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The movie “Beijing 2022” has a box office of over 30 million and is ranked among the top 10 Chinese documentary films at the box office.

The movie “Beijing 2022” has a box office of over 30 million and is ranked among the top 10 Chinese documentary films at the box office.


  The official film of the Beijing Winter Olympics “Beijing 2022”, produced by the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee and the International Olympic Committee, with Zhang Yimou as the producer, Lu Chuan as the director, and Zhang Heping as the general consultant, has currently grossed more than 30 million, becoming the top box office documentary in mainland China in 2023. NO.1, ranked among the top 10 box-office documentary films in China, and the film’s “marathon” promotion is still on the road. With the power of persistence and love, we will carry forward and inherit the spirit of the Beijing Winter Olympics and move toward the future together.

  Recently, the movie “Beijing 2022” released a behind-the-scenes special of the “marathon release”, recording the entire creative and distribution team’s steady progress and continuous efforts since the film was released nationwide on May 19. In the special episode, the members of the publishing team worked hard like “special forces” to complete each activity patiently and meticulously. They believed that the hard work would eventually pay off, and practically practiced “mind the overall situation, be confident and open, and face difficulties.” The spirit of the Beijing Winter Olympics is to strive for excellence, pursue excellence and create a better future together.

  Use the power of persistence and love to face difficulties and create a better future together

  From the first concept poster and preview trailer on February 20, to the film “Beijing 2022” completing its world premiere as the opening film of the 13th Beijing International Film Festival on April 22, and officially announcing its release date; in early May, the International Olympic Committee During Chairman Bach’s trip to China, he invited Mr. Bach to watch the film; and then held a market screening at the 76th Cannes International Film Festival on May 21, attracting international buyers, producers, and film festival directors from all over the world. . The announcement of the movie “Beijing 2022” has been intensive, and we hope that more viewers can see this “the best Winter Olympics movie ever”.

  After the film was released, it received a lot of praise, becoming the most watched documentary and the most box office in 2023. The cumulative number of Weibo views of the movie topic exceeded 150 million, and related topics have been on the hot lists of major social platforms such as Weibo for many times. Leading national media such as CCTV News continued to report and support, allowing the film to receive more than 600 million exposures.

  In order to better promote the spirit of the Beijing Winter Olympics, the film promotion and distribution subsequently entered the stage of precise distribution. Starting from the beginning of June, the movie “Beijing 2022” has officially launched a series of campus tours, and has successively visited major volunteer universities and key ice and snow sports demonstration schools or special schools across the country. After entering the school season in September, a new round of screening work will be carried out through the “First Lesson of School” theme education activities, and the teachers and students will use the Winter Olympics spirit as the driving force to walk with their dreams and build the road to the future together.

  Throughout the entire promotion process, the film’s creative team and promotion partners worked closely together, using the power of persistence and love to strive to make the film enter the hearts of more viewers. Teachers from the main creative team once said in a campus sharing event that it took three years for the movie “Beijing 2022” to be planned, shot and produced to finally presented on the big screen. The creation itself is a “marathon”, and the movie records everyone truly and equally. The figures of the participants hope that the audience can see the very unique light behind the scenes of such a grand international event such as the Winter Olympics. Facing the arduous creative task, in order to tell the Winter Olympics story well and overcome the creative pressure, we rely on three “hearts”, that is, we must be patient, careful, confident, and believe that the team will succeed. This spirit continues from the creation itself to the entire publicity process. During the release event, the movie “Beijing 2022” also received strong support from school leaders at all levels, and the school’s Winter Olympics volunteers and teachers and students also actively participated in sharing and interaction. The movie viewing scene was full of laughter and touching, and the screening Later, he actively spoke out for the promotion of the film, becoming a bright and unique light on this marathon release road.   

  Why should we insist on long-term promotion? Because “Beijing 2022” is worth it!

  From its release in May to now, the distribution work of the movie “Beijing 2022” has gone through nearly four months. As for why it insists on doing “marathon” publicity and promotion, Cai Min, the director of the distribution of the movie “Beijing 2022”, once said, because It deserves to be seen by a wider audience. “Beijing 2022” uses bright light and shadow to record the exciting ice and snow feast, remembering the hard work of all Winter Olympics people, engraved the glory of Beijing as a Double Olympics city, demonstrating the image of a confident, open and calm big country, and unparalleled national memory , has accumulated rich cultural and spiritual heritage, which can bring continuous touching and inspiration to everyone.

  In the recently held “Beijing International Film Festival’s Never Ending Series”, “Beijing”BeijingAt the 2022 Expert Seminar, many experts spoke highly of the film. For example, in the view of Rao Shuguang, President of the China Film Critics Society, the film “Beijing 2022” is the spiritual legacy of the Olympic Games. Through continuous promotion of the film, it can change People have some ideas about future life and their pursuit of a better life is more fulfilling. Mr. Hu Zhifeng, director of the Academic Committee of the Chinese University Film and Television Society, believes that the greatest significance of the movie “Beijing 2022” is that it presents the style of Beijing, China and the Olympics, whether as a It is very meaningful whether it is an Olympic collection or for youth education.Lin Lingsi, director of the General Department of the Press and Publicity Department of the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee, said that this issheI personally think it is the best official Olympic movie because it not only records the process of unity, collaboration and hard work in the preparation and hosting of the Winter Olympics, but also shows the many difficulties that the entire team has overcome in the process. Through continuous film Xuanfa can be shared with more people.Director Lu Chuan also expressed his gratitude to the team for their perseverance and using great enthusiasm, love and trust to achieve the current results. I believe that with this love and persistence, as well as the sense of responsibility to inherit and carry forward the spirit of the Beijing Winter Olympics, the movie “Beijing 2022” will continue to show its historical value.

  The official film of the Beijing Winter Olympics “Beijing”2022“, jointly produced by the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee, the International Olympic Committee, and Cultural Investment Holdings Co., Ltd., with Zhang Yimou as the producer, Lu Chuan as the director, and Zhang Heping as the general consultant.,byBeijing——casting arenaandathlete——return to playas the main line, withdisease“”brave“”meltThree chapters unfold, looking at the big from the small, telling the story of the sweat and tears behind the Winter Olympics from the perspectives of athletes, volunteers, event organizers, participants, and ordinary people..In the post-Olympic era,The official film of the Beijing Winter Olympics “Beijing”2022yesAn important carrier of the spirit of the Beijing Winter Olympics,In order to allow more young people and broad audiences to watch moviesFeel Chinese stories, Chinese features, Chinese ideas, Chinese feelings and Chinese power,continueInherit and carry forwardBeijingWinter Olympic spirit,The “marathon release” of movies will still move forward.

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