The Himalayan Double 11 Sound Animal Festival is over, and the topics of travel, health care and technology attract the most attention


With the development of the times and iteration of consumption, the lifestyle and consumption concepts of the new generation of consumer groups have changed. People no longer only buy commodities to meet basic living needs, but pay more attention to the individual characteristics of commodities and the emotional value behind them. In the current era of consumerism, contemporary consumers are more proactive in thinking about the meaning of consumption.

“Should I please myself or follow the trend?”

“Should life be instant gratification or delayed gratification?”

“Would you choose to live healthier or happier?”

Recently, the Himalayan Double 11 Sound Animal Festival officially came to an end. In this year’s Sound, Animals and Goods Festival, Himalaya joined the platform’s top anchors and many content creators to bring information about fashion trends, consumption concepts, outdoor travel, health care, smart technology, parent-child mother and baby, and home life. Exciting discussions and sharing on similar content topics. By gaining insight into the hot topics that everyone cares about today, and aiming at the psychological changes and needs of different groups of people, it has extracted many inspiring topics and viewpoints. The users also showed their high enthusiasm for these topics. A total of more than 2 million users participated in the activities through comments, opinions, etc., showing the huge development space of audio as a topic discussion field.

On December 7, CBNData and Himalaya jointly released “Insights on Listening Interest in Himalaya Double Eleven Sound Animal Goods Festival”, focusing on the seven topics discussed in the Double Eleven Sound Animal Goods Festival. Hot topics of concern to readers, insight into the content preferences and life attitudes of different groups of people, and provide new ideas for audio content marketing.

sound into life——Seven Hot Discussion Topics Demonstrate New Attitudes to Life

“Life is not only about the present, but also poetry and the distance.” When reality and ideals collide, adventure and conservative confrontation, rationality and sensibility are intermingled, what are the various life attitudes under those topics that are closely related to oneself? Among the seven topics, outdoor travel, health preservation and smart technology are the three topics that people are most concerned about at present.

Under the long-term home life, the topic of travel makes people eager to move. “At the moment in 2022, can travel just go away?” has become the most popular hot topic. Among them, nearly 60% of the audience still have to think twice before traveling in line. More and more people tend to make a comprehensive travel plan when traveling, saying that in addition to knowing their favorite destination, acceptable budget, and checking whether there is convenient transportation at the destination, they also have to consider their own health The situation and local epidemic prevention policies and other information. It is more important to be reckless than to be safe. Traveling after careful consideration has become the new attitude of everyone before departure.

With the gradual improvement of people’s health awareness, everyone’s interest in health and wellness topics is also at an all-time high. “Would you choose to live a healthier life or live a happier life?” It has become a hot topic in TOP2. Health is important, but staying up late is an addictive addiction. Stay up the latest night, apply the most expensive facial mask, eat the most health care products, and become a true portrayal of a “night sleeper”. While living a happy life of “the moon doesn’t sleep, I don’t sleep”, pick the attitude of “living healthier”. Staying up late to listen to health topics is a comfortable and sober lifestyle for the audience.

Looking at other topics, more and more new attitudes to life are emerging. Among the audience who participated in the topic of new technology in the future, more than 60% of the audience actively embrace technological changes, are willing to become “technical early adopters”, and strive to be “the first residents of the Metaverse”; Choose to be the “audience” of children, give the pen of the future to children, and let them draw the blueprint of the unknown. Even though people who have gone through the period of hoarding goods at home still maintain a rational attitude in the face of buying, buying and buying, “breaking away” is still a topic of interest to the audience. Only by learning to throw away can you know how to buy, and in the process of discarding and renewing, you will find better things In the topic of “delayed gratification or instant gratification”, more people pay attention to long-term results; while faced with “please yourself or follow the trend”, the audience tends to choose to follow their hearts and be their own Owner.

The audience is happy to think and is pursuing a more exciting and ideal way of life for them.

head start——over a centuryThe total listening time shows the preferences of six major groups

During the Himalayan Double 11 Sound Animal Festival, the total listening time of Himalayan-related topic programs exceeded 910,000 hours, which is equivalent to one person not listening repeatedly for more than a century. The total number of participants in the topic activities exceeded 2.13 million, and the total number of topic voting station teams was about 100,000. The event attracted users of different ages, regions, and preferences. The “Himalaya Double Eleven Sound Animal Festival Listening Interest Insights” shows that “the pillar of the family”, “superman mother” and “new middle class” are the three main listeners. crowd.

The most listened audience is “The Pillar of the Family”, accounting for more than 30%. They are not only responsible for family economy and responsibility, but also the backbone of society. Facing the pressure of career and the heavy responsibility of family, traveling far away has become their spiritual sustenance. But the Chinese fathers who are not absent still care about their families and children even if they yearn for the distance. They are more interested in “those niche travel check-in points” and “places suitable for taking children”, and they tend to think twice before traveling.

The “Insight into Listening Interests of the Himalayan Double Eleven Animal Festival” shows that mothers accounted for nearly 30% of the audience and became the second largest audience. “The mother who was almighty and superhuman” is a lifer full of wisdom. She pays attention to her own health, is keen on health care, and has her own attitude. The groups of mothers in different regions show different characteristics of the population. Guangdong mothers are specialized in health care, while mothers in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Beijing, and Shandong are more “traveler” temperament, and they favor niche travel destinations.

The new middle class in Kochi from first- and second-tier cities is the third largest listening group that deserves attention. They are capable elites in the workplace, pay attention to office efficiency, and pay attention to “workers must first sharpen their tools if they want to do their jobs well.” The topic of “good office things that double your efficiency” won their hearts. In family life, they cannot escape the problem of raising children. “Should parents be children’s ‘screenwriters’ or ‘audiences'” is the most popular topic among the new middle-class people. They think that only when they have strength and confidence can they dare to let go and let themselves become “audiences”.

As a fresh force in society, young white-collar workers have different expressions of life attitudes. The “Himalaya Double Eleven Sound Animal Festival Listening Interest Insights” shows that the new “sound” white-collar workers who participated in the event are mainly from Guangzhou. Affected by regional culture, white-collar workers have different preferences in terms of home life and health care. “Duansheli” is more topical in the minds of young white-collar workers in Beijing and Guangdong, but they are more concerned about health issues in Jiangsu and Zhejiang, such as “tips for a healthy day”.

In addition, young people in small towns are emerging consumption forces that are gradually being released, and their voices cannot be ignored. They all have diverse attitudes on topics such as consumption concepts and home life. They imagine the life after financial freedom, and they also pay attention to shaping the spiritual world, believing that true refinement has nothing to do with money.

The silver-haired people who have more free time are also very active on the Himalaya platform. The “Insight into Listening Interests of the Himalaya Double Eleven Sound Animal Festival” shows that their preferred content focuses on the two major topics of “consumption concept” and “health care”. , such as “A monthly income of 100,000, how will you spend it” and “Guide to health care in winter” and so on. Financial freedom is not only the ultimate ideal of contemporary migrant workers, but has also become a hot topic among the elderly with money and leisure. Health preservation has become a trend for the whole people, especially the silver-haired people.

The theme activities of the Himalayan Double 11 Sound Animal Festival are co-created by creators and audiences. They empathize and resonate in attitude expression and value shaping, and standing in line on the topic reflects their philosophy on lifestyle. For example, the anchor “fit4life” stated that “only by staying healthy can you have the right to the ultimate happiness” when participating in the discussion on health topics, and the anchor “abnormal travel” expressed “the beauty of uncertainty, hidden in the travel that just walks away” and so on. The concept of travel, while the anchor “auspicious to the wind” said, “Life is not for the final result, but for the process.” .”

Life requires thinking, and life also needs good things to accompany. The audience not only listens to the speculative topics they are interested in, but also chooses their own favourites. Based on the discussion of topics of interest and insight into crowd consumption, the “Insight into Listening Interests of the Himalayas Double Eleven Sounds Animals and Goods Festival” found that listeners are more interested in cultural and creative office, digital appliances, food and beverage categories, and products under these categories show a certain ” Voice” consumption. Taking the peripherals of Himalaya Culture and Creation as an example, the Himalaya 2023 sound calendar turns the daily selection of sound content into warm companionship and becomes a favorite of the audience. Through the two-pronged approach of spiritual food and material consumption, Himalaya hopes that everyone will make further progress towards a better life.

With the development of IoT technology and the further popularization of smart terminals such as smart earphones, smart speakers, and vehicle-mounted systems, people listen to audio in more diverse scenarios, from early morning after waking up, on the way to commute by car, between naps at noon, parent-child time in the evening, to Quiet and relaxing before going to bed, audio media penetrates into various scenes of people’s lives, helping users enrich fragmented time, and realize time-added value in the parallel time and space of sound.

With the continuous enrichment of audio content and the continuous education of the market over the years, the audio market has already had a huge audience base, and the “ear economy” has further developed and prospered. The Himalayan Double 11 Sound Animal Festival shows that audio, as a field for topic discussion, user interaction, and brand communication, has greater potential to be tapped urgently, and audio marketing also has a broad space for development.

In the future, with the improvement of consumer demand for spiritual consumption and the continuous development of the Internet of Things, sound platforms such as Himalaya will be further expanded in depth and breadth, and will also open up a broader market development space and more through continuous innovation. Such commercial realization channels.


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