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The movie “The Beast” has revealed its black and white trailer. Watch it on October 27. It’s hard to tell the difference between brothers Zhong Hanliang and Wu Zhenyu.

The movie “The Beast” has revealed its black and white trailer. Watch it on October 27. It’s hard to tell the difference between brothers Zhong Hanliang and Wu Zhenyu.


  Directed by Peng Fastarring Chung Han-liang, Francis Ng Chun-yu, and Cheung Siu-fai,Crime movie starring Myolie Wutrapped beastreleaseblack and white“Preview,A fierce street fight begins with Jiang Wenfeng (Zhong Hanliang) ) and Zuo Junzhe (Francis Ng) When the hot pot game started, former friends turned against each other. They once knew each other and were full of trust, but now they are completely different from each other, only betrayal and deception.Where are these brothers?Assimilation in “Sin City”, or did this city become “Sin City” because there were too many people who were corrupted by desire? On October 27, go to the theater to see how they break out of this trapped beast.

   Chung Han Leung and Ng Chun Yu’s former friends confront each other with guns Everyone is talking so much that it’s hard to distinguish between friends and foes

  released this timeblack and white“Preview,Focus the story line more onJiang Wenfeng (Zhong Hanliang) ) and Zuo Junzhe (Francis Ng) Decorated) on these former comrades-in-arms.At a hot pot party where they reunited after a long separation, the two people’s calm conversation was interspersed with…The most unsightly scenes in “Sin City”: gang fights, gun battles between police and robbers, gambling, illegal money, and power-for-money transactions, which eventually turned into a Hongmen Banquet with guns blazing.

  Jiang Wenfeng, played by Chung Han-liang, faces his former friendsWhen asked “You didn’t eat spicy food before”, he calmly said: “Don’t talk about eating spicy food, sour, sweet and bitter. I have eaten everything in the past two years.” One said that he had broken away from the past, and the other revealed that I have experienced too much unknown painful past in these years.

  The identity of Zuo Junzhe, played by Wu Zhenyu, seems to have surfaced. Apart from the fact that he is the director of the Commercial Investigation Department of the Supervision Bureau and the evil boss Si Ye (Cheung Siu-fai) decoration)Secretly support the superiorThe successor of the Market Promotion Association,oncereturnHe is a police comrade who walks side by side with Jiang Wenfeng.And it’s precisely because gambling has taken a completely different path.But does Zuo Junzhe’s identity stop there?What he said to his friend“You have to believe me” makes the story even more confusing.

  Digging into the details in the trailer, every detail is thought-provoking: one second the fourth master, played by Cheung Siu-fai, was toasting with Zuo Junzhe, imagining the future of the casino together, and the next second he lay down, but Zuo Junzhe couldn’t see him. There was a look behind him full of suspicion and conspiracy, and the relationship between the two seemed to be in jeopardy; what Zuo Junzhe said to Jiang WenfengDoes “I don’t have time to explain to you” mean that he is not actually self-destructive, but has something else to hide? The sentence “The plan you deployed two years ago can be officially implemented today” corresponds to Jiang Wenfeng’s two years. Is this sentence meant for the police or the dark forces? Is it a plan for Sin City’s fall or a plan for salvation? All the answers are waiting for the audience to enter the theater to reveal.

  All members are crazy about pursuing perfection Strive for perfection in performance details

  The film, which made the audience hooked and exciting and so exciting that they dare not breathe, is inseparable from the efforts of all the creative staff. From the footage released recently, it can be seen that every creative director in the film is almost strict with themselves and their on-site performance. Attitude: In an action scene involving a chase between buildings by Chung Han-liang, he repeatedlyHe “jumped off the building” 13 times at a height of 20 meters, pursuing the perfection and smoothness of every action to ensure the best visual stimulation for the audience; as Wu Zhenyu, who has the most experience with gun scenes on the set, faced with the inexperiencedyoungActor, very patient on setlandDemonstrate how to shoot more accurately, raising the muzzle one inch to directly shoot the head, revealing a hint of gangster evil in the elegance. In the car fight scene at the airport, Zhang Siu-fai was knocked several meters away by the car again and again. The staff present couldn’t help but shed a cold sweat for him, but he simply rested and then devoted himself to the next attempt. middle. I believe that every actor’s striving for excellence in performance will definitely bring an excellent visual experience to the audience in the theater.

  The movie “Trapped Beast” is directed by Peng Fastarring Chung Han-liang, Francis Ng Chun-yu, and Cheung Siu-fai,Myolie Wu’s special appearanceZhao Yanguozhang, Zhang Guoqiang,Ji Li,Starring Gu Bin, Wang Keru, Zhou Kai and Yan Xiang, with a friendly appearance by Fei Qiming,Produced by Sichuan Moying Film Co., Ltd., Shanwei Film (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Lanqiong Film and Television Culture Media Co., Ltd., Guangdong Huhushengwei Film Co., Ltd., Sichuan Chengcheng Film and Television Culture Communication Co., Ltd., Wuhan Legend Film and Television Arts Co., Ltd., Xiamen Jinyi Media Co., Ltd., Beijing Zero Scale Film Co., Ltd., Beijing Yuni Film Co., Ltd., Sichuan Dalu Film Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Donglai Culture Co., Ltd., Fujian Zianran Film Co., Ltd. Jointly produced and will beReleased nationwide on October 27, 2023!

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