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The movie “The Best Encounter” held its premiere in Beijing. Jin Shijia and Zhang Junning used love to heal people’s hearts.

The movie “The Best Encounter” held its premiere in Beijing. Jin Shijia and Zhang Junning used love to heal people’s hearts.


On October 16, the movie “The Best Encounter” held its premiere in Beijing. Director Ha Zhichao, screenwriter Qiu Yan, leading actors Jin Shijia, Zhang Junning, Jiang Yao, and starring Wu Yuheng were present and enthusiastically communicated with the audience. Interaction, telling the feelings and understanding of the movie, and sharing creative stories in front of and behind the scenes. The lead star Qiu Ze, who was unable to attend due to work, also specially recorded a video to meet the audience at the scene. The movie “The Best Encounter” will be released nationwide on October 20 and is currently on pre-sale.

The movie “The Best Encounter” tells the story of Dr. Cao Lu (played by Jin Shijia), a B-ultrasound technician who was frustrated in life and was introduced to Dongshan Courtyard Sanatorium to work. Here, Dr. Cao Lu saw another unusual world like a paradise, and also met Liu Yingjun (played by Qiu Ze) and Wu Yanzi (played by Zhang Junning) who fell in love with each other, nurse Li Wenjing (played by Jiang Yao) and a group of lovely people people. After experiencing a series of nonsense and growth, from questioning to understanding, from rejection to reluctance, a group of people who were originally strangers met and got to know each other, and finally found a home in each other.


  Jin Shijia and Zhang Junning sincerely share that the roles of actors go in both directions to understand life.

Director Ha Zhichao and screenwriter Qiu Yan shared the behind-the-scenes creative story with the audience. The director said, “In this story, there are all kinds of different life encounters. How to face life is the most important thing.” The screenwriter said “It is a realistic story, but it has a relatively warm context. This creative attempt is very valuable.”

Jin Shijia, who plays Dr. Cao Lu, expressed his feelings when talking about the understanding of the character in the movie. He said, “Dr. Cao Lu is a secular person who has been severely beaten by society, but this environment allows him to find the most important thing in human beings.” Simplicity is the simplest and most precious happiness.” Zhang Junning, who plays Wu Yanzi, revealed his mental journey and insights during the filming process, “In the warm and kind story, there is actually a sharp knife hidden, and there are many realities and problems that everyone encounters in real life.” Jiang Yao, who plays Li Wenjing, said with emotion, “The love and patience are so great. After all the collapse and doubt, I can continue to do it. It is really an honor to play such a role.” Wu Yuheng, who plays Cong Cong, shared his feelings about his film debut, “I am very lucky to have accepted this film and got close to such a group of kind and gentle people in the process. They have given me a lot of strength in the past few years.”

The sincere sharing by the on-site creators made the audience better understand the characters and stories in the movie, and made them feel the sincerity and intention of the movie more deeply.


  Many guests were very moved at the scene. Even if life is not perfect, it deserves full love.

On the night of the premiere, many guests including Tian Yusheng, Su Liang, Desert, Chen Jianying, Yao Tingting, Liu Yulin, Li Fei, Li Qinmo, Zhang Ji, Lei Zhilong, Li Yuan, Zhang Xiaowan, Boss Shi, etc. were also present. They all shared their own movie-watching experiences to support “The Best Encounter”.

“The Ex” series director Tian Yusheng said after watching the movie, “This movie gives people a feeling of happiness and is very touching. It seems that I have been thinking about what I haven’t got yet, but I have ignored what I have already got.” “Study Dad” director Su Liang said, “I was amazed by Zhang Junning’s performance. Yan Ziyingjun and the others were really touching when they were speechless. I can feel the touch in their performance. We live in this world, love well Love yourself and others well.” Actor Zhang Xiaowan shared, “I am a person who loves to laugh. This movie made me cry many times. I was completely drawn into it. I couldn’t hold back my tears in two scenes. Thank you for such a touching and warm work.”

  Subverting acting skills, triggering heated discussions on site, and sincere work inspiring emotional resonance from the audience

In the post-screening exchange at the premiere, the audience also spoke freely. They were touched by the themes that echoed reality and were healed by the beautiful stories. The wonderful interpretations of the characters by actors such as Jin Shijia, Qiu Ze, and Zhang Junning left a deep impression on the audience. impression.

The audience expressed their gratitude to the subversive performances of the actors and the love and goodwill conveyed by the film. “Qiu Ze and Zhang Junning’s performance is delicate and real, which makes people feel the same,” “I felt the power of life in the film”, “It is a “A genre film that carries social responsibility and has a warm undertone” and “I hope everyone who watches the film can be healed.”

The audience even presented five-meter-long scarves to the main creators, wrapping the six main creators in warmth. The atmosphere was warm and relaxed.

The movie “The Best Encounter” is produced by Chenming Pictures (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Shanghai Lingguang Pictures Co., Ltd., Tianjin Maoyan Weiying Culture Media Co., Ltd., and Beijing High Altitude Swing Film and Television Culture Communication Co., Ltd. The film will be released nationwide on October 20, and is now on pre-sale!

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