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The major revolutionary drama “Dawn in the East” is currently airing on Tianjin Satellite TV

The major revolutionary drama “Dawn in the East” is currently airing on Tianjin Satellite TV

Created by director Gao Xixi and screenwriters Long Pingping and Qin Qin, starring Zhang Jiayi, Liu Tao, Li Zefeng, and Qiao Zhenyu, with special appearances by Feng Shaofeng, Tong Lei, Ying’er, and Zuo Xiaoqing, the major revolutionary-themed drama “Dawn in the East” is now hot on Tianjin Satellite TV’s evening prime time broadcast.

This is another round of star broadcasts since the drama premiered on CCTV 1 in December 2022, landed on Dragon TV and Zhejiang Satellite TV on New Year’s Day in 2023, and landed on Guangdong Satellite TV in February. When CCTV premiered, the China Audiovisual Big Data (CVB) prime-time TV series had a highest ratings of 1.975% and an average episode rating of 1.625%, ranking among the top 5 prime-time dramas on CCTV in the first half of 2023. The excellent quality of both ratings and word-of-mouth has created an opportunity for it to land on Tianjin Satellite TV, and also allows more and broader local viewing groups in the north to conveniently watch this high-quality drama.

The play takes the first year of the liberation of Shanghai as the starting point and tells the thrilling historical stories that happened in this year. It unfolds the historical achievements of the Chinese Communist Party in a panoramic view, such as liberating Shanghai, taking over the city, restoring production, and stabilizing the economy and finance, and shows the great achievements of the Chinese Communist Party. With strong ideals, beliefs and political wisdom, the ability and performance of the historical process from revolution to construction and from rural to urban areas. The creators closely adhere to the main task of expressing the big historical perspective with major revolutionary themes, and make good use of the huge dramatic reversal given by history from “old” to “new”, from “break” to “construction”, and achieved “Dawn East”. “It has a unique epic temperament that integrates war, industry, life and other rich drama types.

The solid plot of a major revolutionary-themed drama worth revisiting and savoring is slowly unfolding, allowing the audience to gain not only aesthetic pleasure but also spiritual enlightenment. Many viewers said that “Dawn in the East” well links revolutionary history and contemporary life, and many details are very detailed and fascinating. For example, in the plot of martyr Li Bai’s sacrifice, while adhering to historical truth, the main creator added dramatic content to sublimate the characters’ emotions. Another example is Comrade Chen Yi described in the play. In addition to being the familiar “Mr. Chen”, he is also an “candidate” who went to Shanghai to “rush for the exam” and is also the first mayor of Shanghai after the founding of New China. “Dawn in the East” For the portrayal of Chen Yi, we strive to not only show Comrade Chen Yi’s fortitude as a soldier, but also strive to present the demeanor of a “Confucian general” to the audience.

The plot in the first week has completed the liberation of Shanghai and entered the various challenges of urban governance. As the plot continues to advance, the audience will find that “Dawn East” not only shows armed liberation, but also a picture that includes anti-special warfare, financial warfare, and diplomatic warfare. As well as a multi-dimensional historical drama that unites national capitalists, it has the perspective of leaders and the people, and there are literary dramas and martial arts dramas. The creative techniques have made breakthrough contributions to the innovative expression of major themes.

Some social science scholars commented: “Breaking in the East is not only writing history, but also using artistic narrative to create unique time and space scenes, forming an open dialogue relationship with current life and current audiences. , the artistic quality of the work and the educational function are organically integrated.” The historical proposition of the leadership of the Communist Party of China more than 70 years ago to unite and lead the broad masses of the people to “pass through difficult times” is also the aspiration of today’s people. It more accurately links the theme of contemporary life. The historical practice of our party more than 70 years ago that “is not only good at breaking an old world, but also good at building a new world” has important enlightenment today as we promote Chinese-style modernization.

Standing at a new historical starting point, review the history of our ancestors’ governance of the city and the history of the people’s struggle in “Dawn East”, and at the same time continue the red spirit, bravely undertake the historical mission, and continue to answer the questions of the new era with the sobriety and determination of “rushing for exams” Answer sheet.

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