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The Golden Autumn Shopping Carnival is about to begin with exciting attractions, sneak peek

The Golden Autumn Shopping Carnival is about to begin with exciting attractions, sneak peek

  Tianjin Northern Network News:In order to welcome the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day passenger flow peaks, Tianjin plans colorful consumption-promoting activities around the holiday economy, first-run economy, night-time economy, and concert economy, creates characteristic consumption scenes, and organizes various forms of consumption such as theme promotions, discounts, and cultural performances. activities, and make adequate preparations in atmosphere creation, product inventory, food safety, sanitation and cleaning, etc., to provide consumers with a diverse shopping experience.

  “Golden Autumn Shopping Festival”“Tide” Nankai

  It is understood that Tianjin Joy City heldIn the “Crazy Snatching Festival Event”, many new autumn and winter products from trendy brands will be launched. Tianjin Luneng City cooperates with Tianshi Group to organize Tianjin flavor-themed market activities, children’s curling experiences, children’s painting exhibitions and other activities to increase consumers’ interactive experience. Tianjin Yanlord Isetan held the first national exhibition with the theme of “Disney 100th Anniversary – Classic Animation Journey” and staged the dream musical stage play “The Snow Queen”. Tianjin Xiyuehui held the “Xixianghui Play” National Day holiday themed interactive event, where consumers can participate in various interactive experience games.

  The 3rd National Outlets Fashion Shopping SeasonUpcoming

  It is reported that this Outlet Shopping Season is sponsored by the China Chamber of Commerce and hosted by the Outlet Branch toWith the theme of “National Consumption, Benefit from Outlets”, it opened on September 26 and lasted for a month. At the same time, the “Douyin Outlets Carnival Season” was held online. According to the Outlet Branch of the China Chamber of Commerce, unlike previous ones, the opening ceremony of this Outlet Shopping Season will be jointly opened with the 2023 Tianjin Golden Autumn Shopping Festival, and Tianjin Shanshan Outlets will also make a wonderful appearance during the same period. So far, there are 28 leading national outlet companies in the shopping season, including Shanshan Outlet, Capital Outlet, Sasseur Outlet, Florence Town, Shanghai Bailian Outlet, and Wangfujing Outlet, and more than 130 of them are in operation. Sign up for the outlet project, accounting for more than 90% of the industry-wide quality outlets. It is expected that more than 150 special consumption promotion activities will be organized, covering more than 50 key cities. It is expected that the overall sales will exceed 30 billion yuan, and there will be more in the same period. Shanshan Outlet Tianjin and Taiyuan projects, Sasseur Outlet Shijiazhuang project, and No. 8 Warehouse Outlet Guangzhou project will officially open their doors to welcome customers.

  new energy+ Time-honored brand “Welcoming National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival” holds a large market eventAbout to open

  The fragrance of rice flowers means a good harvest, and it is the golden autumn season. It is reported that,The 2023 Tianjin New Energy Vehicles Going to the Rural Areas and the “Welcoming the National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival” gathering event in Xizhaizhuang Town, Jinghai District will be held grandly on September 24.The event venue is set up in the central commercial street of Xizhaizhuang Town, Jinghai District, with a total ofThere are 9 interactive points, including new energy vehicle display area, home appliances display area, department store display area, time-honored brand display area, Jinghai specialty display area, etc., respectively inviting Hisense, Joyoung, Dynasty Wine, Lutaichun, and Luzhou Laojiao. , Guishunzhai, No. 2 Food Factory, Haihe, Luhua, Lida, Limin, Beijing Liubiju, Camel House, Yumeijing, Wanziqianhong, etc. participated, providing new energy vehicles, green homes, Home appliances, time-honored brands and other consumer goods and the public build a platform for communication, display and production-sales docking of service supply and demand.

  Through this event, the latest achievements of new energy vehicles, green homes, home appliances, time-honored brands and other brands will be comprehensively demonstrated, showing regional value, consumption vitality and leading the direction. At the same time, it will help participating companies and institutions promote their products and services, expand business opportunities, and further cater to residents. Diversify purchasing needs, create a good consumption atmosphere, take advantage of the golden autumn consumption season, promote the rapid growth of consumption in Jinghai District, and inject new impetus into rural revitalization and promotion of industrial cooperation.

  Ten million subsidies for top 100 brands Launch of double section home appliances and home decoration one-stop shopping

  Consumption-promoting policies are beneficial andDriven by the “Golden Nine and Silver Ten” decoration season, the consumption potential of home appliances is accelerated. In order to meet the needs of users for renewing their home scenes, Tianjin launched the “UP” plan to enhance the consumer purchasing experience from the four dimensions of products, membership rights, services, and traffic. The event will last from September 22 to 10 January 8th. At that time, UP actions such as joint marketing with the release of new home appliances, free trial bureaus to free room design, secure and transparent installation of the top ten service rights, and integration of multi-channel traffic will be used to meet the needs of consumers at different levels.


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