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The good news for the wayward users of manufacturers, Sennheiser IE 200 wired headset experience

The good news for the wayward users of manufacturers, Sennheiser IE 200 wired headset experience

Headphones have gradually become a staple item around most people these days. The function of earphones is not only to listen to audio, but also slowly becoming a lifestyle object. Compared with wireless earphones, the sound quality of wired earphones is stronger, and due to the mature technology and the need not to consider the transmission of wireless earphones, wired earphones have also become the favorite of many users.

When it comes to wired headphones, here comes the problem. The last thing you want to encounter is to put it in your bag and get entangled with other objects. Before you want to listen to music on the way to work, you need to untie the earphone cable, and the subway is already at the station.

Sennheiser recently launched a new series of classic IE products, try to use today.

Winter mornings are always the hardest to get out of bed, and the last thing you lose is the time you spend getting ready to head out. Sweep the earphones, keys and other items on the table into the bag at will, regardless of whether they are brought together or not, as long as there is nothing on the table, they are all taken.

When you arrive at the subway station, put on your headphones and enjoy your own little world. Take out the IE 200 from the bag. The 1.3-meter-long headphone cable can be easily separated from other items thanks to the soft material that is not easily entangled. You can start enjoying the satisfaction brought by music as soon as you get in the car.

The material of the hanging ear is also very soft and can be bent arbitrarily, which is convenient to adjust the arc after wearing, so as to obtain a more fitting and comfortable wearing feeling.

Although the currently used IE 200 does not have a wire control function, it is equipped with a gold-plated Fidelity+ MMCX connector with a detachable design. Users can replace or upgrade the wire by themselves. I heard that Sennheiser will launch a wire control in the future. Functional new wire. The joints of this material also allow for free rotation, while the joints are seated in a seat below the surface of the housing, ensuring excellent strain relief and great stability. The improved braided cable provides excellent performance and reliable quality, and can effectively reduce touch noise.

After arriving at the office, the IE 200 with a 3.5mm stereo L-type plug is better in applicability and compatibility than the straight plug. Compared with wireless headphones, which need to switch connections when listening on two devices, which is not only cumbersome but also time-consuming, wired headphones can switch from mobile phone to PC in an instant, and you can hear the sound immediately after plugging it in. Although the wireless headset provides the function of opening the cover and connecting immediately, it is not a physical connection after all. It is always worrying not to confirm it in the mobile phone. I am afraid that when the Bluetooth signal is broken when fishing, it will be awkward to play the sound of the small movie. up.

The IE 200 earplugs are small and low-profile, with ergonomic design, and come with silicone ear pads and memory foam ear pads, which are very suitable for office editors to wear for a long time without any burden. As a codeword editor, a relatively “quiet” environment is very important. When inspiration comes, I am afraid of being disturbed by external sounds, so the company of music is indispensable. The IE 200’s 7mm ultra-wideband TrueResponse transducer and the in-ear design of memory foam earplugs can isolate some noisy sounds in the office.

Especially the sound filtering of the air conditioner in the environment is very obvious. After wearing headphones in a relatively quiet environment such as an office, the surrounding sound can be reduced. Even the sound of colleagues typing on the keyboard is much quieter, and the volume only needs to be turned up to About 20%. However, the operation of the volume varies from person to person, and the volume is also adjusted according to the difference in the surrounding environment and the sensitivity of your own ears.

In terms of listening experience, the IE 200 tri-band is very balanced and has no obvious shortcomings. The bass has a certain impact, but it is not booming; the mid-frequency resolution is excellent, and the vocals and instruments are colorful, especially the vocals are very clear; the high-frequency part is bright and not harsh. In addition, the imaging of IE 200 is also good, and the left and right positioning is accurate, which is obvious when listening to a symphony. Competent for most styles of music, suitable for everyone’s listening preferences.

After get off work in the evening, go home and lie on the sofa to play a game to relieve fatigue. Wireless headsets often cause sound delays due to the environment or equipment used, or there is no sound when playing games. Therefore, wired headphones perform better in sound delay than wireless headphones, which can help me hear details such as footsteps smoothly.

After dinner, take a skateboard and go out for a walk to digest. Music and sports are inseparable. The excellent stability of the IE 200 ear mounts can ensure that the earphones are not easy to lose and fall during sliding and jumping.

After a tiring day at work, you need to meditate before going to bed at night to improve. Put on IE 200 and put on a white noise of running water, concentrate, relax, and find inner peace. Reduce anxiety before going to bed, fall asleep quickly, and welcome the next day.

IE 200 black headphone body and gray wire are all-match design, so you don’t have to think too much about dressing the next day.

Sennheiser IE 200 is a very good listening device. Condensing Sennheiser’s professional audio technology, ergonomic design suitable for long-term wear, and an improved core sound module that provides extraordinary sound quality, it reflects Sennheiser’s ingenuity everywhere.

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