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The movie “Sangui Love History” reveals the “Curse of True Love” trailer Hu Xianxu, Yao Chen, Zhou Ye and Zhou still test true love with kisses

The movie “Sangui Love History” reveals the “Curse of True Love” trailer Hu Xianxu, Yao Chen, Zhou Ye and Zhou still test true love with kisses


Produced by director Li Shaohong, co-produced by actor Yao Chen, chief producer Fu Jia, directed by young director Liu Siyi, starring Hu Xianxu, Yao Chen, Zhou Ye, Zhou Yiran, Zheng Yunlong, and Xiang Yujing, the fantasy romantic love fairy tale movie “Three “The History of Love” today released the “Curse of True Love” version trailer and the poster version of “True Love Gambling”. The film will be released nationwide on September 9.

  Sleep with one kiss and the curse falls One kiss and you will know true love

The movie “Sangui’s Love History” tells that because of a bet made by the gods, the human boy Wang Sangui (played by Hu Xianxu) has a strange curse on his body: anyone he kisses will immediately fall into a deep sleep. In order to break the curse, Sangui embarked on a romantic fantasy journey to find true love. The “Curse of True Love” version of the trailer released today opened a book of fairy tales. With the eloquent narration, the audience’s eyes passed through layers of thorns, and a touch of warm and soft warm colors came into view. The atmosphere of the fairy tale is full, coupled with the Based on the story setting of “Sleep with a Kiss”, a fantasy adventure is slowly kicking off. The protagonist, Wang Sangui, met three important people on his way to break the curse and find love—Yuyu (played by Zhou Ye), who chased after Sangui and identified him as the prince; Sister Xia (played by Yao Chen); the wise and warm girl Tingting (played by Zhou Yiran), what will happen between a boy and three girls with very different personalities, and who is Sangui’s true love? In the trailer, although Wang Sangui’s road to love is full of thorns, it is also full of jokes. In order to prevent Yuyu from finding himself, Sangui used a curse to kiss her to sleep. The two also staged a game of “women chasing men”; The frightening sister Xia would also “fall asleep” because of Sangui’s kiss; and what kind of story happened between Sangui and Tingting, so that Tingting firmly said “trust me” to Sangui, so The wonderful and contrasting settings and plots gradually present the light-hearted tonality of the film, prompting the expectations of the majority of netizens to continue to rise.

In the “True Love Gambling Game” poster released today, a lip-shaped cloud that is as soft as cotton wool and as light as silk is located above the poster to highlight the romantic fairy tale style of the film, giving the audience the most intuitive “kiss”. In the middle of Yun Duo’s lips is the “Casino of Heaven”, which also means that the gambling game starts from above the clouds, and the curse starts from falling asleep with a kiss. The four protagonists live under the pink clouds. Sangui looks at the sky as if he is having a “true love conversation” with the clouds; Sister Xia looks into the distance with a slight smile, and the prop accordion in front of her is telling her story ;Yuyu is holding her cheeks, as if immersed in a sweet dream; while Tingting is standing sideways with firm eyes, as if she has discovered her own treasure. The movie slogan is also shown on the poster-September 9, love or not, kiss to know. A kiss can test the existence of true love between each other, and at the same time, I look forward to kissing with the audience at 99, love for a long time.

  Domestic and foreign awards have been repeatedly praised, and netizens are eagerly waiting

The production team of “Sangui Love History” is quite powerful. It is supervised by the director Li Shaohong who has directed many excellent works such as “Red Pink”, “Daming Palace Ci” and “Orange is Red”. The powerful actor Yao Chen is the co-producer and starred in it. Ye, Zhou Yiran, Zheng Yunlong, and Xiang Yujing starred, and the strength of the team should not be underestimated. It is worth mentioning that “The Love History of the Three Nobles” has received a lot of praise and attention from the industry as early as the project’s establishment stage. In the 4th China Youth Film Director Support Program (cum “Scallion Program”), he finally entered the top five, and won many honors in the 33rd Golden Rooster Venture Capital’s “Investor Jointly Recommended Winning Project” and “Genre Selection Winning Project” , director Liu Siyi also won the “Most Potential Director Award” of the Golden Rooster Venture Capital.

In this year’s New York Asian Film Festival, the film “The History of Three Noble Loves” was shortlisted for the main competition unit and won the “Special Mention Award of the Film Festival Jury”. The jury praised it: “This film skillfully integrates various elements into Together, it has become an exquisite and excellent debut work, bringing a new and unique interpretation to the theme of fantasy love.” As the only Chinese film that won the award at the New York Asian Film Festival this time, “The History of Three Noble Loves” has gained a lot. Applause and recognition, “The visual effects are very brilliant, every scene is dreamlike” “Exhibits the eternity of fairy tales” “The leading actors’ performances are very successful”. This has once again aroused domestic netizens’ expectations for the film, “I really want to hurry up to September 9th!”

The film “The History of Three Precious Loves” is produced by Huaxia Film Distribution Co., Ltd., Tianjin Maoyan Weiying Culture Media Co., Ltd., Beijing Leyi Chengbang Film Co., Ltd., Shanghai Yunfeng Culture Media Co., Ltd., Beijing Sanren Culture Media Co., Ltd., bad Produced by Rabbit (Shanghai) Film Co., Ltd., jointly produced by Beijing China Directors Association Cultural Development Co., Ltd. and Xiamen Wenguang Film Group Co., Ltd., produced by Leyi Chengbang Film (Xiamen) Co., Ltd., and Beijing Sanren Culture Media Co., Ltd. co-production. Love it or not, kiss to know, look forward to meeting “Three Noble Loves” on September 9th.

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