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The flagship new product is versatile in the life circle of Generation Z, Yadea uses technology to unlock beautiful travel

The flagship new product is versatile in the life circle of Generation Z, Yadea uses technology to unlock beautiful travel

With the arrival of March, the breath of spring gradually permeates the earth. For young people who are keen to find rides, the popular “play ride” – electric two-wheeled vehicles has also become their choice. Recently, the Yardi “Retro Electric Motorcycle” recommended by the high-profile actress Zhang Jingyi has quickly become popular in the gaming circles on major platforms, attracting the attention and love of many young people and becoming a new favorite for travel and gaming.

Why do young people tend to look for “accompaniments”? The underlying reason is a search for companionship and recognition. However, choosing a “match” is not just random, but requires a like-minded and comprehensive understanding of your partner. For many young people looking for a hookup, this ideal partner is exactly what they are looking for.

Take the “playing companion” – Yadi Guanneng 6th generation Q50 as an example. With its exquisite and fashionable appearance design and intelligent and flexible features, it has not only won the recommendation of star Jia Nailiang, the new generation of super popular actress Zhang Jingyi, but also many For the first time, it appeared in the planting videos of well-known Internet celebrities and other big Vs and foreign friends, becoming their satisfactory and comfortable travel partner. Many netizens expressed their intention to go to local stores for a test drive, praising that “domestic brands understand young people better.”

Tiezi is not only a new type of social relationship, but also a precise companionship focusing on a vertical segment. With the popularity of the “tie” culture, many brands are also well versed in this. They fill the market gaps through the association of products with various usage scenarios and solve the problem of “finding a tie” for young users. For example, milk tea drinks, coffee drinks, sports drinks, travel drinks, etc. Through in-depth insights into the interest scenarios of young users, matching scenario experiences based on different product features, shortening the distance with users, and realizing the cultivation of young users through “accompaniment”.

As a new international travel brand, Yadi has thoroughly studied the personality preferences and lifestyles of the young generation! The 6th generation of Yadea Guanneng Q50 has achieved the pinnacle of aesthetics. It is good-looking and easy to ride. Luban craftsmanship is all over the body, allowing girls to enjoy a more elegant ride and bring their own atmosphere when going out on the street. As a representative of hardcore strength, the 6th generation GN T60 is better to ride at high speeds. It combines powerful performance and ultimate control, demonstrating sports technology without losing its edge; the 6th generation GN M85 is super easy to ride when carrying people, and has both appearance and riding ability. Maintaining ultra-high quality in terms of performance, battery life and convenience, he is a true “all-rounder”. Yadi Guanneng covers more than one aspect and covers all aspects! Versatile young people’s life circle, living up to a wonderful trip!

More important than where you go is who you choose to go with. An effective travel companion can cure all the troubles of busy life; a versatile photo companion can take more beautiful photos with you. Spring is the preface, and everything is new. Travel with Yadi electric cars, go out for spring outings with your family, enjoy flowers and listen to springs, wander the mountain trails with friends, and see the wild scenery, without fear of complex terrain and travel distance, let’s set off together!

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