The launching ceremony of the 2023 Guangxi Spring Tea Festival series of activities was held in Zhaoping County, Hezhou

The launching ceremony of the 2023 Guangxi Spring Tea Festival series of activities was held in Zhaoping County, Hezhou

Spring returns to the land, and the temperature is getting warmer. Located in the “Chinese Organic Tea Township” – Jiangkou Organic Tea Garden in Zhaoping County, Hezhou, the eyes are full of greenery and the fragrance of tea. Looking around, the tea mountains are full of spring, one ridge after another , The tea farmers are seizing the season and skillfully picking the first wave of spring tea in 2023 to welcome guests and friends from afar. On the morning of February 28, amid a melodious and moving tea-picking dance music lingering in the mountains, the 2023 Guangxi Spring Tea Festival series activities officially kicked off.

At the launching ceremony, Mao Renjian, deputy secretary of the Hezhou Municipal Party Committee, introduced: Zhaoping County, Hezhou City is “beautiful with beautiful mountains and clear waters, and the people live long with the fragrance of ancient tea”. A characteristic and advantageous pillar industry that is effectively connected with rural revitalization. By the end of 2022, the county’s tea garden area will reach 250,000 mu, with an annual output of 18,400 tons of dry tea and an output value of 2.03 billion yuan. The county’s tea garden area, output, and output value rank among the top in Guangxi , and has been selected as one of the “Top 100 Counties in China’s Tea Industry” for five consecutive years. It is the hometown of organic tea in China, the hometown of famous Chinese tea, and the top ten charming tea towns in the country. The public brands of “Zhaoping Green” and “Zhaoping Red” have been certified by geographical indications Trademark registration, “Zhaoping Tea” has become a national geographical indication protection product, and the public brand value has reached 4.069 billion yuan.

He said that in the next step, we will adhere to “government leadership, enterprise main body, market operation, and social participation”, based on green ecology, guided by market demand, supported by technological innovation, and focused on the transformation and upgrading of the entire industrial chain. Guiding service as a guarantee, fully promote the upgrading and upgrading of the tea industry in Zhaoping, and create an advantageous production area of ​​characteristic tea dominated by “one red, one green and one black”. The total output reached 25,000 tons, and the comprehensive output value of the tea industry reached more than 4.5 billion yuan, which promoted the development of Zhaoping County from a large tea county to a strong tea county.

Jiang Lihai, the second-level inspector of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, said in her speech that Zhaoping early spring tea comes to the market earlier, and the normal year is about 30 days earlier than Jiangsu and Zhejiang tea areas. It is known as “the first early spring tea in mainland China”. In recent years, Zhaoping County has adhered to the “whole industry chain” development idea, and comprehensively promoted tea brand building, marketing, base quality improvement and transformation, tea culture excavation, integrated development of tea tourism, tea expansion and quality improvement. Remarkable results have been achieved in integration and development. In the future, it is hoped that Hezhou will adhere to the basic principles of promoting agriculture with quality, green development, brand orientation, and development characteristics, and give full play to the advantages of Zhaoping’s tea resource endowment, take a differentiated development path, and lay a good foundation for Hezhou’s characteristics and longevity. The local tea industry has become bigger and stronger.

It is understood that during the Guangxi Spring Tea Festival, there will also be a series of activities such as the 2023 Guangxi Spring Tea Festival and Zhaoping Tea, Agricultural Products, Food Fair, the third first council of the Guangxi Tea Industry Association, and the Zhaoping Organic Early Spring Tea Online Shopping Festival. , Offline exhibitions and sales, build a production and sales docking platform, promote the brand communication of Hezhou agricultural products and Zhaoping organic tea, and help Zhaoping tea sell well all over the country; Zhaoping organic early spring tea is sold online.


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