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The fragrant Laba porridge brings long-lasting love to the bank – Shanghai Bank serves its customers to celebrate the Laba Festival – Times Finance – Northern Net

The fragrant Laba porridge brings long-lasting love to the bank – Shanghai Bank serves its customers to celebrate the Laba Festival – Times Finance – Northern Net

After the Laba Festival, it’s the New Year. A bowl of Laba porridge, which symbolizes completeness, abundance, good luck and health, not only drives away the cold, but also contains people’s expectations for the New Year and the taste of happiness. January 18th coincides with the traditional Laba Festival. Bank of Shanghai employees approach customers with heartfelt financial services as always.

  “Porridge” will bring good luck

  Careful service turns into heartfelt blessings

Shanghai BankPuxi BranchWuyi Road Sub-branch, together with the Zunyi Neighborhood Committee and the Elderly Association, jointly carried out the “Love Laba Festival, Sending Blessings and Warmth” activity. In addition to caring for the elderly in the community, it also brought warmth to community volunteers.Shibei BranchThe hall was newly decorated, giving birth to a strong New Year atmosphere. Through activities such as giving away Laba porridge and Spring Festival couplets with Chinese characters “Fu” to customers, regular volunteer services and financial knowledge promotion “gift packages” are still always with customers.

  Pudong BranchThe Lujiazui branch invited elderly customers to participate in the “Laba Tianfu” New Year Salon, where they wrote the Chinese character “Fu” and tasted Laba porridge with the elderly. They also popularized financial fraud prevention knowledge through skits and explained the deposit insurance system to help customers gain a deeper understanding of financial management knowledge.Shinan BranchTianlin Sub-branch went into the community, used the financial studio as a carrier to promote financial products and services, and more intimately integrated into the Laba Festival celebrations of surrounding residents.

  Nanjing BranchJianye Sub-branch proactively went into surrounding communities, distributed sweet porridge and gift bags to residents, conveyed warmth and love with simple blessings and greetings, and also introduced business activities during the Spring Festival to customers.Hangzhou BranchLin’an Sub-branch cooperated with Zhonghong Insurance Company to organize Laba Festival themed activities, including a wonderful game of opening clams and picking pearls, paired with warm Laba porridge, to spend a wonderful holiday time with customers.

  Beijing BranchWe held a health-themed event and invited the attending physician of Dongzhimen Hospital of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine to provide one-on-one physical examination and professional consultation services to customers on-site. We also invited customers to experience the production of hawthorn pills on-site, so as to experience the strong festive atmosphere with customers.Shenzhen branchOKThe Science and Technology Park Branch held a Spring Festival couplet writing activity to celebrate the Laba Festival with the public with heart-warming blessings.Ningbo BranchWe prepared Laba porridge early in the morning and waited for the arrival of customers. The warm sweet porridge warms the hands and heart, and the customers’ thanks and smiles strengthen the Shangxing staff’s attentive service concept.

  “Porridge” arrives and service arrives

  Never forget to protect sincerely

A steaming bowl of Laba porridge brews the joyful atmosphere of the Spring Festival. The end of the year and the beginning of the year are often the peak consumption seasons for people. While continuing to provide financial services, the Bank of Shanghai does not forget to pay attention to consumers, especially key groups, to improve their ability to prevent fraud and anti-fraud, and to keep their “money bags” safe.

Shanghai BankSales DepartmentThe Municipal Avenue Sub-branch joined hands with the labor union directly under the Municipal State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission to launch the “Shanghai State-owned Assets High-Quality Products Market” activity, and counterfeited Yuanshi, NFT, virtual currency, digital products under the guise of “implementing policies” such as technological innovation, green transformation, and rural revitalization. Collections, “online cross-border online transactions” and other new concepts of illegal fund-raising, strengthen risk warning reminders, expose illegal fund-raising scams, give full play to the function and role of financial guidance and publicity, and continue to practice the original intention of finance for the people.

  Chengdu BranchOrganize special personnel to provide financial knowledge popularization activities for the elderly, explain in detail the telecommunications fraud methods that have appeared recently, and remind the elderly to increase their awareness of prevention in daily life, not to disclose personal information to strangers easily, not to take advantage of small things, and always remember “Don’t listen, don’t believe, don’t transfer or remit money to strangers”, and guard your “money bag”.Tianjin BranchIn conjunction with the peak consumption season at the end of the year and the beginning of the year, while continuing to provide customer feedback, we also carry out financial knowledge publicity and anti-fraud publicity, continuously improving service quality and efficiency while enhancing the public’s awareness of self-protection.

Laba porridge is fragrant and warm. As a financial state-owned enterprise, the Bank of Shanghai always adheres to its original intention of serving the people with finance, optimizes financial services every step of the way, and uses financial power to light up a better life.

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