise reduction turned on. The WH-CH520 has a battery life of about 50 hours.

<5> Be sure to use the included USB Type-C cable. Charging and usage time may vary due to actual usage.

<6>May vary by region; does not include coated adhesive material.

<7> Float Run, WH-CH720N will start pre-sale on February 28, 2023. WH-CH520 will start pre-sale at the end of March, please pay attention to the official information.


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