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The movie “Never Lost Love” is completed and starring Guo Junchen challenges the band’s lead singer for the first time

The movie “Never Lost Love” is completed and starring Guo Junchen challenges the band’s lead singer for the first time


On November 13, the youth movie “Never Lost Love”, written by Rao Xueman, directed by Ding Pei, and starring Guo Junchen, was successfully completed in Ganzi. In the movie, he challenged the role of the band’s lead singer and guitarist for the first time, which aroused the attention of the audience. discussion. The film may meet the audience on the big screen in 2024, embarking on a warm and romantic healing journey.

  Trendy IP attracts much attention and connects youthful memories through music

The movie “Never Lost Love” is adapted from Rao Xueman’s classic novel “The Little Demon’s Golden Castle”. It tells the story of band lead singer Lin Nanyi, played by Guo Junchen, who comes to Ganzi to find a new direction in life after an accident, and encounters Lin Nanyi, the owner of a B&B. Qiqi is a story about two people testing each other and healing each other until they fall in love.

The classic song “Never Lost Love” of the same name is also used as the theme song of the movie. Its beautiful lyrics and slightly sad melody provide the best footnote for the male and female protagonists’ growing love for each other. The popular music IP connects the memories of youthful love, and also entrusts the most simple and pure yearning for love. This warm and healing atmosphere will also be the most touching background of the film.

  Personally experience life on the grassland and solidify the character’s background with real experiences

Lin Nanyi, the band guitarist and lead singer played by Guo Junchen, has a fragile heart hidden under his positive appearance. The sunny but fragile appearance makes the character full of charm, and the character’s complex inner world is also created by Guo Junchen provides more room for interpretation.

The Ganzi grassland where this shooting took place is a major feature of the film. In order to better express the state of the character, Guo Junchen started guitar training in advance before joining the group. During the filming, he also experienced the local customs in depth, trying activities such as riding retro motorcycles, equestrian, and tasting local butter tea. Under the blue sky and white clouds, he Between the snowy mountains and grasslands, you can immerse yourself in the healing atmosphere brought by the characters by listening, watching and feeling.

  The types of roles are rich and tense. Actor Guo Junchen is ready to go.

This year, Guo Junchen has gained a lot as an actor, winning the audience’s love with his solid acting skills and diverse character creations.

During the summer season, one person played the role of a triangle in the costume fairy idol drama “Flower Rong”, and his delicate empathy played the role of a tolerant and affectionate god. In the science fiction short film “Qikoo Geometry”, the ultimate relationship between the two characters of Chang Ye and 4242 was revealed. The contrasting tension also allows the audience to see his more layered performances; there are also many dramas to be broadcast such as “The Second First Meeting” and “Evening”. I believe that next year will be a blowout period for his works. From a genius academic to a costumed male god, and now a musical boy, the audience can clearly see Guo Junchen’s continuous breakthroughs and growth in acting.

The movie “Never Lost Love” has been completed. I believe that this movie can bring the audience a feast of audio-visual and artistic expression. At the same time, I also hope that Guo Junchen’s wonderful performance can once again touch the hearts of the audience and be more effective in the future. further.

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