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The media takes a fancy to Bank of Shanghai | Bank of Shanghai supports the green transformation of private enterprises

The media takes a fancy to Bank of Shanghai | Bank of Shanghai supports the green transformation of private enterprises

The recently held Central Financial Work Conference clearly listed “green finance” as one of the five major articles in building a financial power. The Bank of Shanghai actively leverages the advantages of its “commercial bank + investment bank” product portfolio to provide comprehensive financial services, effectively implements the concept of green development, focuses on innovative products such as green bonds, blue bonds, and green asset securitization, expands green financing channels, and helps enterprises achieve sustainable development. .

“The loan from Shanghai Bank is so timely!” said the person in charge of a private printing and dyeing enterprise group in Shaoxing Binhai Industrial Park. Recently, the Shaoxing Branch of the Bank of Shanghai provided 70 million yuan of financial liquidity to the company through a mortgage loan on emission rights, helping the company solve its urgent need for funds.

  Mortgage “loan” of emission rights activates new vitality in green transformation

It is reported that this printing and dyeing enterprise is one of the first batch of manufacturing enterprises in Shaoxing Binhai Industrial Park that meets the park entry standards. It is mainly engaged in the weaving and sales of various high-end fabrics. With the arrival of the peak consumption season of Christmas and New Year, the overseas orders of enterprises are increasing rapidly, and there is a gap in operating funds. After learning about the situation, the Shaoxing Branch of the Bank of Shanghai actively carried out specialized green finance business, handled the emission rights mortgage registration procedures through the “Unified Registration and Publicity System for Chattel Financing”, and issued 70 million yuan of funds to the enterprise, further broadening the enterprise’s financing channels and revitalizing the company. Environmental equity assets promote green and low-carbon development of enterprises.

For a long time, Shaoxing’s traditional industry has been famous for its three vats (wine vat, sauce vat and dyeing vat). Its textile printing and dyeing production capacity accounts for about one-third of the country’s total, and most of them are private enterprises. In recent years, the green transformation of the printing and dyeing industry has accelerated. Shaoxing has encouraged companies to apply for pollution emission permits and pay paid usage fees through the confirmation of pollution emission indicators, and guided banks within its jurisdiction to innovate high-quality loan products. Emission rights mortgage loan is a financing activity in which printing and dyeing enterprises use the emission rights obtained for a fee as collateral, and apply for loans from banks and other financial institutions on the premise of complying with relevant national laws, regulations and credit policies.

According to statistics, as of now, the scale of green loans of Bank of Shanghai has exceeded 100 billion yuan, with a growth rate of more than 100% for two consecutive years. In 2022, the underwriting of green debt financing instruments will rank first among city commercial banks.

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