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The media is interested in Bank of Shanghai | Bank of Shanghai Tianjin Branch provides precise services to technology enterprises

The media is interested in Bank of Shanghai | Bank of Shanghai Tianjin Branch provides precise services to technology enterprises

  Reprinted from “China Banking and Insurance News” on December 21

In order to thoroughly implement the decisions and arrangements of the Party Central Committee and the State Council on supporting the development of small, medium and micro enterprises, the Bank of Shanghai Tianjin Branch actively promoted the “Ten Thousand Enterprises and Hundreds of Billions” campaign and the “Thousands of Enterprises and Tens of Ten Thousands of Households” campaign requirements for first-time loan households, and proactively visited docking technology parks, innovation and Small and medium-sized enterprises, etc., understand the actual needs of enterprises, and strengthen financial support and service levels. As of now, Shanghai Bank Tianjin Branch has 132 science and technology innovation loan customers, 55 new customers from the beginning of the year, an increase of 71%; the balance of science and technology innovation loans is 3.451 billion yuan, an increase of 1.303 billion yuan, or 60%, from the beginning of the year.

  Strengthen mechanism construction to achieve precise docking

In September 2023, the Tianjin Branch of the Bank of Shanghai organized a special meeting on the “Ten Thousand Enterprises and One Hundred Billion” activity to study and formulate a special action implementation plan, and established a branch with the branch president as the team leader and the Inclusion Department as the leading department, the Corporate Department, the International The work leading group with members from the Ministry of Finance, Planning and Finance Department and other departments coordinates the work of the bank’s 11 operating units and accurately connects them according to the dimensions of territory, industry, field and other dimensions. In addition, in order to further serve technology-based enterprises, the branch divided the customer list of more than 4,000 technology-based companies issued by the local regulatory agency according to the park, and marked key information, requiring each operating unit to have an in-depth understanding of the needs of the enterprise and provide good financial services. .

Focusing on nine major customer groups, including innovative small and medium-sized enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises in characteristic industrial clusters, and small and medium-sized enterprises in upstream and downstream of key industrial chains, the branch provides special products such as “Young Eagle Technology Loan” and “Leading Little Giant Loan” to companies with financing needs. Serve the rapid growth of enterprises; for customers who have no financing needs yet, rely on corporate mobile banking to provide corporate employees with agency services, special financial management, local and foreign currency payment and settlement and other related services; for first-time loan borrowers, adopt a dedicated account strategy to provide enterprises with agency services Comprehensive financial services such as payment agency and wealth management for business owners.

  Optimize credit plan and improve service efficiency

In response to the “Ten Thousand Enterprises and Hundreds of Billions” activity plan, the branch optimized the credit process and established a targeted credit management mechanism and special credit approval channel for first-time borrowers to achieve rapid response, rapid approval, and rapid loan disbursement. The branch’s Risk Department and Approval Department proactively connect with business units, jointly conduct on-site visits to companies, and comprehensively develop exclusive service plans based on business operations, capital needs, risk control, etc., to provide the best and fastest services to improve service efficiency in supporting small and medium-sized enterprises.

Recently, after learning about the financing needs of a semiconductor company, the branch contacted the company immediately and found that the company was not only a technology-based manufacturing company, but also a first-time borrower. The branch immediately launched a first-time loan customer attack team to match enterprises with inclusive financial service plans and upgrade the process from credit application to business lending within a week. At present, the company has carried out domestic and foreign currency settlement business and employee salary payment business in this branch.

In addition, the branch is determined to transform and develop with customer management and value creation as the core. By holding the “Benefit to Create the Future” science and technology innovation and inclusive themed event and the “Ten Thousand Enterprises and Hundreds of Billion” Partner Bank Signing Ceremony, the branch has cooperated with relevant Tianjin government departments , corporate customers deepen multi-party cooperation, regard scientific and technological innovation finance as the “touchstone” for the company’s business transformation and development, vigorously promote the “Flag-Planting for Science and Technology Innovation” action, further develop early, small and strong in the scientific and technological field, and provide more start-up and successful Long-term technology companies provide services to assist the development of technology finance.

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