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The huge opening discounts are unstoppable, the first exhibition of Fat Dragon, Fat Tiger and the Adventures in North China is coming and fun is coming, Tianjin Xiqing Dayue Hui dates in Tianjin on 12.30!

The huge opening discounts are unstoppable, the first exhibition of Fat Dragon, Fat Tiger and the Adventures in North China is coming and fun is coming, Tianjin Xiqing Dayue Hui dates in Tianjin on 12.30!

The end of the year is approaching, and prosperity is about to begin. The first Joy Plaza in the north – Tianjin Xiqing Joy Plaza, with full sincerity and quality of life, has landed in Zhongbei Town, Xiqing District, Tianjin. Beauty is blooming immediately, and the opening surprise has arrived, with multiple benefits. Coming!

Tianjin Xiqing Dayue integrates shopping, socializing, leisure, and diverse quality life. As a new trendy destination in Tianjin, it has facilities such as giant naked-eye 3D screens in North China, water curtain stairs, aerial themed corridors, and star boat art sculptures. , the expected value is directly filled up, and your check-in experience is guaranteed. Multi-purpose scenes are created with the three friendly concepts of sports-friendly, parent-child friendly and pet-friendly, providing a healthy, convenient, comfortable and leisure shopping experience, so that quality life can be found. Tianjin Xiqing Dayuehui is divided into two halls, A and B. Hall A covers brand fashion, trends and unique tastes, creating a cultural gathering place focusing on youth social attributes. The life you love can be arranged for you in Hall A with one click. The positioning of Building B focuses on family life and high-quality parent-child entertainment experience, combined with special food streets to create a “one-stop leisure shopping gathering place focusing on the common growth of family members that brings together quality life, sports vitality, and family entertainment gatherings.” Tianjin Xiqing Dayue Huihui is about to land in Jincai, and it is unstoppable: “The Adventures of Fat Dragon and Fat Tiger” Dragon and Tiger Show in North China for the first time, Oriental Wonderful Night large-scale lantern festival, fursuit parade, various super full bonuses and other discount combination benefits… Ranqi Enjoy the warm winter in Jincheng!

  FUN gifts from selected brands, exciting and trendy items are now available to the public

We have been waiting for a long time, and we have arrived as promised. We are here to accompany you to find the “new” opening, 200+ exciting stores, 80% of the region’s first brands, unprecedented diversified business formats, Wanda Cinema, Qixian Supermarket, Katoonni Park, Miuka KTV, Brands such as Sisyphus Bookstore invite you to enjoy a quality life; delicious restaurants such as Russian Kitchen, Dajili, and Chaoshan Beef Hot Pot allow you to experience food from all over the world and the smell of fireworks without leaving the city; and there are many pioneering trendy clothing such as UR, UGG, MLB, etc. Brands can enhance your exclusive wardrobe at any time; digital home appliance brands such as Huawei, Honor, and Lenovo unlock smart life; precious metal brands such as Chow Sang Sang and Chow Tai Fook help you express your luxury taste and add to your sense of fashion. Choose a brand and be excited about it. Come to “Tianjin Xiqing Dayuehui” to discover the new focus of life. This wave of new brands is exciting!

Super full free gifts, the trend of BUY is a happy trend. Opening benefits are gathered, eat, drink, play and be happy ALL IN. The joy of “purchasing” is super surprise. Quick code is available online. The hottest rebates are full. Spend 1,000 and get 2,000 back. The more you buy, the more “salary” you save. Brand surprise group retail surprise coupons are 100 for 75 groups, 1,000 for digital big discounts of 880, and 5,000 for golden deals of 4,600. The “vouchers” are extremely powerful, including 200 back for every 200 you spend on heavy-hitting restaurants, 10 off for purchases over 25 for block exclusives, and even big-name popular items at low prices at BUY, eliminating the tedious steps for you and no need to worry about getting the full discount.

Points are doubled and members enjoy gifts and carnival GO! On the opening day, members will have crazy draws online and offline. Members can enjoy exclusive Yves Saint Laurent lipsticks and Bawang meal draws. On-site Huawei Mate 60 Pro fans will be crazy about drawing tens of thousands of luxury gifts. We look forward to meeting you.

In addition, you can get double points for all purchases, 8888 points can be exchanged for 100 yuan vouchers, 4666 points can be exchanged for 50 yuan vouchers, and points can be exchanged for Fat Dragon and Fat Tiger IP peripherals, Wanda Cinema viewing gift certificates, Bubble Mart blind boxes, etc. Selected gifts. Members enjoy free parking for the first three days of opening, drinks as low as buy one get one free, and unlimited stacks of gift vouchers to enjoy exclusive privileges. Return to the essence of wool harvesting, stack up the buffs and create endless surprises!

  Giant dragon lanterns, fat dragons and fat tigers all help to unlock new and interesting experiences of national trend culture

Good luck comes in the Year of the Dragon, princesses and princes please visit the lantern festival! At the Oriental Wonderful Night large-scale lantern show, a 7-meter-tall giant dragon dances above the sky, and the giant dragon lantern shockingly demonstrates the charm of the new national trend. The Taotie Jiuli and the cute dragon treasures each show their magical powers; stroll through the ancient charm of the street scene, interpreting the Lantern Festival of the Tang and Song Dynasties. The entire area is full of colors and brilliant lights. Different surprises can be found in every corner, and the playability is super Gao Hua is very good at making movies; when you are tired of shopping, you can also play traditional sports – pot throwing to challenge your wisdom and skills. The highlight is ready. Experience the high-quality street experience where tradition and new trends collide at your doorstep~

In addition to the outdoor tours, there are also various exciting performances indoors. The national trendy IP Fat Dragon and Fat Tiger has landed in Xiqing Dayuehui, Tianjin. “The Adventures of Fat Dragon and Fat Tiger in the City” is full of attractions for its first exhibition in North China. We will accompany you to travel around Tianjin, welcome New Year’s Day, celebrate the opening, and experience the uniqueness Pure Tianjin culture. On-site check-in points are set up such as Fat Dragon and Fat Tiger’s Tour of the Dragon and Tiger Theater, Tuoban Dragon Lantern, Tiger Returning to the Mountain, Cute Tiger Zhengzheng, Dragon and Tiger Joy, etc. The lively and thick New Year’s Day atmosphere will dispel the class smell in advance and instantly switch to the New Year’s Day holiday mode ~

A 100% carnival ceremony, a 100% heart-warming winter, a large-scale lantern show at Oriental Wonderful Night, “The Adventures of a Fat Dragon and a Fat Tiger”, the first exhibition of Dragon and Tiger Show in North China, and there will also be warm-up activities and a Fortune Flash Mob. , Joy Street Market – New Year themed market, loud music live scene, puppet show parade and many other exciting openings are waiting for you to unlock. Bring your friends and relatives to Tianjin Xiqing Dayuehui to experience a different kind of warm winter gift. Enjoy the joyful shopping to ignite the cold winter. Say bye to boredom ~ Enjoy life and love, and gather together at will!

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