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The movie “72 Hours Before Marriage” is scheduled for Chinese Valentine’s Day, and let’s taste the “brain-opening” romantic love light comedy together

The movie “72 Hours Before Marriage” is scheduled for Chinese Valentine’s Day, and let’s taste the “brain-opening” romantic love light comedy together

Recently, a romantic light comedy produced by Baqianli Road (Beijing) Culture Media Co., Ltd., Qiqianli (Chengdu) Culture Media Co., Ltd., Guangxi Honggang Investment Co., Ltd., and Guanghan Radio and Television Culture Media Co., Ltd. “72 Hours Before Marriage” is officially finalized and will be released on August 22. Starring famous actors such as Peng Bo and Wang Luyao, the film tells three “misplaced” love stories, which will add a touch of romance and emotion to your Qixi Festival.

The plot is constantly reversed and the excitement is not to be missed

In the scorching summer, a failed marriage proposal by the “Brain Hole Planning Studio” dragged three couples of young people into the bustling city of central Sichuan and the mysterious Sanxingdui Museum. Faced with conspiracies and calculations and the emergency situation of “beating mandarin ducks with sticks”, a 72-hour special operation of “continuing the relationship and breaking the wrong love” was quickly launched.

False feelings, calculations behind the scenes, unwilling waiting, persistent giving… The plot unfolds in constant reversals, with ups and downs. The film tells the hesitation and confusion of young people in love, but also witnesses their lives growth and transformation.

Well-known actors joined the acting highlights frequently

The film invites the well-known actor Peng Bo to play the male lead Youdong: a passionate, kind-hearted young man with an open mind, a mouthful of words, and an upright personality. In 2006, Peng Bo made his official debut in the black humor film “Crazy Stone” which was released nationwide. His role as Xie Xiaomeng in the film left a deep impression on people. Joining “72 Hours Before Marriage” this time, Peng Bo will change the image style of the character he played in the past and bring you a different look and feel.

The well-known actor Wang Luyao, who was once popular on both sides of the Taiwan Strait for her role as Miao Ruolan in “Snow Mountain Flying Fox”, plays the hero’s mother in the film. At that time, because of the role of “Miao Ruolan”, Wang Luyao, who had flowing eyes and was full of aura, was praised by the Taiwanese media as a “pure girl idol”. This time, playing the role of the middle school dean with a strong personality in “72 Hours Before Marriage”, and also a strong mother who likes to do everything, what kind of surprises will Wang Luyao bring to everyone after years of precipitation? On August 22, we will wait and see.

The location of the mysterious Sanxingdui shows the charm of Sichuan

When mentioning Sanxingdui, the sense of mystery, coolness and ancient science and technology will come to everyone’s mind. The Sanxingdui historical site is located in Guanghan City, Sichuan Province. It has a history of 3,000 to 5,000 years. It is the largest, longest-lasting, and richest cultural connotation of the ancient Shu cultural site discovered in the southwest region so far. A large number of exterior scenes of the film are taken Therefore, the occupation of the character Lu Gaofei in the play is the librarian of Sanxingdui Museum. And the twists and turns of the plot, just like the strange bronze figure in Sanxingdui, create a deep atmosphere of ancient Shu, and the confusion of the past and the firmness of reality are unified together. Whether it is the beautiful scenery full of greenery, the sharp personality of the characters in the film, or the occasional Shu dialect that emerges out of desperation, all of them add a unique quaint charm of Sichuan to the film, and also provide you with a wonderful experience in the hot summer. Send a deep feeling.

The mysterious Sanxingdui, the bustling small town in central Sichuan, and the emotional entanglements with constant twists and turns… On August 22, this Chinese Valentine’s Day, we invite you to enjoy this romantic light comedy “72 Hours Before Marriage”.


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