The grand opening of China International Jewelry Show


The China International Jewelry Show will be grandly opened at the China International Exhibition Center (Old Hall) from March 16-20, 2023! This exhibition is jointly sponsored by two authoritative organizations, China Jewelry and Jade Jewelry Industry Association and Jewelry and Jade Jewelry National Inspection Group, with a total area of ​​30,000 square meters and more than 1,000 exhibitors. Traders, focus on displaying new developments, new trends, new products, and new technologies in the industry, and build an efficient, comprehensive, and reliable platform for industry communication and trade cooperation!

This year is the first year to fully implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, a new spring, a new journey, and a new departure. The holding of this exhibition will definitely boost the morale and confidence of the industry, and will also focus on showing the new look of the jewelry industry and the strong determination to start again!

Brand Gathers Trends and Fashions

As a “star” exhibition that attracts the attention of the whole industry every year, China International Jewelry Show has become the best stage for the concentrated expression of corporate brand power and product power. China International Jewelry Fair gathered dozens of brands including Caibai Jewelry, Laofengxiang, Colorful Yunnan, Kaifu Jewelry, Thousand-foot Pearl, Edison Pearl, Angel’s Tears, and Qianpuhui in Hall 1 to showcase and release the latest New Year celebrations under the brand New product series, national fashion jewelry series, light luxury series, wedding gold series, IP cultural and creative series, original patented products, etc., present the mainstream trend of the industry and lead the trend of jewelry consumption.

Brand Highlights Introduction:

1. Caibai jewelry (1B101-1B112)

The “China Time-honored Brand” enterprise Caibai Co., Ltd., together with its sub-brand “Caibai Chuanshi” and its independently developed and designed new products, made a stunning appearance. It deduces a different kind of oriental aesthetics with modernization and fashion, and brings you a wonderful feast of national culture.

1) The elements of the zodiac set off a consumption boom, and Caibai Co., Ltd. brought[“Hug Rabbit” series]and 2023 Guimao (rabbit) New Year’s Gold Bars and other products for the Year of the Rabbit.

2) The new product of Caibai jewelry sub-brand “Caibai Chuanshi”:[Dangshi Shi Qingwu Flying Series]pure gold jewelry that combines traditional hand-weaving techniques with modern design style elements; with the theme of traditional Chinese “family harmony” culture[Fuyunsheng Family and Auspicious Series]Pure gold jewelry; with the Forbidden City “Palace Craftsman Gold”, the Summer Palace “Lifetime Decoration”, the Temple of Heaven “Cherishing Yuanji”, and the Capital Museum “Beijing Joyful Decoration”, reflecting the characteristic Beijing-style jewelry culture【 Caibai handed down · IP series]works.

3) Light luxury style[Lovin love series][“Oriental Garden” theme series]pure gold jewelry, conveying the unique view of “exquisite, light luxury” and showing oriental aesthetics.

2. Laofengxiang (1A101-1A112)

In 2023, on the occasion of the 175th anniversary of Laofengxiang, the century-old national brand Laofengxiang will appear in the capital again, bringing a full range of products such as gift works from masters, award-winning works from cutting-edge designers, and the latest fashion products, highlighting the international brand of the national brand with “national style and national charm” It aims to “spread Chinese culture and tell Chinese stories well”.

This time, Lao Fengxiang brought gold and silver fine crafts and handicrafts as the basis, combined with modern new technology to carefully produce “Treasure Gold” series products; Fengxiang happy event” series products.

3. Colorful Yunnan (1A201-1A206)

Colorful Yunnan will bring another new masterpiece – the original design and patented product “Hebi Bracelet”, which turned out to be born. Different from the previous round stick bracelets and flat mouth bracelets, the designer of Colorful Yunnan chose the most comfortable arc among the many inner wall arcs of the bracelets based on hundreds of times of playing and trying on the bracelet, and the outer arc is full. The inner arc is slightly convex, painless to take off and put on, extremely comfortable. The inner wall of the bracelet uses the colorful Yunnan auspicious cloud LOGO with the ancient technique of interlacing gold, inheriting the intangible cultural heritage, and using the combination of man and nature to interpret the meaning of golden and jade marriage. It is recognized and appreciated by many consumers.

4. Kaifu jewelry (1A413-1A418)

Kaifu Jewelry made a stunning appearance at the exhibition with gold jewelry with a sense of Chinese age, interpreting traditional culture with fashion elements, and with unique products, Kaifu Jewelry is about to open a cultural feast. Among them, new series such as “Fugu Gujin”, “IP Joint Name” and “Fu Rabbit Zodiac” were unveiled, deeply digging into jewelry culture and intangible cultural heritage craftsmanship, with the spirit of great craftsmen, with a long-standing charm that has been accumulated for thousands of years, and a fashionable modern atmosphere. A new interpretation of Chinese style fashion, showing the ingenuity of the country.

5. Thousand-legged pearls (2B01, 2nd floor, Hall 1)

“Thousand-legged pearls” are made of warm and beautiful top pearls selected from many high-quality pearls. This time, the series “Mountains and Rivers Splendid”, “Suyan Hanmei” and “Sky full of stars” will be brought, starting from the source of pearls, and developing more Diversified pearl industry, with international ideas, to create a national pearl brand.

6. Edison Pearl (Middle Hall, 1st Floor, Hall 1)

Edison Pearl combines cutting-edge disciplines such as aquaculture, medical science, life science and geochemistry, and uses a series of technologies such as unique water quality selection and control, color control, gene control of mother oysters, and planting sites, through high-tech research and development of ecological breeding. The pearl is named as “Edison Pearl”, which is a major innovation in pearl cultivation technology in the world.

Edison pearls are large in size, high in roundness, bright in luster and rich in color, and their quality is comparable to that of foreign top seawater pearls. It spreads and interprets pearl culture with Chinese characteristics, and enables global consumers to better understand the beauty of Chinese pearls. .

7. Tears of Angels (1A207-212)

Angel’s Tears has made new breakthroughs in the technology of domestic freshwater nucleated cultured pearls in recent years, and the Gabriella freshwater pearls with stunning pearls will make a stunning appearance at this jewelry exhibition. In recent years, Jiabaili pearls have made new breakthroughs in the technology of domestic freshwater nucleated cultured pearls. Compared with Japanese seawater cultured pearls, the price is lower. The pearl layer is thick and colorful, with high roundness and strong luster.

8. Qianpuhui (5323-5326, Hall 5)

Qianpu? Jewelry Group is a diversified group that integrates the design, development and creation of wood jade and wood jade jewelry, the trade of wood jade raw materials, the processing, production, display and sales of metal and pottery and other artworks. Ximu jade is delicate in texture, moist as fat, and excellent in toughness. It is the latest jade species favored by collectors and jade carving masters from all walks of life. This time, Qianpuhui also brought the “Beautiful Tianzhen Series” ornaments, jade plaques, jewelry accessories, etc. Among them, the gold and silver interlaced series and the colorful gold series of jewelry accessories interpret the national trend of jade through the collision of traditional culture and modern design. new ideas.

Design-Driven Talent Spotlight

“Tiangong Jade Sculpture Exhibition” exhibition area (Hall 5)

“Tiangong Jade Sculpture Exhibition” is a display platform for Zhongbao Association to adapt to the growth of jade carving talents, inherit excellent traditional culture, encourage craftsman spirit, guide the cultural industry to continuously cultivate and innovate, and cultivate noble cultural consumption.

In this exhibition, a group of recently completed works by skilled craftsmen from major domestic jade carving producing areas are brought together. Among them are the masterpieces of masters and rookies, the exploration of new materials, and the fusion of cross-fields. New themes and new forms of expression have gradually become the mainstream of jade carving. These exquisite works continue to add icing on the cake to our better life, and gradually develop into an important part of people’s increasing aesthetic pursuit.

GAC Independent Jewelry Designer Joint Exhibition (2nd Floor, Hall 1)

The GAC Independent Jewelry Designers Exhibition is sponsored by the Jewelry Design Professional Committee of the China Bao Association. It brings together nearly a hundred Chinese designers from all over the country to exhibit on the second floor of Hall 1. Various materials are used comprehensively, with rich themes and ingenious collocations, showing infinite changes. . Originality, commerciality, and artistry are blended together, and all kinds of high-end jewelry, creative jewelry, and intangible cultural heritage jewelry are gathered, which perfectly interprets the new power of “Chinese design”.

The window display is also exquisite and elegant. The exhibits are placed in Jiangnan Water Village, red walls and green tiles, light and magical illusions, or solemn scenes, highlighting the design ingenuity and complementing the works. Between the square inches, jewelry presents a unique connotation and charm, creating a relaxed, pleasant, unique exhibition experience and artistic aesthetic enjoyment.

At the exhibition site, the organizer specially set up a design and metalworking experience link, so that consumers can personally experience the jewelry design process and the metal percussion production process. Here, audiences and friends of all ages can find their own fun and enjoy the beauty of jewelry design.

Jewelry has IP Cultural Resources Exhibition Group (Hall 2)

Culture is the soul leading the industry, and resources are the basis for industry upgrading. The rapid development of the jewelry industry is inseparable from the support of culture and resources! GAC Jewelry has an IP•Cultural Resources Exhibition Group. With the concept of innovation + integration, it brings together jewelry colleges and high-end jewelry equipment manufacturers across the country to design outstanding works in competitions and create a jewelry innovation and entrepreneurship practice platform for displaying results and interacting with each other. , to bring you a feast of wisdom and art.

The exhibition group gathers distinctive features

In terms of jade and jade, the “Pingzhou Pavilion”, “Sihui Pavilion”, “Jieyang Pavilion”, “Hualin Jade Pavilion” and “Ruili Pavilion” from the Chinese jade market all appeared in Halls 3 and 4, gathering the “Jade Lineup” , Brand quality source price, increase knowledge, learn knowledge, appreciate beautiful jade, and find good products, creating a very cost-effective jadeite shopping experience.

In terms of pearl jewelry, led by Zhejiang Pearl Industry Association, Shenzhen Pearl Industry Association, and Beihai Municipal Bureau of Commerce, the Pearl Exhibition Group (2nd Floor, Hall 1) gathered nearly a hundred powerful enterprises in the pearl industry. The exhibits include freshwater pearls, South Sea pearls, Tahitian pearls, Akoya pearls and finished jewelry will present a feast of high-quality pearls both inside and outside the industry.

In terms of colored gemstones, the Gilder Pavilion, Jinjunhui Pavilion, and Guangbao Center Pavilion will organize colored gemstone exhibitors to participate in the exhibition. There will be large-carat rubies, sapphires, emeralds, spinels, tourmalines, etc. on site. At the same time, there will also be independent research and development and design brands Yinuo Anton and Xiaojian Jewelry to bring exquisite colored gem designs, and there will also be Jewelry One Hundred Brands that focus on color gem standard innovation and focus on precision cutting technology Chenghao Jewelry, with professional Create high-quality color treasures at the highest level.

Cultivated diamonds have become the new focus of China International Jewelery Exhibition. The Cultivated Diamond Pavilion will organize Zhongnan Diamond Co., Ltd., Ningbo Jingzuan Industrial Technology Co., Ltd., Poliss Jewelry and other key cultivated diamond companies to participate in the exhibition. Loose stones, there are also themed custom jewelry. Here you can not only see the advanced technology and excellent craftsmanship of my country’s cultivated diamonds, but also experience the whole chain, personalized and one-stop service from rough stone selection to finished product customization. You are welcome to visit and purchase the lab-grown diamond exhibition area on the second floor of Hall 1 (2A613-618).

“Chinese jewelry, made in Shenzhen”, this year’s exhibition naturally also has exhibitors from Shenzhen, the largest jewelry sales distribution center in China. Jinzhan Jewelry Plaza, Shuibei Jewelry Trading Center, Jinli Jewelry Trading Center, Baolin Pavilion, Tellus Pavilion and other groups organized dozens of high-quality exhibitors to show their absolute excellence in K gold jewelry production technology and design. Advantage.

In addition, there will also be “Ornamental Stone Exhibition Group”, “Crystal Exhibition Group” and “Yunnan Jade Exhibition Group”, etc., which will be full of bright spots and wonderful events!

Industry exchange and considerate service

In order to build an effective platform for communication and cooperation, a variety of lectures and forums will also be held during the exhibition, such as: 2022 Jewelry Industry Capital Forum, Tiangong Jade Sculpture Exhibition Alxa Jewelry and Jade Branch, Zhongbao Association Jade Culture Forum , Sino-Thai Colored Gemstone Price System Press Conference, “National Style” Golden Age Jewelry Design Forum, 2021 International Jewelry Academic Symposium Proceedings Excellent Paper Award, Jewelry National Inspection Social Trust Platform Science Popularization Live Event, Gemologist Award Ceremony, Red The optimized treatment of sapphire and the market and future of red and sapphire in the post-epidemic era, seminars on the development of Tianhua agate, etc.

In order to make it easier for visitors to enter the venue, China International Jewelry Show mainly promotes “online registration, scanning code to enter”, (follow the WeChat service account of “Zhongbao Association Jewelry Exhibition” or the “Zhongbao Association GAC Jewelry Exhibition” applet, and make online appointments in advance Visit registration, on-site bring the original ID card for verification and enter the venue to ensure the safety of every visitor.

In order to protect the interests of consumers, this exhibition will once again invite the authoritative jewelry appraisal agency – Jewelry and Jade Jewelry National Inspection Group to provide free appraisal and consulting services (1B113-122, 1st Floor, Hall 1), “appraisal first, payment later” , to escort every consumption and investment on site.

China International Jewelery Show

March 16-20, 2023,

Meet you at the China International Exhibition Center (Old Hall), see you soon!

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