The Journey of a Yoga Instructor

  National fitness is the basis and guarantee for strengthening people’s physique and pursuing a healthy life, and is the core force for realizing the active health of the people. People’s health is an important symbol of national prosperity and national prosperity. Therefore, the country pays more and more attention to people’s health issues, and has introduced many policies to encourage people to exercise and participate in national fitness. Yoga can not only lose weight and shape, but also regulate human blood vessels and prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. In addition, practicing yoga can also help regulate emotions and relieve stress.

  Yoga originated in ancient India,It is one of the six major schools of philosophy in ancient India,After spreading from India to Europe and the United States in modern times,,European and American countries combine yoga with science,Demonstrated its effectiveness in fitness,Weakened the religious part,Make it a fitness exercise.Liu Ping, a professional yoga instructor, once studied yoga teaching in Beijing, and participated in many exchanges and cooperation at the Beijing Medical Research Institute. She is currently the CEO of Kunming Pingfan Yoga Culture Co., Ltd.She has a unique way of teaching, mainly starting from natural treatments such as fitness, bodybuilding, physiology, and psychology, and using aesthetic teaching methods to allow people to enter the world easily and happily from the busy urban life.yogarealm. In the past 20 years, more than 80,000 students have successfully changed through Liu Ping’s courses, regaining youth, health, confidence and optimism. According to coach Liu Ping, yoga practice includes physical exercise, relaxation and stress relief, yoga meditation, healthy diet, adequate sleep and good hygiene habits, etc. It can not only help us strengthen our body, prevent diseases, and maintain an ideal weight, but more importantly What’s more, it can also help people eliminate the smog and garbage in their hearts, experience inner peace and joy, and make life more sunny and positive.

  (Photo of Liu Ping’s yoga instructor)

  Due to long-term yoga practice, coach Liu Ping looks like a 20-year-old young girl in terms of body and mentality. Her current life is inseparable from yoga, and she can say without exaggeration: “For 20 years, I have been engaged in the business of yoga, yes, without any falsehood, just concentrate on doing it!”

  She only does one thing in her life, and the spirit of Coach Liu Ping touched many well-known platforms in the industry. In 2017, she was invited to participate in the China-India Yoga Conference and went to India with the government to investigate Ayurveda projects, and was invited to participate in the 2019 China Yunnan-India Culture Week. The Kunming China-India Yoga Conference was invited by the General Administration of Sports of China to serve as a yoga referee in 2019. In order to study yoga in depth, Liu Ping has traveled all over the world to study. Since 2006, she has traveled to India, Nepal, Rishikesh, Pune, Mumbai, Chennai and other ancient yoga holy places to pursue the original culture of yoga and practice with famous Indian yogis. .After fully mastering the knowledge of traditional yoga, Coach Liu Ping not only went to European countries for in-depth exchanges and learning of local yoga culture, but also went to the United States many times to learn the Iyengar system, hot yoga courses and pregnant, and obtained the qualification of International Registered Advanced Yoga Trainer (CISYT) from ACIA International Vocational Skills Appraisal in the United States. With excellent yoga teaching ability and persistent spirit of seeking knowledge and exploration, Coach Liu Ping is not only well-known and respected in the industry, but also very popular and hot in other industries.

  (Photo of Coach Liu Ping’s “Bowl Healing” course)

  Today, the pressure of reality and the environment in which we live make people anxious, tense, and even uneasy. Now, more and more people have begun to seek health and meditation methods. The emergence of the concept of “healing” guides people to take the initiative to adjust their lives, re-examine the unhealthy living conditions, take more care of their bodies and emotions, and return their hearts to peace and joy. Instructor Liu Ping is creating a course of “Healing with Bowls” in combination with yoga cultures from all over the world. Liu Ping introduced: “becauseBowl healing is the healing essence of the thousand-year-old singing bowl. It can stimulate the vitality and energy hidden in the deepest part of the heart, and sing the sound of ‘OM’ that connects the body and soul for monks. “Bowl healing can help us decompress and help sleep, purify the mind, and the energy field generated by tapping the sound bowl can reconcile the body and mind, so that the active brain waves become calm and calm, and quickly enter a deep sleep state. Long-term treatment of the bowl Healing training can further improve the quality of sleep, and then use the singing bowl to calm the restless mind and make the heart calm and powerful.

  Liu Ping’s way of teaching yoga, unique insights and sincere love make all those who come into contact with her feel benevolence, serenity, indifference and peace. This is how she has been focusing on the research and dissemination of yoga spiritual culture. Coach Liu Ping hopes to use the practice and learning she brought back from all over the world to use yoga practice to help Chinese people have a good body and a healthy body and mind, and to cultivate a healthy body and mind for China. To the spiritual self, a true yogi who is both internal and external. (Text/Wang Xinyan)

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