The movie “Great Expectations” has finished double-release trailer Wang Chuanjun Xu Chaoying interprets the fate of small people

The movie “Great Expectations” has finished double-release trailer Wang Chuanjun Xu Chaoying interprets the fate of small people


Written by director Xu Lei, starring Wang Chuanjun and Xu Chaoying, and starring Zhang Zhanyi, the comedy movie “Great Expectations” was officially announced today, and two trailers, “Future Uncertain” and “Life Crazy”, were exposed. From the smoky Jingchang Street in Beijing to the noisy disco bars; from aimless and confused “hanging out” to the unrestrained joy that seems to be a transfer of life, the comedy style of the film can be glimpsed in contrast with the different painting styles One spot. The finale congratulatory picture released together is also full of joy. Wang Chuanjun contributed a luxurious “emoji package” with a wink and a smile. The character story is very curious. The film is produced by Beijing Wonderful Time Culture Media Co., Ltd. and Beijing Baina Qiancheng Film and Television Co., Ltd., and produced by Beijing Wonderful Time Culture Media Co., Ltd. and Haohe Film (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

  Wang Chuanjun and Xu Chaoying’s “Zero Dialogue” comes online with its own humor and ordinary people usher in a “big change” of fate

The comedy movie “Great Expectations” has been officially completed, and the two trailers released also reveal the tip of the iceberg of the main characters and stories in the film for the first time. Among them, the “uncertain future” version of the trailer preemptively exposed a long shot of one shot to the end. Wei Fei (played by Wang Chuanjun) and Lao Wei (played by Xu Chaoying) seemed to be walking aimlessly on the streets of Beijing’s history. There is zero dialogue in the whole process, and it presents a humorous background against the backdrop of a soothing and grand operatic soundtrack. Director Xu Lei’s style of lens aesthetics and narrative style has just revealed, and it also makes people wonder what will happen to the two of them. The story is more full of expectations. In contrast, the “Life Crazy” version of the trailer has a sudden change in style. Wei Fei is in a bar full of lights and feasting, and the cheerful atmosphere overflows the screen. Whether the counterattack is a “new” rich or a “fraudulent” rich also leaves enough suspense.

The two trailers, one relaxed and the other restless, suppressed first and then raised, full of both the sense of change and the sense of blank space in life. In addition, a congratulatory picture of the finale was simultaneously exposed today. Wang Chuanjun, who grew a beard, appeared on camera with a big laugh, his intoxicated expression seemed to be somewhat “flying”, which made people wonder: what kind of surprise made him so “on top”? Can the great future he pursues really come true?

  Xu Lei creates a new stylized comedy work, Wang Chuanjun joins hands with “Pingyuan Family” to fully upgrade the sense of joy

The film “Great Expectations” is the second collaboration between producers and producers Zhang Miao and Xu Lei. When the previous film “Sherlock on the Plain” was released, it was said to “create a film genre that has never been seen in China”. High word-of-mouth rating. Talking about this new cooperation, Zhang Miao said frankly, “accurate, calm, simple, and full of fun. Director Xu Lei’s unique comedy style has been fully reflected in the creative process. His director talent is even more impressive during the shooting process. The already solid text continues to add points.” Judging from the amount of information exposed so far, the film continues the strong personal style of director Xu Lei, starting from the “adventures” of small characters, from the misplaced sense of humor, original and simple Life flows into a lot of blank space for imagination, which makes this atypical comedy film initially show the director’s unique comedy texture and creative aesthetics.

The cast of the film is also full of highlights. Wang Chuanjun has successfully interpreted different types of roles in many films such as “I’m Not the God of Medicine” and “No Name”. The audience was deeply impressed by Xu Chaoying, the “cool detective”. Wang Chuanjun’s superb acting skills and the chemical reaction between him and Xu Chaoying provide various comedy performance possibilities for the entire creative process. What kind of ridiculous jokes will the two collide in the new story? let us wait and see.

The sense of the times and vitality of the little characters depicted in the movie “Great Expectations” are in line with the “Chinese Youth Universe” created by Beijing. And what kind of chemical reaction will this film and these lovely characters have with “Chinese Youth Universe”? The film is expected to be released in the second half of 2023, and I look forward to the answer being revealed by then.

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