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The hilarious drama “Happy Liaozhai? Sansheng PLUS” will premiere in Tianjin

The hilarious drama “Happy Liaozhai? Sansheng PLUS” will premiere in Tianjin


The hilarious fantasy drama “Happy Liaozhai·Sansheng PLUS” revived by Happy Twist Tianjin Group will officially premiere at the Minyuan Theater on December 21. As the first major drama under the “Happy Liaozhai” IP, it has maintained high ratings of Damai 9.5 and Maoyan 9.8 or above since its premiere. The Tianjin group made a strong comeback and will meet the audience on this Christmas Eve.


The story is inspired by the story of “Three Lives” in Volume 10 of “Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio” by Mr. Pu Songling, an outstanding writer and excellent short story writer in the Qing Dynasty of China. In addition to paying homage to classics in terms of story themes, it is also a very ingenious “collision” in form, substituting traditional culture into the drama in the most “twisted” way. Elements such as opera, allegro, and martial arts have been put on the stage, and they are also combined with popular Rap arias. The fusion of diverse national style elements further highlights the unique charm of “Happy Liaozhai·Sansheng PLUS”.

In addition to the variety of elements, this drama can be called a “record of the slaps in the face of migrant workers.” I didn’t expect that working in the underworld can be so complicated – whether it is selling “Meng Po Soup” or Meng Po, who also needs to find ways to achieve KPI, the main business The ferryman, the black and white man who is a rap on the side, or the foul-mouthed King of Hell who is casual and full of justice in court… It starts with laughter, and it is more than laughter. Each character has the shadow of you and me in the workplace, making you “hemp” There is also some bitter satire on workplace ecology and social class in “Style Humor”. From December 21st to December 24th, “Happy Liaozhai·Sansheng PLUS” will be presented at the Happy Mahua Minyuan Theater. The Tianjin team invites you to have a three-life appointment, so stay tuned!

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