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The movie “The Secret” premiered in Beijing, and all the members “wielding knives” gathered to stage a psychological game.

The movie “The Secret” premiered in Beijing, and all the members “wielding knives” gathered to stage a psychological game.


On December 2, the suspenseful crime movie “The Secret”, directed by Chen Zhuo and starring Xu Guanghan, Zhang Junning, Hui Yinghong, and Yin Zheng, held its premiere in Beijing. On the day of the event, director Chen Zhuo and actors Xu Guanghan, Zhang Junning, Hui Yinghong, Yin Zheng, Qian Yi, Guo Maiqian, and Zheng Hao made a surprise appearance at the scene, had a lively interaction with the audience, and shared behind-the-scenes stories and the fate of the characters. The audience also gave gifts such as magnifying glasses, pennants, and “Thirty-Six Stratagems” to the main creators, praising the film for being full of details and burning the CPU.

In addition, many celebrity friends such as Guo Fan, Chen Jianbin, Liu Haocun, Li Yitong, Chen Zitong, Bai Jugang, Zhao Ziqi, Zhang Disha, Yao Tingting, Xu Wei, Li Zixuan, Wang Weicheng, Zhang Zhipeng and many other people have appeared to support the film and praised the film as “unexpected” “, “Hearty”, Zhou Zhaocheng, the lawyer of the “playground burial case”, and Deng Lanbing, a family member of the victim in the case, also appeared to share the practical significance of the film. The film will be released on December 8 and is currently on pre-sale.

  All the “ruthless people” gathered at the scene and Xu Guanghan and Zhang Junning had 800 tricks to compete with each other.

The movie “The Secret” uses a secret room murder case to elicit the love-hate entanglement between the powerful and the common people behind the murder. Multiple clues are intertwined and reversed, and the truth of the crime gradually emerges. At the premiere, director Chen Zhuo shared the film’s creative experience and the character’s “reversed” fate with the leading actors. Director Chen Zhuo interpreted the theme presented in the movie: “Don’t underestimate the destructive power of human evil, and don’t underestimate the explosive power of family love.” At the scene, Xu Guanghan, Zhang Junning, Hui Yinghong, Yin Zheng, Qian Yi, Guo Maiqian, Zheng Hao “Knife” goes into battle, and the emotional clues of the characters in the movie are elicited through “strategy knife”, “gentle knife”, “memory knife”, “justice knife”, etc.

In the film, the story is reversed layer by layer, the characters are difficult to distinguish between good and evil, and the confrontation scenes are even more suspenseful. After the screening, the audience could not help but marvel at the “800 tricks” of Zheng Wei (played by Xu Guanghan) and Qiao Wanna (played by Zhang Junning). At the scene, Xu Guanghan was dubbed the “Pure Love Earning God” because of his role as a blackmailing black policeman. He played a villain for the first time on the big screen and said it was “very challenging”: “When shooting a confrontation scene, sometimes there are scene changes, and sometimes it needs to be done in one go. In addition, I have to play a policeman, and I may have to work hard to achieve the appearance I imagined.” Regarding the change in Qiao Wenna’s identity, the audience called it “unbelievable”. At the scene, Zhang Junning analyzed her character through a pair of earrings: ” In fact, the pearl earrings are a small setting we wanted to give her. After all, she was born as a poor orphan, and we wanted her to have a sense of simplicity, but she also married into a wealthy family, which is a symbol of wealth and desire.”

In the film, the powerless Sister Hong (played by Hui Yinghong) felt very refreshed by killing her enemies with her own hands. A fan at the scene said, “Revenge is no longer Hui Yinghong’s comfort zone, but her dominance zone.” Hui Yinghong responded domineeringly: “How can I, Hui Yinghong, do it?” In the movie, the relationship between Giovanna and Minghao (played by Yin Zheng) made the audience sigh. In response, Yin Zheng also apologized to Giovanna in Minghao’s tone: “I failed to protect your emotions and soul, and put all the shackles on you.” It’s all on you, I’ll die.” Qian Yi, who plays Lu Ping, and Zheng Hao, who plays Lu Cheng, have a deep feeling for the relationship between father and son, and their family’s feelings are the driving force for them to move forward. The policeman played by Guo Maiqian carries out justice to the end under the influence of power and money.

  Celebrity friends are trapped in a “confusion” and praise the brain-burning and thrilling reversal

The reversal of the story and the human struggle behind money and power have made the movie “Crying the Truth” gain recognition from many people in the industry. Director Guo Fan used two “good-looking” words to describe the movie: “The movie is good-looking, the story is good-looking, and the music is good-sounding; the actors are good-looking, with good looks and good acting skills.” Actor Chen Jianbin was moved by the reversal of the plot and the actors’ performances: “This film is good-looking, with good looks and good acting skills.” In addition to the wonderful story and good direction, it also has deep expressions, awakening the beauty in life that has been eliminated by greed, and cleansing the audience’s emotions. It is worth watching.” Actor Liu Haocun also lamented that the layers of reversal are “fascinating”: “The movie is super beautiful and thrilling. The transitions are very interesting, including the use of lenses. I think it is very novel. There are also many reversals, which can be said to be fascinating.” Actor Zhao Ziqi and director Zhang Zhipeng both said that the reversals were so successful that they were completely unpredictable. . Director Zhang Disha shared after the screening: “The film’s narrative is very solid, like a building, progressing layer by layer.” Singer Chen Zitong praised the film’s multiple twists and turns as gripping, and the ending is completely unpredictable.

The actors’ superb acting skills also left a deep impression on the audience. Actor Li Yitong was “scared” by Minghao: “The acting skills of all the teachers are very explosive. One of them was scared by Teacher Yin Zheng. Suspense film lovers must not miss it!” Director Wang Weicheng said: “Every actor is interpreting two sides of himself, some real and some illusory, and the interpretation is vivid and lifelike.” Director Yao Tingting was also attracted by the tension of the role: “I think the actors’ performances are extremely tense. The duality of the characters is presented to the extreme.” Actor Li Zixuan said that the contrast in each character is very clear and the sense of belief is very strong.

In the film, the storyline has ups and downs, and the truth is finally revealed in the confrontation between good and evil. Singer Bai Jugang shared after the screening: “You can hide things for a while, but time will bring you the answer, and the truth will slowly emerge.” Director Xu Wei said: “The film not only has suspense elements, but also projects some of the poor people today. , the relationship between the rich and the rich is surprising. Zhou Zhaocheng, the lawyer of the “Playground Burial Case”, and Deng Lanbing, the victim’s family member, attended the movie and gave a post-screening speech. Zhou Zhaocheng said: “(In the film) I saw the playground that I once represented The Shadow of “The Burial Case” (the movie) intuitively presents the darkness of human nature and makes us reflect. Deng Lanbing said: “When it comes to things like the darkness of human nature, just stick to yourself and be brave. There is still light in the world.” “

After the screening, “The Secret” received praise from many audiences for its ultimate twist, hearty revenge story, and delicate emotions. Some viewers shared on the spot: “The entire film, both in terms of plot and character reversal, is very stunning and thrilling.” Some viewers also praised the actors’ performance: “In the interpretations of the actors, every character is both good and evil. , every twist makes me feel goosebumps.” Some viewers were struck by the family affection in the film and burst into tears, saying: “Even if a family is poor, as long as the family’s love is there, any difficulty can be overcome. Overcome.”

The movie “Crossing the Sea” is adapted from the Spanish film “The Invisible Guest” and is produced by iQiyi Pictures (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Zhonghe Qiancheng Pictures (Wuxi) Co., Ltd., and Beijing Zhonghe Qiancheng Film and Television Culture Media Co., Ltd. , jointly produced by Beijing New Sequence Culture Media Co., Ltd. and Wanda Film Co., Ltd., directed by Chen Zhuo, starring Xu Guanghan, Zhang Junning, Hui Yinghong, and Yin Zheng, will be released nationwide on December 8 and is currently on hot pre-sale.

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