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The main venue of the Tomb Raiders Notes Rice Festival was first settled in Jinmen Crescent Hotel.

The main venue of the Tomb Raiders Notes Rice Festival was first settled in Jinmen Crescent Hotel.

This summer, Heping Joy City will be the most exciting main venue for fans of “Tomb Raiders Notes”! The August 17th Rice Festival in 2023 will come as scheduled, and the main venue will be located in Jinmen for the first time. The famous “Crescent Hotel” will airborne in Tianjin Heping Joy City, lighting sky lanterns, seizing ghost seals, and connecting the memories of three generations of Jiumen! There are rare treasures you can’t imagine and a fully upgraded immersive gameplay. Rice from all over the country gathers together to appreciate strange things, travel on strange journeys, and relive the adventure of the Iron Triangle of Tomb Raiders. What’s even more explosive is that the third uncle of the Nanpai will also arrive in Tianjin and sit in the town in person to communicate and interact with the ricers up close! This time we went to the mountains and seas to gather in Jincheng, where the moon was clear and the wind was clear, and we shared our love.

  Heping Joy City’s Super-Favorite Rice Festival in Tianjin “Chinese New Year”

As a popular national IP that has been hot and hot for more than ten years, “Tomb Notes” has many loyal fans. The August 17 Rice Festival organized and initiated by the fan rice is the first IP-exclusive fan festival in China. It originated from Nanpai Sanshu The “Ten-Year Covenant” between Wu Xie and Zhang Qiling in front of the bronze gate in the book “Tomb Raiders Notes” has been successfully held for six sessions, and now it has become an annual carnival for ricers. This time, Heping Joy City has introduced the August 17 Rice Festival to Jinmen with a big hand, which completely ignited the enthusiasm for rice on the entire network! Rice on Weibo, Xiaohongshu and other social platforms have already started to “steal the season”, rubbing their hands together and looking forward to the “Chinese New Year” in Tianjin this time. Fans from all over the world plan to go to the main venue of Heping Joy City to check in, and the offline carnival is full of response The grand opening is about to begin. Local fans in Tianjin were even more excited and screamed, “I am so promising in Tianjin”, full of pride in the city!

In fact, since the super-popular game “Yuan Shen” airborne in Joy City for the first time in the country, and now the rice festival has moved the main venue from Hangzhou to Jincheng for the first time. The top feast of the two-dimensional culture, establish a deeper emotional connection with consumers, meet the spiritual demands of young people today, firmly understand the road of fans and love fans, and use the innovative gameplay of super IP to activate new momentum for the development of the business district!

  It was a pleasant surprise for Huanan to send the third uncle to sit in the town to light the sky lanterns at the Crescent Hotel

The 2023 Rice Festival, with the theme of “Mountains and Lakes share endless thoughts, and the moon and breeze are another journey”, will reproduce the mysterious institution in “Tomb Raiders Notes” in Tianjin Heping Joy City – Crescent Hotel! This is the place where real experts who play antiques stay. In “Tomb Raiders Notes”, there is even a section where the Iron Triangle made a big fuss at the Crescent Hotel. The classic scenes, especially the retro elements of the Republic of China on Tianjin Five Avenues, are more interesting! The exhibition perfectly reproduces the Crescent Hotel, with the front desk, Liyuan opera dream, Tianzi box, second-class guest room, collection pavilion, etc., as well as the most ceremonial sign-in wall “a lantern” of the Rice Festival, which will also be reproduced at the same time The classic “lighting sky lantern” element of Crescent Hotel allows everyone to experience the pride of lighting a sky lantern.

The most exciting thing is that this special exhibition of the Crescent Hotel will add script killing elements. Players will go on an adventure with Audio-Technica to participate in story decryption from the first perspective. , Decipher the content and location of today’s lot, and you can get a limited warm-up ticket for Heping Joy City-mysterious patterns will appear at different temperatures, and the technology will help the atmosphere to be full! The seals of the main venue are also very attractive. This year’s rice festival theme chapters “Mountains and Lakes” and “Bright Moon and Qingqiu” and landmark color stamps “Crescent Hotel” are not to be missed. Collect them!

In addition, from July to September, there are many surprise activities during the Rice Festival, not only the official artist and coser meeting of Tomb Raiders Notes, the fan song meeting, the live broadcast of the Rice Festival, the sky lantern auction, the official flash sale, the rice festival market, etc. Fancy activities, what is even more important is that on August 13th, the original author of “Tomb Raiders Notes” Nanpai Sanshu will also bring the actor Waer to Jinmen by air, and go to the mountains and seas with the rice to meet again, talk about love, and start the next chapter together Unforgettable journey!

  Exclusive event “Little Brother” surprises Jinmen’s super value and huge benefits for Daomi’s welfare

As the special exhibition of Tianjin Crescent Hotel for the August 17th Rice Festival is approaching, Peace Joy City has also planned three exclusive activities to welcome the grand event of the year with the majority of Rice! Among them, the first event will be launched at the end of July. At that time, “little brother” Zhang Qiling will surprise Shenyang Road, Northwest Corner, Sancha River Estuary, Jiefang Bridge and other “handicap” in Tianjin. The second tranche of activities will start during the opening period. From August 5th, fans will come to the Crescent Hotel to check in at the special exhibition site, and post pictures and texts on social media such as Xiaohongshu and Weibo, and add the topic #平平大悦城抢墓The notebook exhibition will win the Crescent Hotel themed limited edition badge. The third event will be unveiled during the meeting of Nanpai Sanshu. Fans can get a super-packable conspicuous bag “special forces shopping bag” when they spend a full amount in Peace Joy City. One-click to open hands-free special forces shopping. mode, instantly transforming into the brightest rice in Joy City! At the same time, brand merchants such as Tianjin Metro App, T3 Travel, Meituan Waimai, etc. have also contributed to the Rice Festival. More exciting benefits are on the way, and love lives up to expectations!

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