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The “Happy China Country” at Ninghe Wuyue Plaza, which creates a National Day hyperlink venue, opened grandly on September 22

The “Happy China Country” at Ninghe Wuyue Plaza, which creates a National Day hyperlink venue, opened grandly on September 22

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2023 Happy China Home has arrived as promised and will be grandly opened in 130+ Wuyue Plazas across the country on September 22 and will last until October 8. A series of activities to experience Chinese culture and family happiness were launched across the country. Once launched, it became a marketing IP that was talked about by consumers. During this period, Xincheng Holding Group Tianjin Ninghe Wuyue Wuyue Plaza will take “Happy China” as its theme and on-site happiness as its main line, linking the city’s consumer brands to create a carnival feast for happy family customers. With colorful circle activities and innovative marketing, consumers can feel happy in Wuyue, and parents can accompany their children to return to a happy life in Wuyue.

During the scheduled activities, Ninghe Wuyue will join forces with big brands to launch full discounts on benefits, large discounts and other merchant activities involving gold and jewelry, electronic digital, clothing and accessories, food and entertainment, as well as consumption 101 koi draws, 20-second super BAG Exciting exclusive activities such as crazy buying, 10.1 flash sales on super items… In addition to Super Brand Day, we also created the “HUG Starry Sky Music Festival” for three days and three nights with singer Zhang Wei’s surprise airborne appearance, and the “Qilihai Crab Festival” Rich and diverse immersive offline experience activities such as “The King’s Contest” and “Thousands of People “Singing the Motherland”” have made Wuyue Plaza a family social space full of “human touch”.

This grand and warm “Happy China Home” trendy feast is looking forward to every consumer coming to make an appointment! This “Happy China Country” scheduled event will interpret the three meanings of “happiness”, “country” and “family” from multiple dimensions such as cultural experience, theme curation, and consumption upgrades. Let Wuyue Plaza not only become a place to enhance the public’s perception of happiness, but also become a space where Chinese culture is passed on to young people and where families gather together to freeze time.

Every time it enters a city business district, it is a common practice for new city businesses to establish a moat of brand formats belonging to Wuyue Plaza, and Tianjin Ninghe Wuyue Plaza is no exception. Since its opening, Xincheng Holding Group’s Tianjin Ninghe Wuyue Plaza has brought together more than a hundred popular trendy brands; in the future, Ninghe Wuyue will rely on a complete portfolio of business formats, strong brand appeal, and the blessing of its own traffic brands to be more able to It has become a new base for social experience for the new generation of consumers, and has been promoted to become a trendy and cool center for urban life, leisure and entertainment!

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