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The Mingjiuhui Wine New Year Goods Exhibition was held grandly to ignite the enthusiasm for consumption during the 2024 New Year Goods Festival.

The Mingjiuhui Wine New Year Goods Exhibition was held grandly to ignite the enthusiasm for consumption during the 2024 New Year Goods Festival.

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As the Spring Festival approaches, the flavor of the New Year becomes more intense. At this time when families gather together to celebrate the festival, the “2024 Tianjin New Year’s Goods Festival” has arrived as scheduled. This year’s New Year’s Goods Festival, with the theme of “Going to New Year’s fairs, organizing New Year’s goods, and celebrating the New Year happily”, will be held from January 26 to February 8 at Meijiang Convention and Exhibition Center, Liquor Expo Impression Museum, Tianjin Haijixing Agricultural Products Logistics Park, etc. The 2024 Tianjin New Year Goods Festival will be jointly organized by the local government and the local government, bringing citizens a rich and colorful selection of New Year goods and creating a happy and peaceful festival atmosphere.

In this New Year’s Festival, the Mingjiuhui New Year’s Products Exhibition has become a highlight. The event will be held from January 27th to February 4th (from the 17th to the 25th of the twelfth lunar month) at Tianjin World Famous Wine Club (No. 132, Weiguo Road, Hedong District). More than 60 booths were set up for this event, highlighting the characteristics of “available for browsing, tasting, appraising, and purchasing”. New Year goods include a wine exhibition area and a time-honored brand product exhibition, which mainly include the sales of national high-end fine wines, specialty foods, time-honored products, tea and other New Year goods. There will be 35 wine companies and 15 time-honored brands, intangible cultural heritage and other consumer goods companies on display. , presenting a feast of high-quality wine New Year products to the general public.

The Liquor Expo Impression Museum where the event is located is a national 3A-level scenic spot, integrating the functions of wine collection, protection, research, display, and education. Consumers can immerse themselves in China’s thousands of years of wine cultural heritage while buying New Year goods. . As a high-profile New Year goods exhibition and sales event, Famous Liquor Collection brings together well-known domestic and foreign liquor brands, including Moutai, Wuliangye, Jiannanchun, etc. Citizens can choose their favorite wines here to meet the needs of family gatherings, visits to relatives and friends during the holidays and other occasions.

In order to repay the love of consumers, Famous Wine Club has carefully planned a series of preferential activities. Not only can “30 million consumption coupons” be used here, but consumers who purchase more than 2,000 yuan of wine in a single day will have the opportunity to win 3 catties of Maotai, 3 catties of Wuliangye and other generous prizes. Let consumers enjoy real discounts while enjoying high-quality wine.

In addition to rich preferential activities, Famous Wine Club also focuses on creating a high-quality consumption environment. A professional wine tasting area has been set up on site, and well-known sommeliers in the industry have been invited to provide on-site guidance, providing a good platform for citizens to learn wine tasting and exchange wine culture. Citizens can learn more about the characteristics and quality of various types of wine here, improve their tasting skills, and better choose the New Year wine that suits them.

The holding of the Mingjiuhui Wine New Year Products Exhibition not only provides citizens with a convenient one-stop wine purchasing service, but also further promotes the prosperity and development of the wine consumption market. This event received strong support and active participation from major alcohol brands, demonstrating the market’s recognition and trust in the Mingjiuhui platform.

Tianjin World Famous Wine Club will continue to leverage its platform advantages and continuously innovate service models to bring more high-quality and professional shopping experiences to consumers. In this Spring Festival, let us drink good wine and spend a good time together!

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