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The first trailer of Ningmeng Film and Television’s new drama “You Too Have Today” is an urban light comedy that is super eye-catching

The first trailer of Ningmeng Film and Television’s new drama “You Too Have Today” is an urban light comedy that is super eye-catching


  9moon20day,2023Alibaba Entertainment Business Autumn Cloud Release is in progress.You NingmengFilm and televisionProduced by Youku and co-produced by Chen Mingzhang,Chen ShiyiDirected, written by Li Jingling, Xu Xiaoou serves as the chief producer, starring Chen Xingxu and Zhang Ruonan, Chen Xiaojun, Li Junxian, He Wenjun, Li Dianzun, Chen Haolan, Xie Shuai, Fan Shuaiqi, Ye XiaoweiBlue Citystarring,Special appearances by Weng Hong and Yue Yueli, and a friendly appearance by Liu Jie,Adapted from the original novel of the same name by Ye Feiran from Jinjiang Literature CitySweet and light comedy legal drama“You Too Have Today”debut2024Youku dramaPlaylist.

  “You Too Have Today” tells the story of Qian Heng (Chen Xingxu), the founder of Jun Heng Law Firm. ) and Lotte rookie lawyer Cheng Yao (Zhang Ruonan ) accidentally changed from workplace partners to roommates, influencing each other in terms of work and life concepts, growing together, and ultimately staying together for a lifetime.The play focuses on vertical professionsfamily lawyerthroughlive togetherProperty disputes, divorce property division,Children’s inheritanceand other typical cases, showing the current societylove and marriage hotspotsand pain points.Qian HengandCheng YaoIn the process of working with their partners, Cheng Yao experienced the integration of values, and gradually understood that procedural justice is more important than substantive justice. Qian Heng was also influenced by Cheng Yao, and became more humane when handling cases; the two people’s views on marriage and love also changed. There was a collision, and under the comparison of the parties involved in various cases, they witnessed the shining point of human nature and confirmed the sanctity and beauty of marriage.

  “You Too Have Today”During the filming, Chen Xingxu and Zhang Ruonan’s good looks and highly restored original work,CPThe atmosphere is Reuters, arousing strong expectations among netizens.On the day of the cloud release, the series officially released the “Happy Enemies” version of the trailer and14The official announcement stills of each character use a unique comedy method to open the romantic drama, which is refreshing.The “Happy Enemies” version of the trailer asks the audience “How many moments of social death have you encountered as a worker?” From the perspective of a “worker”, it shows Cheng Yao misunderstanding her boss Qian Heng as a “special service worker” and being drunk. Later, he woke up in Qian Heng’s bed and made Qian Heng misunderstand that he admired him… There were several high-energy “horse-grabbing” plots and dense laughter that made the audience laugh and empathize deeply.

  The TV series “You Too Have Today” is a new attempt by Ningmeng Film and Television in the modern romance track. It cleverly combines sweet pets, light joy, and legal elements. It not only has romantic heartbeat, love intertwined with laughter and tears, but also has educational, entertaining and Topics of concern to women.The emotional model of Qian Heng and Cheng Yao being good medicine for each other and growing together also reflects theZGenerations” of young men and women “independently side by side” ideal view of love.

  Currently, “You Too Have Today” has been released on2023Year8moon4It was finalized today and is in the post-production stage. Light romance, legal romance, “You Too Have Today” will be broadcast exclusively on Youku. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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