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The movie “The History of Love” is scheduled for September 9, Hu Xianxu and Yao Chen fight against the curse of true love

The movie “The History of Love” is scheduled for September 9, Hu Xianxu and Yao Chen fight against the curse of true love


Produced by director Li Shaohong and co-produced by actor Yao Chen, the fantasy romantic love fairy tale film “The History of Three Precious Loves” directed by young director Liu Siyi released the “True Love Fable” version of the pilot trailer and poster today, officially announcing that it will be released nationwide on September 9. The film is starring Hu Xianxu, Yao Chen, Zhou Ye, Zhou Yiran and Zheng Yunlong. The movie tells that because of a bet made by the gods, the human boy Wang Sangui has a strange curse on his body: everything he kisses will immediately fall into a deep sleep. In order to break the curse, Sangui embarks on a romantic fantasy journey to find true love.

  In order to break the curse, Sangui opens an adventure, a romantic fairy tale, and explores true love

In the leading trailer of the “True Love Fable” version released today, the audience opened a “fairy tale book” called “The History of Three Precious Loves”, and the narrator told the audience in a storytelling way, “This is A tale of a curse”. The dreamy and warm tones in the trailer seem to instantly pull people into a beautiful and romantic fairy tale. The afterglow of the setting sun, crystal coffins, and gorgeous fireworks create a romantic atmosphere of being in a dream. “The Boy Cursed by Love” Wang Sangui (played by Hu Xianxu) met the “princess obsessed with love” Yuyu (played by Zhou Ye), the “witch who lost sleep because of love” Sister Xia (played by Yao Chen) and the “brave for love” “Knight” Tingting (played by Zhou Yiran), what will happen between a boy and three different girls? arouse public expectations. In the “True Love Fable” poster released simultaneously today, the unique design of the fairy tale book cover is eye-catching. The winding vines are as intricate as the relationship between Sangui and the three girls, and at the same time show “love” Vigorous vitality, full of fantasy and romanticism.

It is not difficult to see from the leading trailer and posters released this time that the movie “The History of Love of Three Nobility” is a romantic love fairy tale full of fantasy, but in addition to creating a dreamlike light and shadow scene for the public, it also brings fantasy and strangeness. In addition to the visual enjoyment of the film, the core of the film’s story is also very down-to-earth-in order to lift the curse of the gods, the protagonist Wang Sangui embarks on a thrilling and romantic love-seeking journey alone. The film uses a simple and innocent story to bring the audience into the perspective of the boy Sangui, empathize with his ignorant love story, and explore the proposition “whether true love exists” in a relaxed and healing way from the shallower to the deeper.

  Li Shaohong and Yao Chen jointly produced the powerful team to escort

The production team of “Sangui Love History” is quite capable. The film is supervised by director Li Shaohong and co-produced by actor Yao Chen. As the initiator of the Green Onion Project, director Li Shaohong has been committed to supporting young directors, and Liu Siyi, the director of “Three Noble Loves”, stood out in the Green Onion Project, precisely because of the encouragement and creation of young directors in the artistic pursuits of the Green Onion Project. With the support of the film, “The History of Love of the Three Nobles” was able to reach the public step by step, contributing to the prosperity and development of Chinese films. Yao Chen has contributed impressive performances in “Finding You” and “Storm” and other works. As a producer, from “Send Me to the Blue Clouds” with a bit of black humor, to “Umbilical Cord” which relies on emotion to win, and then to fantasy romantic fairy tale style “The History of Love of the Three Nobles” has a distinctive personality that makes people want to stop. This time, she will play the role of Miss Xia, the “witch” who has suffered from insomnia for twelve years because of true love. The unique character setting also arouses the interest of the audience.

Hu Xianxu has left a deep impression on the public in many excellent film and TV works such as the movie “1921” and “What to do when the second brother is here”. As one of the representatives of outstanding young actors, his acting skills have always been recognized and paid attention to by the outside world. This time he plays a boy who has been cursed since birth. In order to break the curse, he bravely embarks on the road of finding love. His wonderful performance is also worth looking forward to. There are also young actors Zhou Ye and Zhou Yiran joining in the film, playing the girl who also has a bond with Wang Sangui because of true love. The “Young School + Senior School” team combination of “Sangui Love History” makes the film extremely watchable, calm and youthful, and strongly arouses the public’s curiosity.

  The venture capital award will definitely support the audience’s expectation to rise steadily

As a rare fantasy love movie in China, “The History of Three Noble Loves” has already received a lot of praise and expectations before filming started. This film won the top 5 winning projects of the fourth “Scallion Project” at the script stage, and won many honors at the 33rd Golden Rooster Film Venture Capital Conference in 2020. The script of the film was co-written by the director Liu Siyi and the screenwriter Qiu Yujie. The movie “A Cloud Made of Rain in the Wind”, the TV series “The Beginning” and “Mountain and Sea Love” are all representative works of the screenwriter Qiu Yujie. She has won the Best Screenplay Award many times ; For the first screenwriter and director’s feature film, he chose the fantasy love genre. Director Liu Siyi said: “I want to tell a fairy tale about true love, and its story type naturally determines its style presentation.” The concept short film shot for the movie in the Scallion Project has been widely praised for its unique style. Many netizens left messages expressing their love for “like this gorgeous style” and “very beautiful and very interesting”. After the release of today’s leading trailer and poster, the audience’s expectations for the film have been raised again. “The movie ticket has been booked in advance”, “I hope to win an award”, “It is the movie I am most looking forward to this year”.

“Three Precious Loves” is produced by Huaxia Film Distribution Co., Ltd., Tianjin Maoyan Weiying Culture Media Co., Ltd., Beijing Leyi Chengbang Film Co., Ltd., Horgos Yunfeng Culture Media Co., Ltd., and Beijing Sanren Culture Media Co., Ltd. , Produced by Bad Rabbit (Shanghai) Film Co., Ltd. The film will be released on September 9, and a romantic fantasy journey will be staged soon.

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