“The Legend of Messi” is launched at the Himalayan 123 Carnival, listening to the football legends of this era

“The Legend of Messi” is launched at the Himalayan 123 Carnival, listening to the football legends of this era

The four-year football event World Cup is coming, and hundreds of millions of football fans around the world have entered the passionate Qatar time. During this period, the Himalaya 123 Carnival also specially launched the World Cup combination feast for fans. “When the Football Stars Shine”, “Messi “Biography” and “Biography of Ronaldo”, in “When the Football Stars Shine”, Zhan Jun, Luo Ming and other famous experts and mouthpieces will tell stories of stars on and off the field across time and space, while “Messi Biography” and “C Ronaldo” “Luo Biography” will tell the true story behind the fame of the two football stars from a panoramic and in-depth perspective.

  footZhan JunLuo Ming: Passionately tell the legendary stories of the top 100 players

In the program “When the Football Stars Shine”, Yan Liang, the host of Himalaya, will talk to Zhan Jun, a well-known domestic host and sports commentator, Luo Ming, editor-in-chief of “Sports Weekly” and judge of the Golden Globe Awards, former Jiangsu Sainty Football Club Professional player and program host Wang Chuansong, and invited Himalayan anchor Hui Tian and Nanjing Normal University associate professor Zhang Ning, etc., to tell the stories of the stars and accompany you through the more interesting World Cup.

You will hear the life stories of nearly a hundred football stars: Messi, Ronaldo, Maradona, Pele, Lewandowski, Mbappe, Harland, Neymar, Suarez, Sun Xingyu, Beckham James, Zidane, Pirlo… You will hear interesting stories about unknown stars: Messi’s locker room in Barcelona, ​​how Ronaldo’s domineering president is set up, what is Maradona “Hand of God”, Premier League Golden Boot Sun Xingyu’s devil training… You will have a glimpse of the classic scenes of world football in the sound: Ronaldo’s pendulum is extraordinary, Beckham’s redemptive blow to Greece, Ramo His desperate efforts to turn the tide, Ibrahimovic’s stunning barb outside the penalty area, Iniesta’s South African lore to win the championship… will also “make up” the cultural history of football characteristics: naturalized players, football hooligans, the history of different leagues, The impact of football on the culture of different regions… You will also enjoy the comments of famous sports editors: Luo Ming, the editor-in-chief of “Sports Weekly”, will share the stories behind the selection of the Ballon d’Or, as well as the recent hot topics of Ronaldo, including some hot events The predictions and hot topics are presented… There are many stories and a lot of information. This World Cup, fans will have a good time.

  “Messi Biography”:The Football Road of the Talented Boys

Speaking of Messi, fans and young people all over the world should be well-known. He is the winner of 6 European Golden Boot Awards and 7 Golden Globe Awards. He has won 5 World Cups, 41 crowns, and 91 goals in the year. He even broke the history with a record of 1127 goals, becoming the player who participated in the most goals in football history. He is an omnipotent “super king” from winger, center to attacking midfielder. He is also a green legend who has practiced passing, dribbling, passing and shooting to the extreme.

However, Messi was diagnosed with dwarfism when he was 11 years old. What made him break through his physical limitations and continue to stick to his football dream? What did he experience and endure in the process? What are the untold stories behind Messi’s famous napkin deal with Barcelona? Why did Messi cry at the press conference when he was abandoned by the club he had cooperated with for 21 years? What happened between Messi and Barcelona… Listen to the official biography of the star “Messi Biography” produced by Himalaya, and you will find the answer.

At the same time, “Messi Biography” also invited Luo Ming, editor-in-chief of “Sports Weekly”, to share with you. Messi has won the Golden Globe Award 7 times, and Luo Ming is a judge of the Golden Globe Award and has interviewed Messi. Through his perspective, what kind of Messi will we see? Please stay tuned.

  CLuo Biography:football worldcharmingthe villain

Of course, when it comes to Messi, Ronaldo is indispensable. He is a superstar who came back from the “slums” of Madeira. Diligent and passionate, he combines glory and slander, is full of topicality, aggressiveness, and exudes an unstoppable charm. Galloping the stadium for more than 20 years, Ronaldo has a brilliant achievement that stands out from the crowd: 5-time World Footballer, 5-time Ballon d’Or winner, the world’s top scorer in football, 807 goals-breaking the world football scoring record , 111 goals – breaking the historical scoring record of the national team, scoring more than 50 goals in 8 consecutive seasons – breaking the European football record, 96 million euros – breaking the world football transfer fee… He seems to be trying to break the record Born, and at the same time constantly writing new records! In the star biography “C Ronaldo Biography” officially produced by Himalaya, you will see the star’s passionate and legendary football life three-dimensionally and vividly, and you will also hear the wonderful sharing of the guest Dong Fangzhuo. Dong Fangzhuo once played and worked with Ronaldo at Manchester United Football Club. What stories about Ronaldo will he share?

This World Cup is the “twilight” battle between Messi and Ronaldo, so it has attracted the attention of thousands of fans. The series of star biographies presented by the Himalaya 123 Carnival hopes that everyone can watch the game. It may be an unexpected experience to learn more about the life stories of stars and the surrounding tidbits outside the game through sound.

At the same time, in order to celebrate the World Cup, Himalaya also launched new content related to the World Cup such as “Cold Knowledge about the World Cup”, “Watching the World Cup from afar”, “Hello World Cup”, “World Cup Top 32 Tour”, and aggregated “Men” Talk about the World Cup” and “New Soccer Forces” on the site “, “Watch Zhan | Zhan Jun Radio”, “Football Cafe” and other sports programs, bring you wonderful surrounding stories and tidbits.

Recently, the 2022 Himalaya 123 Carnival is in full swing. In addition to the official “Football Stars Shining”, “The Legend of Ronaldo” and “Messi” and other World Cup-related content, the Himalaya 123 Carnival also launched “A Brief History of Human Order”, “The Romance of the Three Kingdoms” audio drama, ” Family Wealth Growth Plan” and “Disney Girl Stories Collection” and other heavy content meet the diverse needs of different groups of people. For the English version of “Harry Potter”, “Monman’s Talk about “, “Ghost Blowing the Lantern 2” and other high-quality paid albums that have been widely loved by listeners in the past, Himalaya has also prepared super discounts as low as 40% for listeners. Worth the discount. From November 21st to December 18th, users can participate in the event by searching “123 Carnival” in Himalayas and enjoy surprise discounts.

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