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The movie “The Tide” is scheduled to be released on December 22. Stars gather to create the annual dark reality crime action movie

The movie “The Tide” is scheduled to be released on December 22. Stars gather to create the annual dark reality crime action movie


The movie “The Furious” was officially announced today and will be released on December 22. The scheduled poster and trailer were simultaneously released. The film is directed, written and starred by Ma Yuke, starring Zhang Jiahui, Ethan Ruan, and Wang Dalu, Qin Pei, Ma Yuke, Lian Kai, Chen Guokun, Wu Qihua, Li Xiangxuan, Chen Xiaoyi, He Xinlin, Lou Xuexian, and Jiang Haowen guest starred .

The movie “Raging Tide” tells the story of the Hongtai Group, which straddles the black and white world and covers the sky with one hand. At the time of the election, a mysterious killer Chen An (played by Zhang Jiahui) suddenly broke into this chaotic vortex of right and wrong, disturbing Hongtai. The group was in chaos. Mai Langwen (played by Ethan Ruan) in the police camp and Ma Wenkang (played by Wang Dalu) in the gang camp are also eyeing him… All forces are waiting for the opportunity, who is the manipulator behind the scenes? A fierce melee is about to break out.

Who can break the old rules, rebuild a new order, and restore the true nature of the world? The film will present an all-round feast of violent aesthetics that is both audio-visual and enjoyable. Nick Cheung, Ethan Juan, and Darren Wang make fierce appearances, and their fierce temperament hits the face. Together with director Ma Yuke, they create a pure domestic dark reality crime action film.

Cold Weapons and True Blood create a new aesthetic of violence

Purely domestically produced dark reality crime action film with exciting schedule set for release

In the scheduled poster, a group of thugs in suits running with cold weapons in their hands are seen from a bird’s-eye view. Together with the sentence “This revenge must be avenged before the end of the year” on the poster, it seems to indicate that a fierce battle is about to break out.

The pilot trailer released at the same time released dazzling and fierce action scenes and tense scenes, which clearly shows the ferocity and fun of the film. There are a lot of close-quarters fighting and cold weapon battles, punches to the flesh, and blood is drawn, which makes every fight full of pain, as fierce as a jungle beast, and the 15-second preview is filled with a strong sense of excitement. Tough guy hormones. The hearty fighting scenes also have a sense of immersion, allowing the audience to unconsciously step into the perspective of the protagonist while watching the trailer to break through the darkness and gain emotional release, successfully achieving a new breakthrough in dark realistic crime action movies.

In the preview trailer and the character stills released simultaneously, director, screenwriter and starring Ma Yuke, and the leading actors Nick Cheung, Ethan Juan, and Darren Wang have different emotions, expressions and dynamics, making it difficult to see clearly whether the characters’ stance is right or wrong. , also makes people curious about the intricate relationship between them, adding more dramatic tension and story suspense to the movie.

Four big men fight fiercely and fight to the death

All the actors in front of the screen and the gold medal team behind the scenes to protect them

Director Ma Yuke has been in the industry for many years and has more than ten years of experience in acting in criminal action films. While playing important roles in movies, he is also good at acting and directing. Through years of study, precipitation, and polishing, he has continuously optimized and refined the script and improved his directorial capabilities. Made his directorial debut “The Rage”. From the pilot trailer released this time, we can already see director Ma Yuke’s ability to control hearty action scenes. He also integrated his attention and thinking on practical issues into the film, which is worth looking forward to.

The film has a strong cast, with Nick Cheung Jiahui and Ethan Ruan cooperating for the first time, and the national mature actor Wang Dalu also subverting his image and challenging the cold-faced Scar thug for the first time. The three tough guys contributed superb acting skills and hearty fighting scenes in the film. In addition, the film also has Qin Pei, Ma Yuke, Lian Kai, Chen Guokun, Wu Qihua, Li Xiangxuan, Chen Xiaoyi, He Xinlin, Lou Xuexian, Jiang Haowen and other powerful actors joining the cast. Each person’s role will be a key part in the story. Ring, the collective acting skills will add to the quality of the film, which is exciting.

While the actors created wonderful characters in front of the stage to attract attention, the collaborative creation of the gold medal team behind the scenes also added to the quality of the film. Director Ma Yuke not only created a “fighting violence aesthetic” tailor-made for this film, using fist-to-flesh fighting to present real confrontation scenes, but also invited director of photography Chen Zhiying (“The Missing Bullet” and “Detective Dee: The Empire of Heaven”), Editing director Kwong Zhiliang (“The Disciple”, “Overheard”) and styling director Bai Yiting (“The New King of Comedy”, “Antique Game”) have joined. Their past classic works have not only gained recognition from the market, but also won praise from the audience. , has also been nominated and honored by various authoritative film awards many times. The blessing of a high-quality behind-the-scenes team can better protect the film.

As a head-to-head action film, a dark crime action film about black and white, the movie “The Tide” first provides the audience with fierce and exciting action scenes, and more surprises will be revealed one by one with the release of subsequent materials.

The movie “Raging Tide” is produced by iQiyi Pictures (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Xiamen Hengye Film Co., Ltd., Tianjin Maoyan Weiying Culture Media Co., Ltd., Shanghai Maoyan Film Co., Ltd., and Xiamen Hengye Wrangler Film and Television Culture Communication Co., Ltd. . The film will be released nationwide on December 22, giving audiences an adrenaline rush this winter!

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