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“The Legend of An Le” Princess and General An Ning goes offline to defend the city alone, although death is glorious

“The Legend of An Le” Princess and General An Ning goes offline to defend the city alone, although death is glorious


Recently, it was produced by Shanghai Film and Television Media, with Cheng Ziyu as the chief director, Su Fei, Li Hongyu, and Ma Huagan as directors, starring Di Lieba, Gong Jun, and Liu Yuning, and Xia Nan, Pei Zitian, Chen Tao, Li Shuting, etc. The drama “The Legend of An Le” is currently on Youku. As a highly anticipated summer drama this year, since its inception, “The Legend of An Le” has reached the top of Maoyan and Beacon’s hot list on the whole network with its strong character design, light comedy, and high-mindedness. And received a lot of praise from users.

The play tells the story of the heroine who has the dual identities of Ren Anle, the head of the Anle village, and Di Ziyuan, the orphan of the imperial family. In the process of investigating the truth of the family, she is appreciated by the male protagonist Han Ye, the prince of Dajing. Also protect each other’s stories.

The reason why “The Legend of An Le” has been able to gain popularity and word-of-mouth since its inception must be inseparable from its character creation. Every character has flesh and blood, not superficial. In the latest plot, An Ning, played by Xia Nan, defends the city alone with his body as a bait, but he is no match for four hands, and finally dies in the battle until the last moment. , also, who can not love such a general who has a family and country in his heart and a bold and free personality?

An Ning is the most proud daughter of Emperor Jiachang. She could have been a princess who was well-clothed and well-fed, and her hands were not touched by spring water. He chose to be stationed in the northwest as a general defending the country, and fought in the battlefield when he was a teenager, making great achievements repeatedly.

An Ning’s appearance is the highlight. She and Ren Anle know each other well, and she contributed a wonderful fight scene in just a few minutes. Retractable, brisk and smooth, it not only possesses the femininity of women, but also has a tough momentum, perfectly interpreting the duality of heroism and elegance of ancient women. The superb body control perfectly interprets the aura that a female general should have. It is no exaggeration to say that Xia Nan is definitely a rare Tsing Yi temperament actor after 95.

In the latest plot, the off-line scene in which she was killed by thousands of arrows piercing her heart at the last second is another highlight of her reappearance. She further proved her acting skills. Although she was seriously injured and exhausted, she She is the princess of a country and the general of the Wei country. She is the face of Dajing and the belief here. Even if the hand holding the spear is trembling, she must not let herself show the slightest shrinkage and cowardice. In addition to anger, there is something in her eyes. With overflowing firmness, the moment Xia Nan uttered the line “Even if I die, the corpse will not bow its head”, Xia Nan seemed to be one with An Ning. She is an “alternative” princess and also a “true princess”. If she wants to wear a crown, she must bear its weight. She has used her whole life to interpret the saying “the real princess is not waiting to be pampered”.

Thanks to “The Legend of An Le” for letting us know such a good actor. Finally, we also look forward to Xia Nan’s upcoming new dramas “Yong’an Dream” and “Lovesickness Order” will continue to surprise the audience.

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