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The National Development and Reform Commission’s Comprehensive Transportation Research Institute and its team researched and submitted to the Quartet

The National Development and Reform Commission’s Comprehensive Transportation Research Institute and its team researched and submitted to the Quartet

On March 3, Mao Kejun, the former deputy director of the Comprehensive Research Office of the Comprehensive Transportation Institute of the National Development and Reform Commission, and his party came to the Quartet for investigation. The Bao’an Administration Bureau of the Municipal Transportation Bureau, the Bay Area Development Affairs Center, and various departments at all levels of Fuyong Sub-district accompanied the investigation. Sifang Senior Vice President Li Senlin attended the reception.

Mao Kejun pointed out that at present, China is striving to build a new development pattern of “domestic circulation as the main body and domestic and international double circulation mutually promoting”. Logistics infrastructure and services, forming a global smart supply chain network, will give full play to the role of new strategic channels for cross-border e-commerce, further enhance the global appeal of the domestic market, effectively release the productivity of a strong domestic supply chain, and continue to strengthen China’s synergy with domestic The capabilities of the two foreign markets and resources have had a positive effect.

Li Senlin said that in the past 19 years, Disifang has experienced and witnessed the development of cross-border e-commerce in China. As a leader in cross-border e-commerce related policies and industry standards, from the customs 9610 to the current 9710, 9810, 1039 market procurement models, Disifang is an active participant and practitioner of relevant policies and models. In 2020, as a representative of private enterprises, Disifang will undertake the weaving work related to the “National Comprehensive Three-dimensional Transportation Network Planning Outline (2021-2050)” and provide advice and suggestions for the planning and development of the three-dimensional transportation network. In addition, Disifang also participated in the drafting of Guangdong provincial cross-border e-commerce overseas warehouse service management regulations to promote the healthy development of the cross-border e-commerce industry.

Li Senlin introduced that Disifang adheres to the development strategy of “dual-network building, multi-dimensional increment, openness and diversity, and symbiosis of the four parties”, and strives to create a high-quality ecological environment for global cross-border e-commerce, and realize mutual benefit and symbiosis of customers, platforms, partners, and Disifang , Create a win-win situation together, hoping to empower the ecological partners with the ability of Disifang accumulated in the digital operation of cross-border e-commerce logistics, and provide “fertile ground” for the development of the industry.

Mao Kejun emphasized that my country has become a major manufacturing country in the world. In the future, it is of great practical significance to further enhance the competitiveness of my country’s manufacturing industry and accelerate the establishment of a safe, stable and efficient modern supply chain system.

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