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The movie “Priceless Treasure” is released today. Zhang Yi warmly sings “Just Right” to bring love home.

The movie “Priceless Treasure” is released today. Zhang Yi warmly sings “Just Right” to bring love home.


On November 10, the movie “Priceless Treasure” directed by Zhang Dapeng, produced by Han Sanping, and starring Zhang Yi was officially released. The film crew also released the movie theme song and promotional song “Just Right” MV. The lead actor Zhang Yi opened his voice softly and conveyed the hard-core true feelings through singing. The lush mountains in the play and the ice-covered Northeast outside the play were all given a tender sheen. On the afternoon of the 9th, the crew and creators came to Harbin, the first stop of the national road show, to gather together in the hometown of the characters and leading actors. Director Zhang Dapeng, leading actor Zhang Yi, leading actors Pan Binlong and Cheng Xi, and producer Lu Yan gathered in Harbin to communicate with elders in their hometown and share their feelings and stories behind the scenes, and use their works to present priceless treasures to their loved ones.

“Stone” Shi Zhenbang and Yang Wu, two down-and-out brothers, struggled to make ends meet by running a hardware store. In order to collect their debts, they had to temporarily take care of the debtor’s child Qianqian. While getting along with Qianqian, the two of them subtly changed from their initial dislike of “oil bottlers” to trying every possible means to “fight for their daughter.” Their rough lives also became softer and softer… a “family with no blood relationship”. “Three”, showing the freedom and ease of ordinary people in the chaotic life. The movie “Priceless Treasure” has received rave reviews since its premiere. It has been praised for its collision of romance and realism, which is really touching to the Chinese people. The most essential warmth. The key will be fully unlocked from 18:00 today to meet the audience on the big screen across the country.

  Zhang Yi opened his voice gently and revealed his true feelings at the right time.

Previously, “Stone” Shi Zhenbang and Yang Wu’s family formed a band and sang a rock version of the movie episode and movie promotion song “Just Right” in a hot and hardcore manner. Today, Zhang Yi opened his voice softly and performed the joys and sorrows implicit in the lyrics and music of “Just Right” in a lyrical way. Zhang Yi’s unique voice turned into a gentle knife, touching the hearts of the audience.

Regarding the movie “Priceless Treasure”, many media reporters went into the movie with expectations for a hard-core story, but received the most sincere emotional hit, thinking that this would be a high-quality movie that will make people cry and laugh in November. Word of mouth tragicomedy. Judging from the post-screening reaction of the audience at the first national road show in Harbin last night, the film was indeed well received. Shitou and Zhang Yi’s parents and fellow villagers applauded. Some fans even commented on the spot: The film has just the right amount of humor, just the right amount of sadness, and just the right amount of sadness. Romance, everything is “just right”. Won the approval of the full house of applause.

  The warmth of the creator’s return home to meet his fellow villagers is a “priceless treasure”

The main creators used meticulous observation and superb performances to inject soul into this ordinary character. Director Zhang Dapeng talked about the reason why the story of the movie “Priceless Treasure” was set in his hometown town in the last century. He said, “We found This place retains the style of the 1990s, and it is more like that era than I remember. Our shooting season is summer, and we hope to capture the beauty of the other side of the Northeast besides the ice and snow.” Director Zhang Dapeng used the lens to restore a generation as much as possible The impression of my hometown. The riverside at sunset, or the fourth and fifth uncle’s hardware store, all carry special attachment and emotion.

As a native of Harbin, Zhang Yize specially proposed to set up the first stop of the road show of the movie “Priceless Treasure” in Harbin, truly giving the movie back to the audience in his hometown, and allowing the movie to return to the land that gave it strength. “We have also returned home, just like a dream. This happiness is beyond words. Thank you very much to every father and villager, and to the friends who came from afar to give this movie a warm welcome. You are ours.” Priceless'”. Pan Binlong also said that taking this film to spread across the country is like taking Northeastern specialties to the whole country, “In the hearts of each of us Northeasterners, the Northeast is also our ‘priceless treasure’. Next, we will take this picture of our hometown Business card to recommend my hometown to more friends across the country.”

The movie “Priceless Treasure” is produced by Shanghai Taopiao Piao Film and Television Culture Co., Ltd., Beijing Zhengfu Film Co., Ltd., China Film Co., Ltd., Beijing Anrui Film and Television Culture Media Co., Ltd., Wanda Film and Television Media Co., Ltd., and Running Man (Xiamen) Culture Media Co., Ltd., Haikou Xilefu Film Co., Ltd., April Turin (Beijing) Film and Television Media Co., Ltd., Youku Film Co., Ltd., Shandong Tianmei Film Co., Ltd., Shanghai Ruyoushenzhu Film Co., Ltd., Shanghai Taobao It is distributed by Piaopiao Film and Television Culture Co., Ltd., jointly issued by China Film Co., Ltd., Wanda Film and Television Media Co., Ltd., and Poly Film Investment Co., Ltd., and produced by Running Man (Xiamen) Culture Media Co., Ltd. The film is adapted from the Korean movie “Guarantee”, directed by Zhang Dapeng, produced by Han Sanping, starring Zhang Yi, starring Pan Binlong, Zhou Yiran, Cheng Xi, Yuan Xiaoxu, Huang Jingyi, Hao Lei special appearance, Zhang Guoqiang and Fang Qingzhuo friendly appearances, starting from 18:00 today Launched nationwide.

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