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The Haoji railway tie line project enters the countdown to opening. The HJGC-1 bid section is constructed by China Railway Third Bureau Tianjin Company.

The Haoji railway tie line project enters the countdown to opening. The HJGC-1 bid section is constructed by China Railway Third Bureau Tianjin Company.

Recently, as 57,111 dynamic inspection vehicles drove smoothly into the Yanjiagou Line Station, it marked that the HJGC-1 bid section of the Haoji Railway Contact Line Project, constructed by China Railway Third Bureau Tianjin Company, has officially entered the dynamic inspection stage, and the countdown to the opening of the line has begun. .

The inspection was organized by the Xi’an Railway Bureau and participated by the Engineering Management Center of Haoji Economic Development Company, Beijing Railway Research Institute and China Railway No. 3 Bureau. The inspection train unit runs two round trips in the forward direction from Panlongzhen Station on the Baoxi Line to Madongchuan Station on the Haoji Line to implement dynamic inspection of professional equipment for public works, electrical engineering, and power supply, and dynamic verification of LKJ basic data.

This dynamic inspection is an important step before the railway is officially opened for operation, providing scientific basis for the opening and operation. After the project is completed and opened to traffic, it will connect the Haoji Railway and the Baoxi Railway in series, enhance the energy transportation channel capacity of the Haoji and Baoxi Railways, improve and optimize the local freight transportation pattern, improve the efficiency of railway freight collection and distribution, and contribute to accelerating urban construction and promoting regional development. Economic growth and improving railway container transportation efficiency are of great significance.

  Cutting mountains and ridges, digging into the loess, and digging through tunnels to see rays of light

The HJGC-1 bid section of the Haoji Railway Contact Line Project, constructed by China Railway Third Bureau Tianjin Company, is located in Baota District, Yan’an City, Shaanxi Province. It starts from the newly built Yanjiagou Line Station at the southern end of Panlongzhen Station of Baoxi Railway in the north and ends at Yan’an East Station of Haoji Railway in the south. A new Yuhuang Temple line station will be built to the south, with a total length of 8.933km.

The four tunnels constructed by the project are all loess tunnels with relatively difficult construction. Among them, the entrance double sections of Kangjiagou No. 1 and No. 2 tunnels are shallow-buried, bias-pressed, long-span sections with a cross-section of 18 meters, and double arches with small nets. The distance gradually changes from 0.1 to 5.0 meters. The double and single-track tunnels are both in Class V surrounding rock, with high loess moisture content, and there are local unfavorable factors such as pore water and fissure water. The Dengou Tunnel is located in the soil-rock boundary layer, and the 130m entrance section is shallowly buried. In the biased pressure section, cracks are developed and the surrounding rock has high moisture content, which brings considerable challenges to the project construction.

  Overcome difficulties and climb bravely, the more difficult and dangerous it is, the further you move forward

In response to various unfavorable factors during the construction process, all the project builders worked hard day and night, worked hard and worked hard, actively prepared special construction plans, and organized experts to conduct analysis and discussions; during the process, they continuously improved the construction plans and adopted corresponding measures for different tunnels. construction plan; comprehensively strengthen advanced support, advanced geological forecasting and monitoring and measurement work to improve the quality of tunnel projects.

At the same time, the project has formulated a variety of instructions for tunnel construction operations under adverse geological conditions, compiled detailed emergency plans and conducted rehearsals to control construction safety from the source. Thanks to the unremitting efforts of all project builders, each tunnel was successfully completed as scheduled.

  The majestic continuous beam, turning and docking to compose a new chapter

The controllable key and difficult project of the Haoji Railway Project – the continuous beam across the Baoxi Railway Super Bridge is a 2-unit 64+64m curved beam. The rotation angle of the main pier 18# is 30.39 degrees, and the rotation angle of the main pier 22# is 37.24 degrees. The side beams are adopted. The cast-in-situ and pier bottom rotation construction is carried out using the support method. As a key control project within the bidding section, it is also one of the bridges with higher construction risks adjacent to the existing lines. The location of the bridge has complex geological conditions, many special structures, and high safety risks across existing lines.

In order to achieve precise control of the rotation, the project uses a real-time monitoring and early warning platform for the bridge’s attitude and control parameters during the rotation process to ensure the precise positioning of the bridge’s attitude, and successfully overcomes the linear control, linear monitoring, and accurate positioning of the rotation of the curved rotating continuous beam. Despite the technical difficulties, the precise rotation of the continuous beam was successfully achieved, laying a solid foundation for the scheduled completion of subsequent nodes.

People with lofty ideals are short in the past, but the road to struggle is long. China Railway Third Engineering Bureau Tianjin Company will continue to be guided by the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, continue to implement the strategy of “powering the country by transportation”, seize the golden construction period in the fourth quarter, and accelerate the opening of nodes across the entire project line, work hard and continue to strive for the success of the project. The three bureaus contributed to the railway construction of the motherland! (Correspondents: Li Yunjing and Wang Chuqing)

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