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The movie “Priceless Treasure” returns to Beijing to dance to its “alma mater”. The hard-core family is affectionate and warm.

The movie “Priceless Treasure” returns to Beijing to dance to its “alma mater”. The hard-core family is affectionate and warm.


On November 8, the crew of the movie “Priceless Treasure” directed by Zhang Dapeng, produced by Han Sanping, and starring Zhang Yi came to Beijing Dance Academy, Qianqian’s alma mater in the film, and had a passionate post-screening exchange with the students. Director Zhang Dapeng, leading actor Zhang Yi, leading actors Zhou Yiran, Cheng Xi, Yuan Xiaoxu, and producer Lu Yan gathered on campus to communicate with students and share their feelings and stories in front of and behind the scenes, and listen to the most authentic feelings from the students.

“Stone” Shi Zhenbang and Yang Wu, two down-and-out brothers, struggled to make ends meet by running a hardware store. In order to collect their debts, they had to temporarily take care of the debtor’s child Qianqian. While getting along with Qianqian, the two of them subtly changed from their initial dislike of “oil bottlers” to trying every possible means to “fight for their daughter.” Their rough lives also became softer and softer… a “family with no blood relationship”. “Three”, showing the freedom and ease of ordinary people in the chaotic life. The movie “Priceless Treasure” has received rave reviews since its premiere. It has been praised for its collision of romance and realism, which is really touching to the Chinese people. The most essential warmth. The film has started pre-sale and will be released on the screens of audiences across the country on November 10.

  The atmosphere at the university was warm and cheering, and the main creators performed a “hardcore” dance together

In the movie “Priceless Treasure”, the homeless Qianqian transformed into a hard-core family of three after meeting his third uncle Shitou and his fourth and fifth uncle Yang Wu. Qianqian, who had always loved singing and dancing, was carefully cultivated by Shitou’s father and finally passed the exam. Beijing Dance Academy has become the pride of Sanshu’s life. The movie “Priceless Treasure” chose the Beijing Dance Academy as the first stop of college, and also reflected the light and shadow on reality, sharing the true feelings and warmth with teachers and classmates in the beginning of winter.

The students at the Beijing Dance Academy did not hesitate to express their appreciation and welcomed every creator present with the warmest applause and cheers. Zhang Yi shared on the spot that she was excited and nervous when she came to the Beijing Dance Academy. She sincerely thanked the Beijing Dance Academy for its support of the film. It was a honor to be able to complete the dance contact in the film this time, and it would not have been possible without the help of the dance teachers. I hope to pay tribute to all the outstanding dancers and brave dancers through this video.

At the college site, some students carefully prepared dances and danced on stage for the main creators. After watching the dance of his classmates, Zhang Yi said, “It’s my honor to see such a dance, it’s so beautiful.” Zhou Yiran, who was also a dancer, said bluntly, “It resonates so much, and I know how much effort goes into every move. I almost cried watching it.” The students later moved the dance class to the stage, and created several basic classical dance moves in the live teaching film. Zhou Yiran, Cheng Xi, and Yuan Xiaoxu, who have dance skills, danced gracefully. Zhang Yi was ridiculed and commented that he danced like “beating “Tai Chi” turned dance practice into martial arts practice, causing constant laughter on the scene, and the atmosphere was once pushed to a climax.

  The third-uncle-style father was stamped by his classmates to confirm the crew and the school sent gifts to each other to warm the beginning of winter

The atmosphere at the roadshow was lively, and students enthusiastically shared their movie-watching experiences. “I was very moved after watching the movie”, “it touched the softest part of everyone’s heart”, “broke the boundaries of blood and time”, “not a relative but better than a relative and very healing”, the students’ praises attracted the creator From time to time, he bowed and thanked her. Among them, the leading actor Yuan Xiaoxu, who graduated from Beijing Dance Theater, was so emotional that he couldn’t help but choke up. The dance part in the film is more like an emotional carrier for the students of Beijing Dance University, becoming a connection and bond with their parents to express love and being loved. A female classmate spoke after watching the film and said that she really recalled her past school experience. Her parents were with her all the way like the third uncle in the film, and she was very grateful to her parents for their efforts. After seeing the clip in the video where the third uncle proudly introduced Qianqian as his daughter, he even said, “My dad is like this. Every day he posts videos of me dancing on WeChat Moments,” which resonated with the audience.

The day of the road show was the beginning of winter. The students and teachers of Beijing Dance Academy carefully prepared Beginning of Winter dumplings for the main creators. Thanks to the Chinese warmth of the movie “Priceless Treasure”, everyone felt like home. The crew of the movie “Priceless” also prepared exclusive gifts for the school, including two movie posters signed by all members and a never-before-seen still. In the stills, Da Qianqian is standing in front of the gate of Beijing Dance Academy, calling home in a phone booth. Zhang Yi said that this is an exclusive still given to Beijing Dance Academy. He hopes that when students see this still, they will think of “Priceless Treasure” and also think of the “priceless treasure” in their hearts: call their parents more often. At the end of the road show, the students in the audience also bid farewell to the creator with the loudest cheers and applause, once again proving everyone’s love and support for the movie. The film will start a national road show on November 9, starting from Heilongjiang, the hometown of the family of three in and outside the film, starting from Harbin all the way south, and starting a true journey to the whole country.

The movie “Priceless Treasure” is produced by Shanghai Taopiao Piao Film and Television Culture Co., Ltd., Beijing Zhengfu Film Co., Ltd., China Film Co., Ltd., Beijing Anrui Film and Television Culture Media Co., Ltd., Wanda Film and Television Media Co., Ltd., and Running Man (Xiamen) Culture Media Co., Ltd., Haikou Xilefu Film Co., Ltd., April Turin (Beijing) Film and Television Media Co., Ltd., Youku Film Co., Ltd., Shandong Tianmei Film Co., Ltd., Shanghai Ruyoushenzhu Film Co., Ltd., Shanghai Taobao It is distributed by Piaopiao Film and Television Culture Co., Ltd., jointly issued by China Film Co., Ltd., Wanda Film and Television Media Co., Ltd., and Poly Film Investment Co., Ltd., and produced by Running Man (Xiamen) Culture Media Co., Ltd. The film is adapted from the Korean movie “Guarantee”, directed by Zhang Dapeng, produced by Han Sanping, starring Zhang Yi, starring Pan Binlong, Zhou Yiran, Cheng Xi, Yuan Xiaoxu, Huang Jingyi, Hao Lei special appearance, Zhang Guoqiang and Fang Qingzhuo friendly starring, now open nationwide Pre-sale.


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