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The main creator of “Enthusiasm” parachuted into Universal Beijing Resort, led by Huang Bo and Wang Yibo, and danced together for a wonderful summer

The main creator of “Enthusiasm” parachuted into Universal Beijing Resort, led by Huang Bo and Wang Yibo, and danced together for a wonderful summer


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  Cool summer, warm summer! Recently, directed by Dapeng, written by Su Biao and Dapeng, chief producer Chen Zhixi, starring Huang Bo and Wang Yibo, starring Liu Mintao, Yue Yunpeng, Xiaoshenyang, Zhang Zixian, Song Zuer, Jiang Long special starring, Casper, Wang Yibo Co-starred by Feifei and Zhang Haiyu, specially invited by Liao Bo, Wang Hai, George, Yang Xiaojian, Zhou Senlin, Mo Shaoqing, Zhang Yunchen, and Han Mo, and the crew of the film “Hot” starring Zhang Weiwei in surprise airborne at Universal Beijing Resort, and Global Cool Summer jointly staged a surprise party that was twice as cool and twice as warm. The exclamation point of the dance troupe in the movie “Hot” stepped onto the stage of the Hollywood theater, demonstrating strength and dancing with joy,warmA wonderful summer experience for a summer. At the same time, the invited guests watched the movie “Enthusiasm” in advance at Beijing Universal City Avenue Cinema, and experienced the unique summer fun of Beijing Universal in the park, amplifying the joy together!

  The Exclamation Point Dance Troupe in the movie “Hot” and Universal Cool SummerThe “Star” dance troupe danced passionately and joined hands for a passionate moment. This is a special presentation of the “Universal Cool Summer” at Universal Beijing Resort. The two parties started from the matching themes of “burning” a summer and “cooling” a summer, Let people meet their love this summer, indulge in happiness, and present double excitement to the guests! 

  Huang Bo and Wang Yibo took the stage for Universal Cool Summer co-star summerwarmtime

  On the day of the event, the Universal Cool Summer Show specially presented by the crew of “Hot” and Beijing Universal Resort was staged passionately at the Hollywood Theater.with many blockbuster worldsstarjointly formedsuperDJgroupOn stage, Huang Bo and Wang Yibo, the leading actors of the movie “Hot”exclamation markThe members joined the stage in surprise together, and jointly brought a dazzling hip-hop performance, which instantly overwhelmed the audience. In the surprise party, Huang Bo competed with the naive panda Po from the “Kung Fu Panda” series of movies on dance skills, and Wang Yibo danced with the popular character Bumblebee from the “Transformers” series of movies. The hearty stage performance and the audience’s affectionate interaction are perfectly intertwined, pushing the summer vitality atmosphere of this special event to a high point. As the former chief producer Chen Zhixi said,It is not youth that is enthusiastic, it is us. Youth can pass away, we are always warm.“Whether it’s the veteran Ding Lei, the dream-chasing boy Chen Shuo, or the members of the exclamation point dance troupe, they are all using their own hard work and hard work to let the audience see the most splendid and passionate stage of this summer. , bringing the audience the warmest and most explosive feeling.

  At the end of the special performance that day, director Dapeng, screenwriter Su Biao, chief producer Chen Zhixi, leading stars Huang Bo and Wang Yibo, and specially invited stars Wang Hai, George, Yang Xiaojian, Zhou Senlin, Mo Shaoqing and Zhang Yunchen appeared together in surprise . Director Dapeng said with emotion:“In a happy place like Beijing Universal Resort, we will be ‘hot’ together, and the happiness will double!” Chen Zhixi, the chief producer, also said excitedly: “At this moment, we are officially starting a lively summer!” In the warmth and enthusiasm of the cool summer, it is like those hearty and hearty burning stages in the film, which makes people excited and enthusiastic.

  Mr. Zhao Lin, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Sales of Universal Beijing Resort also said,“Universal Beijing Resort has transformed the super-popular movie production into a more cool reality experience. Everyone is the protagonist of the movie, with love in their hearts, and indulge in happiness! Today, we are enthusiastically in the happiest place, and this will be an unforgettable Summer memories. Just like the enthusiastic spirit promoted by the film, I hope that the enthusiasm and joy conveyed by Universal Cool Summer can be infected and passed on to every tourist, so that they can bloom their own in the “blockbuster world”. Wonderful”. 

  Watch the movie “Enthusiasm” in advance to ignite the summer vacation Burn the audience with joy

  In addition to the special performance, the movie “Hot” invited hundreds of invited guests and audiences to watch the movie in advance at the Universal City Avenue Cinema, and get a sneak peek at the movie.The witty and humorous language expression, the inspirational youthful energy, and the explosive stage presentation all make “Enthusiasm” just like the title of the film, which makes people excited and applauded, and becomes the must-see choice for all audiences in summer , make hiFUNThe atmosphere is infinitely magnified.

  After watching the movie, director Dapeng, screenwriter Su Biao, and chief producer Chen Zhixi entered the screening site to have interesting interactions with the audience and start a carnival.MBTIthe director Dapeng throws a golden sentenceIpeopleE.Just work hard and you will succeed“, the chief producer Chen Zhixi said with a smile that the lead actor Huang BowaiE.InsideE.while Wang per capitaE.In the human crew,IPeople will also be infected and become outgoing. When asked which scene was the happiest during filming, director Dapeng recalled emotionally: We not only filmed a movie called “Enthusiasm”, but more importantly, behind “Enthusiasm”, since last year5month until8During the month, every staff member of the whole crew was working hard for “Enthusiasm”.The time we spend together makes me feel happyAt the same time, the screenwriter Su Biao revealed that the movie “Hot” is also very interesting in shaping the characters: “Our story is actually a story of a big bad wolf and a little white rabbit. We saw that Brother Bo dyed the tail of the wolf. Beau wears Little Red Riding Hood all the time. Because of the dream, but also because of the common love, two people with very different personalities become comrades-in-arms fighting side by side. Always enthusiastic, keep moving forward, never end or end, keep enthusiastic. “

  Many guests were present, and there was thunderous applause. The audience expressed their high appreciation for the movie “Enthusiasm”. Olympic champion Yang Qian appeared in surprise,sheexpress:“ThroughoutViewingin the processveryThe moments that brought tears to my eyes, I can especially understand everyone with the exclamation mark. Maybe you will encounter some disapproval, disapproval, and different voices at certain moments in your life, but only we know it, and work hard. And the process of persistence is what we most want to pursue and enjoy.Some viewers also expressed their love on the spot:“When I was watching the movie “Enthusiasm” today, I was particularly burning, burningarriveAt one point I felt like the air conditioner wasn’t doing enough.Movies are the process of creating dreams, each of us has dreams, and seeing everyone realize their dreams in movies is aA fusion of audiovisual and dreamofwonderfulexperience.The movie “Enthusiasm” uses ordinary people’s diligent pursuit of dreams, as well as the most passionate burning side by side souls, to create the most worth-seeing dream of light and shadow for the audience in summer.

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