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The movie “Stealth” premiered grandly. Fan Guo watched Andy Lau play the villain and lamented “A Thousand Faces of Andy Lau”

The movie “Stealth” premiered grandly. Fan Guo watched Andy Lau play the villain and lamented “A Thousand Faces of Andy Lau”

  Tianjin Northern Network News: On December 25, the crime action masterpiece “Stealth”, which will be released nationwide on December 29, held its Beijing premiere. Producer and star Andy Lau, director Kwan Chi-yao, chief producer Li Yaping, producer Wang Yalin, action director Qian Jiale, actors Lam Jiadong, Peng Yuyan, Liu Yase, Simon Yam, Jiang Haowen, Liu Junqian and Zhu Jianran gathered together after the screening to give an in-depth interpretation of the characters and storyline, and talk about interesting things behind the scenes. Andy Lau was praised as the “King of Rolls” at the scene. Whether it was his pursuit of performance or his requirements as a producer, it brought “a lot of pressure” to everyone. Lam Jiadong also vividly imitated the serious look of Andy Lau staring at them on the set when he was the producer. From “Chill” to “Stealth”, director Kwan Chi-yao lamented that he had witnessed Peng Yuyan’s growth and maturity. Liu Yase bluntly said that “playing Andy Lau’s wife is a high-risk profession”, and her humorous speech made the audience happy. As a must-see film during the New Year’s Eve, the creators also sent heartfelt New Year blessings to everyone in advance, which aroused the atmosphere of the whole audience.

Many friends from the industry also came to the premiere. Guo Fan, director of the movie “The Wandering Earth” series, Wei Junzi, director of “Dragon and Tiger Warriors”, Liu Xiaoshi, director of “Sky King”, Zhang Luan, director of “Hello, Brother”, etc. all praised “Stealth” from different dimensions. Kwok Fan said that he deeply felt the charm of the “villain” Andy Lau from the movie, and lamented that he was indeed the “Thousand-faced Andy Lau”. Wei Junzi, who has devoted himself to the research of Hong Kong films for many years, said that “”Stealth” is a masterpiece of Hong Kong films. It not only has the classic police and gangster setting, but also has emerging dark network elements and rich emotions.

Many viewers at the scene also said that the villain Lin Zhenan played by Andy Lau was simply “cruel to the core”! The cat-and-mouse game between drug lords and the police is also “thrilling” enough, and some viewers even commented that “this is definitely the most brutal showdown at the end of the year”! In addition, many people also praised that “the movie breaks away from the conventions of previous Hong Kong-style police and gangster films that mostly involve gunfights and explosions.” They were moved by the delicate emotions in the movie. They turned against each other and were “heartbroken”, and also “tears” because of the ending of BE between Lin Zhenan and Vivian (Yase Liu).

Producer and starring Andy Lau

  Andy Lau’s performance in “Big Brother and Sister-in-law” made the audience laugh and said, “The only thing Lin Zhenan abides by is the marriage law.”

Jiang Haowen, Liu Junqian and Andy Lau exchange ideas on how to create a villain who is “bad” and must be extremely bad

In the film, Andy Lau plays the drug lord Lin Jinan. Although he is ruthless and murderous, he is extremely gentle to his wife Vivian. After Vivian was injured, Lin Zhenan massacred her enemies and the police indiscriminately to avenge her. He even joked on the spot that “the only law Lin Zhenan abides by is the marriage law.” Liu Yase also provided the audience with the emotional history of Lin Zhenan and Vivian from their acquaintance to falling in love, “My world was destroyed, but Lin Zhenan gave me enough security.” It is precisely because they have accompanied each other through the darkest moments that they cherish each other especially. The “big brother and sister-in-law” in the “BE ending” of the play also made the audience cry.

With a leader like Lin Zhenan, his capable subordinates Uncle Chao (played by Jiang Haowen) and hacker Davis (played by Liu Junqian) naturally show some “evil nature”. Andy Lau and Jiang Haowen discussed how to behave “worse” on the set. After discussion, what finally emerged was that even if Uncle Chao was in the interrogation room, he would leisurely wipe his hands, stretch, and then knock on the wall out of boredom and hum songs for fun, taking his “arrogant” state to the extreme. Andy Lau also captured the minds of young people. He suggested that when Liu Junqian plays a hacker, “Don’t think that you are committing a crime”, but treat everything as “this is just a game for a genius hacker.” Because as a rebellious young man, Davis enjoyed the excitement and thrill of invading networks and playing tricks on his opponents, without caring about how much money he made.

Director Kwan Chi-yiu

  Jiadong Lam made his debut as a police undercover agent but became the “worst beaten worker”. On-site accusation: Andy Lau and Peng Yuyan want to drive me crazy

Peng Yuyan was “promoted” to play the role of police superintendent and had new experiences to understand “how to survive in the workplace”

Lam Jiadong has played many popular villains in the past. “Stealth” is his first time playing a police undercover, but he has become the “worst beaten worker” in the eyes of many viewers. Regarding this, Lin Jiadong “accused” on the spot, “Andy Lau is going to drive me crazy” and “Peng Yuyan is going to drive me crazy too.” It turns out that Xiu Hao’s undercover drug den was under pressure from many parties. Fang Xing, his boss, did not understand his plight at first and did not allow himself to resign. Lin Zhen’an, as his best brother, turned out to be the drug lord behind the scenes. His career and life were hit one after another, which made him suffer. torment.

Peng Yuyan plays the role of Fang Xing, the police chief of the Internet Narcotics Investigation Division. To lead everyone to break through Lin Zhenan’s dark network, it requires more brains than hands-on. This also brings a different experience to Peng Yuyan. He said that he “used to be on the front line when playing police officers”, but now he not only has to fight, but also “sits in the office and arrests drugs.” Not only that, in the film, Fang Xing must not only handle the relationship well with the upper-level leader played by Simon Yam, but also get along well with the downline Anan and Xiuhao, so as to ensure that the task can be completed better. Peng Yuyan bluntly said that he realized “the way to survive in the workplace.” Speaking of Anan, the brutal waterboarding scene he experienced in the film made the audience gasp. After the actor Zhu Jianran experienced choking and suffocation during filming, he spontaneously developed a deep respect for the anti-narcotics police. Because “when acting, the director can shout cut and the actor can do another one, but the drug police officer can never be resurrected.”

Eddie Peng

 Andy Lau uses “Longevity Lock” to symbolize trust and commitment. Simon Yam “got his lock” many years ago

Kwan Chi-yao interprets the meaning of “stealth” and Qian Jiale shares the hardships behind Zhu Jianran’s waterboarding scene

In the movie, Lin Zhenan handed over the longevity lock to his wife and his most trusted brother. Andy Lau interpreted that this represents trust and entrustment, and is “a commitment between people.” Andy Lau once shared that his “longevity lock” was given to Simon Yam many years ago. It is precisely because of this trust that Simon Yam immediately agreed after receiving the invitation to “Stealth”. Decades of tacit understanding and trust need no words. The film has many details that are open to interpretation like the longevity lock, and the title “Stealth” also has a profound meaning. Director Guan Zhiyao shared his own story. In the movie, everyone wears a mask and sneaks into other people’s lives. Not only undercover agents sneak around in the dark, but villains and drugs also use the dark web to sneak into everyone’s lives.

Chief producer Li Yaping, executive producer Wang Yalin and action director Qian Jiale also came to the scene that day. Li Yaping talked about how he felt “the spiritual power of Hong Kong filmmakers” from the creators of “Stealth” and hoped that he could “move forward” with them. Wang Yalin shared her experience of working with producer Andy Lau, saying bluntly that “being an actor has many aspects, but being a producer only has one, and that is being very serious.”

Qian Jiale highly recognized the action scenes of the main creators such as Peng Yuyan, and also mentioned the behind-the-scenes story of Zhu Jianran when he was filming the water torture scene. He said that even though Zhu Jianran was once a Hong Kong swimming team athlete, it was very difficult to hold his breath for a long time and almost suffocate, while also acting like he was beaten to death, but he completed it very successfully.

Simon Yam

  Guo Fan saw “A Thousand Faces of Andy Lau” from the film. Liu Xiaoshi said “I saw a crazy and fragile drug lord”

Drug trafficking and murder of famous lawyer, on-site legal promotion “Lin Zhen’an has multiple sentences”

Many industry friends and film creators also came to the premiere day. Director Guo Fan said that he felt the charm of “Andy Lau with a Thousand Faces” from the movie. He was very excited to watch Andy Lau play the villain. He even joked on the scene that “no matter Andy Lau plays the good guy or the villain, I am the same type as Andy Lau.” Liu Xiaoshi, the director of “King of the Sky”, was deeply attracted by the novel dark web theme of the film. He said that in the film, he “saw a different kind of crazy drug lord, but he was also emotionally fragile.” The famous lawyer Yue Shan also came to the movie viewing scene. He “tried” Lin Zhenan on the spot, saying that he would be punished for illegal possession of firearms, drug smuggling, intentional homicide and other crimes, and the outcome would definitely be the “death penalty”. And Andy Lau also responded that this outcome is a wake-up call for everyone.

During the post-screening interaction, the audience also expressed their feelings about the movie. Many viewers said that the film gathered “four emperors and one queen”, which can be described as an “explosion of the lineup.” Someone spoke excitedly when talking about Lin Zhenan, “Lin Zhenan is doing the craziest things in the calmest tone” and “Andy Lau’s extreme contrast is so touching”! Some viewers said that “Stealth”, as a Hong Kong film, brought a “refreshing” experience because “the film shows the multi-faceted nature of people, and the emotions between people are very delicately grasped.” They even praised it. The film has “just one word – absolutely”! There is also a girl who came to help her “chasing stars” Andy Lau with her mother’s voice. In the voice, her mother said that she would take her sisters to watch “Stealth” together. After hearing this, Andy Lau immediately asked the girl to take out her mobile phone to record a video, and led all the creatives to send New Year blessings to the girl’s mother. The atmosphere at the scene was joyful and warm.

The movie “Stealth” is produced by Shanghai Stupid Kid Film and Television Culture Media Co., Ltd., Beijing Alibaba Film Culture Co., Ltd., Beijing Shangshi Culture Communication Co., Ltd., Huanyu Entertainment Co., Ltd., Dream Maker Entertainment Co., Ltd., and Beijing Bad Monkey Cultural Industry Development Co., Ltd. Produced by the company and jointly produced by Huawen Image (Beijing) Film Co., Ltd. and Beijing Weimeng Chuangke Network Technology Co., Ltd., it will be released nationwide on December 29.

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