The full lineup of “City Within a City” officially announced that three generations of powerful actors, old, middle-aged and young, gathered in the financial besieged city

The full lineup of “City Within a City” officially announced that three generations of powerful actors, old, middle-aged and young, gathered in the financial besieged city


On May 10th, directed by Teng Huatao and adapted from the novel of the same name by Teng Xiaolan, winner of the Lu Xun Literature Award, the realistic TV series “City Within a City” written by Bian Zhihong, Wu Nan and Tian Yu released posters and stills, and officially announced the cast for the first time. The play is starring Bai Yufan, Yu Hewei, Xia Meng, Long Ni, Wang Xiao, Feng Jiayi, special starring Wang Jinsong and Yang Zishan, special starring Tu Songyan, and special starring Chen Jin. The super powerful lineup has aroused high expectations across the Internet.

“A City Within a City” takes financial newcomer Tao Wuji (played by Bai Yufan) and president Zhao Hui (played by Yu Hewei) as the fulcrum, telling the story of two generations of financiers who face the financial storm and constantly struggle between the bottom line of their career and money interests. It is a story of choice and choice, with the theme of group portrait presentation and broad reality performance of the financial industry from executives to ordinary employees. Judging from the lineup announced this time, the show not only has young talented actors as the leading actors, but also a golden supporting cast composed of many powerful actors and old actors to help out. Such a luxurious lineup is enough to glimpse the show’s explosive potential.

  All members are sitting on phenomenal blockbuster masterpieces, and their god-level acting skills soar to new heights

It is a highlight of the play that Bai Yufan and Yu Hewei acted together as master and apprentice for the first time. In the newly released poster of the Gate of Choice, the two stand side by side on both sides of the revolving door. The posture of the seniors in the financial circle, the slightly frowned brows and the pursed corners of the mouth hinted that they are ready to go. The two are quite matched in terms of image temperament and acting skills, and the image of master and apprentice is vivid on the screen. Also worth paying attention to is Wang Xiao, who plays Zhao Hui’s university classmate and branch auditor Miao Che. Compared with the sharp-edged two before, Wang Xiao looks more relaxed and calm, just like a bystander watching everything about Bo Yun’s treachery with cold eyes. None of them could stir up the storm in his eyes. In addition, there is another detail in the poster. Bai Yufan and Wang Xiao look in the same direction, while Yu Hewei looks forward alone. This seems to indicate that Tao Wuji and Zhao Hui, the master and apprentice, will eventually part ways and go to different endings.

In addition to the above three actors with high national recognition, there are also Long Ni and Feng Jiayi who are familiar to the audience in the play. The two actors have contributed impressive acting skills in recent popular dramas, and I believe they can also perform very well in “City Within a City” this time. And Mr. Wang Jinsong, who is both national and popular with the audience, will appear as a special starring role. This time he subverts his image once again to play the big brother Wu Xianlong. In the stills, Mr. Wang Jinsong has a beard and rubs his teacup with a thoughtful expression, which makes people wonder what kind of turbulent story lies under his calm appearance.

The passionate joining of Yang Zishan, Tu Songyan and Chen Jin is also a surprise, and the collision between these people about money, power, desire and human nature will also unfold slowly. What makes people’s eyes shine is that this time director Teng Huatao boldly used the newcomer Xia Meng as the heroine of the play. The lively and lively temperament is believed to be able to reap the favor of many audiences.

  In the era of writing in the workplace, “City Within a City” hits the pain points of the workplace

“City Within a City” disassembled and expanded the content of the original work during the adaptation process. Not only did the background and relationship of some characters be rewritten, but the image of individual characters was further extended in the play, which is thicker and fuller than the whole story of the original work. It can also be seen from the released stills that each character’s appearance, expression, and posture have meticulously designed ingenuity. There are also unscrupulous methods for profit…just the stills have such distinctive character characteristics, which is enough to see that the actors’ control of the characters is really penetrating.

In addition, although the play is based on the financial industry as the background, the situation of the characters and the workplace environment are exactly the same as the reality, especially the growth and transformation of graduates such as Tao Wuji and Tian Xiaohui in the workplace, which is quite close to the reality. The perspective of graduates and newcomers in the real “Horizon” avoids the “chronic disease” of the floating feeling in the workplace dramas in the past, and makes the workers who are really in the workplace resonate naturally.

Workplace politics, workplace culture, workplace relationships…these not only exist in dramas, but also in reality, and they are the laws of the jungle that must be obeyed and accepted inevitably. Among them, some people stick to the bottom line from beginning to end, some people are narrow-minded and selfish, and some people keep their mouths shut… one after another, open and hidden battles, the gains and losses of interests in the workplace, the balance of pros and cons, and the good and evil of human nature , all displayed.

As written in the original book: “A person is like a second white shirt, no matter how much you cherish it, it will always turn yellow and black slowly, but we still have to cherish it, wash it by hand as much as possible, do not expose it to the sun, and iron it flat Well, don’t get wet, don’t get disasters, the sooner it turns yellow and black, the better.” “City Within a City” may allow us to find a “city within a city” that sticks to our spiritual wealth in this society full of money interests.

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