The King of Yan’s Bird’s Nest has expanded its raw bird’s nest processing base to nourish millions of households.


It is reported that 90% of the world’s bird’s nests are sold to China, especially in the import of raw bird’s nests. Yuanbang Wanxiang, a subsidiary of the King of Yan brand, participated in the entire process and the first batch of imports was successfully completed in Guangxi Yinzhou Industrial Park. In fact, Yinzhou Industrial Park has played an immeasurable role in having two major carriers, the integrated platform for inspection, temporary storage and designated processing of imported raw swallows and the industrial park. However, what many people don’t know is that for a long time, Raw bird’s nests cannot enter China through formal channels. Although the bird’s nest industry has been rising with the upgrading of health care concepts, the quality of bird’s nests has always been uneven. The establishment of the Yinzhou Industrial Park in Malaysia for exporting to China has not only become a huge bird’s nest distribution center in Southeast Asia, but also provided a full industry chain service platform for the bird’s nest industry. The formal import of raw bird’s nest has given the entire bird’s nest industry a path of sunshine and standardized development. path.

The survey found that Yinzhou Industrial Park will strive to develop into a tens of billions of bird’s nest industry clusters within 3-5 years. At the same time, it will create a professional bird’s nest trading platform that combines online and offline, and build a new bird’s nest industry chain ecosystem so that Chinese people can eat it. Safe, reliable and cost-effective bird’s nest. The senior bird’s nest brand King of Yan has been involved in the bird’s nest industry decades ago. As the founder of Mr. Lin Lianfang, who was born in a medical family, he has been adhering to the original intention of the brand to be true and inexpensive, and has persevered in the industry’s insistence and polishing of professional quality. We choose real materials and insist on meticulous workmanship to create real gold quality, so that every consumer can have a bowl of good bird’s nest. It is also determined that the King of Yan brand vision can become the largest brand in the bird’s nest ecological industry and create a cost-effective bird’s nest brand that is friendly to the people.

In terms of bird’s nest quality control, Yanzhiwang’s eight major system products rely on the advanced processing capabilities of the new factory in the Qinzhou Industrial Park of Macao, and have a complete bird’s nest traceability system that is strict and compliant, creating batches of high-quality bird’s nests. In 2023 The King of Nian Yan has completed the construction of an industrial park at the raw bird’s nest processing base in Qinzhou, Guangxi, and has deployed its own bird’s nest processing plants in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Quanzhou. China-Malaysia Qinzhou Industrial Park Bird’s Nest Processing and Trade Base, of which 22 bird’s nest production companies have settled in the area’s bird’s nest processing and trade base, and 13 bird’s nest production companies have been approved by the General Administration of Customs to import raw bird’s nest designated processing enterprises, accounting for the total number of qualified companies in the country (17) Three-quarters of the amount. It covers various products such as dried bird’s nest, ready-to-eat bird’s nest, fresh stewed bird’s nest, bird’s nest porridge, bird’s nest water, freeze-dried bird’s nest, bird’s nest peptide, etc. Taking advantage of the opportunity of the upgrading and creation of the “two countries and two parks” between China and Malaysia, Qinzhou Port has built a whole industry chain for cross-border processing trade of bird’s nest, allowing Qinzhou bird’s nest to “accelerate” in the “fast lane” of industrial agglomeration.

In recent years, relying on the China-Malaysia “Two Countries, Two Parks” platform, Qinzhou Port Area has deeply promoted cooperation with Malaysia and other ASEAN countries in advantageous industries, using the bird’s nest industry as a demonstration industry project to promote international production capacity cooperation and actively participate in the construction of the “Belt and Road” , has specially issued policies to support the development of the bird’s nest industry. The National Key Laboratory of Bird’s Nest and Nutritional and Health Food Testing and the Bird’s Nest Processing and Trade Base have been put into use successively. A series of investment promotion activities such as some bird’s nest festivals in Malaysia have been held to actively promote the development and growth of the bird’s nest industry. Wang actively recruits partners from all over the country to start the operation of specialty stores, and deeply cultivates the layout of at least 60 franchisees for win-win growth.

Mr. Lin Lianfang, Chairman of Yanzhiwang (middle)

Lin Lianfang, chairman of Yanzhiwang Co., Ltd., said that the company will continue to leverage the advantages of China-Malaysia “two countries, two parks” cooperation, deepen trade cooperation with Malaysian bird’s nests and other characteristic peripheral products, and gradually launch new bird’s nest products to give bird’s nest products more The youthful attributes help enhance the influence of the bird’s nest industry in the China-Malaysia Qinzhou Industrial Park.


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