“The Long Season” was well-received for its delicate interpretation, “The Drama Shows Face” Liu Yitie speaks by character

“The Long Season” was well-received for its delicate interpretation, “The Drama Shows Face” Liu Yitie speaks by character

The life suspense drama “The Long Season” has recently come to an end. The plot foreshadowing of the grass snake gray line, the unhurried narrative style, and the delicate performance that penetrates the texture have won many praises for the drama. The Douban score is as high as 9.5 points, becoming this year’s domestic drama highest score. From the beginning of the series, “Wang Yang’s death” has become the biggest suspense and “drama” in the whole play, running through the three timelines, and the truth is not revealed until the last moment. And Wang Yang, played by the young actor Liu Yitie, with his relaxed performance and accurate grasp of the role, not only created a lot of sparks of “father-son relationship” with Fan Wei, but also added to the “long season” in the play. A few touches of bright color and warmth.


In “The Long Season”, Fan Wei and Liu Yitie’s Wang Xiang, Wang Yang and his son are the most worrying to the audience, and it is also where the “tiing bell” that has been difficult to end in this long autumn. Wang Xiang and Wang Yang, who lived in 1998, are not only a pair of “enemy father and son” in an ordinary family, but also the biggest reason why Wang Xiang can’t get out of the “long season” 18 years later. Compared with other characters in the play, Wang Yang can be called a “little sun”. He is the spiritual pillar of the sick mother and the pride hidden in the heart of the “tsundere” father; in front of Shen Mo, he is Xiang Yang. The “poet” Wang Yang who was born and always has hope.

Compared with Fan Wei, Qin Hao, Chen Minghao, Liu Lin, Li Gengxi and other actors, Liu Yitie, the actor who plays Wang Yang, may not be well-known to the audience, but his performance in the play is also remarkable, and he will offer the audience The long-lost sense of freshness has also created many “famous scenes” of acting. The transition scenes of the play have always been praised by the audience, and the first appearance of the “silk smooth” transition was accompanied by the weather from sunny to cloudy, and the expression on Wang Yang’s face also “seamlessly connected” from the bright and beautiful Shen Mo when he first saw it Even the loss of mind and hesitation after being greatly stimulated highlights the actor’s skills and talents. At the end of the first episode, from Wang Xiang sitting at the table with the drenched Wang Yang, to the moment the camera turns and the portrait of Wang Yang is frozen on the wall, it also becomes an important clue to promote the development of the plot.

In the play, Liu Yitie played the stubbornness and impulsiveness of a young rebellious period in the “father and son fight” with Fan Wei; then met Shen Mo for the first time, and in the scene of revealing his heart in the entertainment plaza and school, he mastered the feeling of ignorance and recklessness It is just right, two completely different emotions, and interspersed with the loss of soul due to accidents, the “silky” switching between the three states makes it hard to imagine that this is a newcomer actor who has not debuted for a long time. As an important promoter of the plot process, Wang Yang’s life experience and actor Liu Yitie’s deliberate performance are equally commendable.

In the hit drama “The Road to Life” that ended not long ago, Liu Yitie’s Gao Sanxing made the audience “hate” him. In the movie “Sniper” directed by Zhang Yimou, he appeared as a newcomer as the scout Liangliang who wrote blood books in the snow without fear of sacrifice. His eyelashes were stained with frost, but he dedicated himself to his homeland at a young age, and was left forever in that icy world In the TV series “Beyond”, the young Zheng Kaixin played by him made the audience appreciate the cruelty and hardship of competitive sports, making people shout “It’s hard to get over it”… As a young actor, Liu Yitie has a “only for the role” “The “drama throws face”, every time the precise control and emotional interpretation of the characters always make people’s eyes shine. Some audiences even shouted shock after learning that Wang Yang and Gao Sanxing were played by Liu Yitie, looking forward to acting as Liu Yitie, a newcomer actor, will be able to bring more and better works in the future, with a lot of accumulation, and more people will see it.

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