The iPhone 15 Pro solid-state buttons have been cut off!supply chain verified

The iPhone 15 Pro solid-state buttons have been cut off!supply chain verified

It has been widely rumored that the iPhone 15 Pro will further expand the difference from the normal version, replacing physical buttons with solid-state buttons, but later news shows that Apple will abandon this practice. In a recent shareholder letter, Apple suppliers seemed to confirm the news again.

Previously, people in the supply chain said that the news was true.This technology is only delayed and missed the iPhone 15 Pro series, and will continue to be used in subsequent models.At the same time, Guo Ming also revealed the specific reasons. The latest survey pointed out that due to technical problems that could not be overcome before mass production, the two high-end iPhone 15 Pro series will cancel the solid-state button design that the market has paid close attention to and change back to the original physical button design.

According to previous revelations, some research companies claim that Apple suppliers have vaguely hinted that this year’s iPhone 15 series, especially the iPhone 15 Pro series, will most likely use solid-state touch buttons. It is worth mentioning that the physical mute button has been around since the birth of the iPhone.

It is reported that this time both buttons will adopt a solid-state design similar to the non-pressable Home button that first appeared on the iPhone 7. These two buttons can’t really move, but simulate the feeling of pressing through the two built-in Taptic Engine motors.

There have been rumors before that this year’s iPhone 15 series will become the iPhone model that has changed the most in recent years, and naturally the appearance will also usher in changes. In addition to the news that the iPhone 15 series will return to the round shape, it seems to be a good choice to remove the physical buttons.

But to realize this idea, you need to provide additional drivers for Taptic Engine, butFor the internal space of the iPhone, there is still a lot of obstacles if you want to put huge components next to the frame.

The touch buttons actually appeared on the AirPods Pro2 just released by Apple last year. The moment the user presses the button, Apple simulates the real button effect through excellent feedback and sound. If you want to use one word to describe the feeling, it is Wonderful. If the iPhone 15 Pro series models adopt this method, it is possible to derive an operation method similar to sliding to adjust the volume on AirPods Pro2.

However, it seems that this design will not appear in the iPhone 15 Pro series now. The shareholder letter said: “That is, among the HPMS opportunities we have discussed, we mentioned in the previous shareholder letter that this year The new product launch in the fall is no longer expected to be available as planned, and as we currently have limited knowledge of our customers’ future plans for this product, we are removing revenue associated with this component from our internal models.”

Although consumers missed this design in the iPhone 15 Pro series, there is also news that Apple has not given up on this design, or will continue to use this design in next year’s iPhone 16 series.

Back then, the iPhone 7 series canceled physical buttons, and the experience of solid-state buttons was not much different from physical buttons in actual use, which also allowed many users to accept this design. However, there is still no clear news on whether Apple has decided to introduce solid-state buttons in the iPhone 16 series.

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