The full lineup of the third round of the Tinder Music Festival in Changsha officially announced that this May Day will be high

The full lineup of the third round of the Tinder Music Festival in Changsha officially announced that this May Day will be high


The long-awaited May Day holiday is here again! While feeling excited, I also began to worry about the crowds in Changsha. I want to listen to music and watch concerts, but I’m facing a difficult situation of getting tickets. Don’t worry, a May Day holiday music festival belonging to Changsha people is coming!

Tianyu Media has launched its own music festival brand IP “Tinder Music Festival”. The official announcement of the third Mango TV member enjoyment season will be held at Malanshan Square in Golden Eagle Film and Television Cultural City at 19:30 on April 29. held. On the first day of the May Day holiday, bid farewell to the exhausting night of “people following the crowd”, meet Hunan Radio and Television and have a happy “disco dance”.

The full lineup of this music festival was simultaneously exposed. The five groups of singers Jiang Yingrong, Ning Huanyu, Wei Xun, Magic Flash, and 1=F (1EqualFive) are coming. The host Feng Qing and the special welfare officer Qi Sijun joined in surprise. Expectations full.

Jiang Yingrong, who debuted as the champion of the national finals of “Happy Girls” in 2009, has a very contagious voice, and a passionate and domineering stage performance. In early 2023, she also released her 8th personal music album “LOVE DANCEHALL”. This is the second time I come to the stage of “Tinder Music Festival”, I believe she will continue to use her enthusiasm to drive the audience into a frenzy.

2023 is the tenth anniversary of Ning Huanyu’s debut in “Happy Boys” in 2013. Since the release of his first solo album “Heart and Heart”, Ning Huanyu has integrated his thinking and love for life into his music works. On the stage this time, witness a different charm of “Yu”.

Wei Xun, who has a musical instinct since he was a child, has a unique voice and good music control ability. In 2017, he participated in “Happy Boys” and won the national finals. In terms of music style, Wei Xun is constantly seeking breakthroughs. This time he comes to the “Tinder Music Festival” and will bring a different live performance.

In the “Rap Listen to Me” program, Modong Shanba showed amazing rap creation ability, and the highly sung singles such as “Rival” and “Dawn” have their own looping magic. After participating in “Sounds Everlasting·Hong Kong Philharmonic Season”, this treasure rap group has won the love of many music fans. Looking forward to the soul singing of Magic Flash this time, which will ignite the audience.

1=F (1EqualFive) is a brand-new refreshing boy group launched by Tianyu Media after 14 years. It is composed of five members: Zhang Zixian, Shi Rui, Chen Zewen, Luo Junwei and Li Zeyi. Be brave and fearless, detonate the imagination space; empty the troubles, and show the hearty nature. This music festival will be the first offline performance of 1=F (1EqualFive), looking forward to unlocking more possibilities.

The host of the “Tinder Music Festival” is still Feng Qing. Her gentle smile is very friendly. On the stage, she uses her enthusiasm to perfectly drive the atmosphere of the scene.

Qi Sijun, as the special welfare officer for members of this Tinder Music Festival, will deliver surprises on the spot, accompany everyone at the music festival, release spring enthusiasm in music, and spend a happy night together.

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