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The first stop of the national roadshow of “Trapped Beast” is Chengdu, which is extremely hot. Zhong Hanliang cleverly used “hot pot spiciness” to comment on the movie

The first stop of the national roadshow of “Trapped Beast” is Chengdu, which is extremely hot. Zhong Hanliang cleverly used “hot pot spiciness” to comment on the movie


  The crime movie “Trapped Beast” directed by Pang Fa, starring Chung Han-liang, Francis Ng Chun-yu, and Cheung Siu-fai, with Myolie Wu in special appearancetodayThe road show started, with producer Zhang Yang and director Peng Fa, leading actors Zhong Hanliang and Zhang Zhaohui, and starring Zhao Yanguozhang and Gu Bin.  Yanxiang and Liu Yingyi came to Chengdu,At the post-screening meeting,ChengduThe audience interacted with the film’s creators with full enthusiasm,And the concept of continuous feeling:“This is the most heart-wrenching Hong Kong crime movie I have seen this autumn. I was so nervous that I didn’t dare to breathe.” The enthusiastic Chengdu audience deeply infected every creator, and the atmosphere on the scene was very hot!

  At the Chengdu road show, the main creators blended into the urban atmosphere and were constantly thinking creatively. They evaluated their roles based on the spiciness of the hot pot.As a policeman in the movie, Chung Han-liang transforms into a sexy person. Comments“Little host”, he said that every character in our movie is hot. The evil gangster Si Ye, played by Zhang Siu-fai, took the initiative to claim “Big Spicy”. His ruthlessness in the film can be seen from this; Teacher Zhao Yanguozhang, who played Cuenca, was dubbed “Big Spicy” by the audience before he could speak. “Pervertedly spicy”, his crazy image in the movie left a deep impression on the audience; Yang Qi, the fourth master’s subordinate played by Gu Bin, looks gentle but unambiguous in his actions. He describes himself as not only “spicy” but also “spicy”. “hemp” and use it to confuse opponents in the film;YanxiangFeng Kun, who plays the fourth master’s thug, said he is“Spicy aftertaste”, as for what kind of trap he set for others later, the audience has to go into the theater to find out; Liu Yingyi, who plays Mrs. Yang Qi, is a bit different. She said that she is a bit sweet tomato pot.

  In addition, the main creators also shared many details on and off the stage.Producer Zhang Yang said that he has been a fan of Hong Kong movies since he was a child. When he grew up, he was very fortunate to work with the best filmmakers. This time the presentation of “Trapped Beast” is“Dreams come true.” Regarding the origin of the movie’s title, the director explained: “Because in the end everyone fought to the death and no one could escape, it was called a trapped beast.” Zhong Hanliang felt that every character in the movie was actually a “trapped beast”, not just Trapped by the desire for money, there are more emotions, whether family, friendship or love. Cheung Siu-fai said frankly that the role of Fourth Master is very different from the previous characters. He is more like a “half-god and half-demon” person who devotes himself to worshiping Buddha while doing all kinds of bad things. And Zhao Yanguo Zhang, who was criticized by the audience as “perverted and spicy”, said that he was a good boy in life, and many details of his performance were based on the gangster roles played by Mr. Wu Zhenyu before.

  The movie “Trapped” tells the story of the turmoil in Tiger City around the turn of the millennium. In order to restore order and reduce the crime rate, the government decided to eradicate the corrupt underground entertainment industry and money laundering.With Fourth Master (Zhang Zhaohui) The underworld forces represented by Wu Zhenyu and Zuo Junzhe (Francis Ng), the director of the Department of Commercial Investigation ) secretly manipulated the situation, trying to take advantage of the opening of the market to fish in troubled waters to compete for management rights.With Jiang Wenfeng (Zhong Hanliang) The police (represented by the police) launched a thrilling showdown with them.

  The movie “The Beast” is directed by Peng Fa, starring Chung Han-liang, Ng Chun-yu, and Cheung Siu-fai, with a special appearance by Myolie Wu, Zhao Yanguo Zhang, Zhang Guoqiang, Ji Li, Gu Bin, Wang Keru, Zhou Kai, Yan Xiang, Fei Qiming kindly starred, Sichuan Devil Produced by Film Film Co., Ltd., Shanwei Film (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Lanqiong Film and Television Culture Media Co., Ltd., Guangdong Huhushengwei Film Co., Ltd., Sichuan Chengcheng Film and Television Culture Communication Co., Ltd., Wuhan Legend Film and Television Art Co., Ltd., Xiamen Jinyi Media Co., Ltd., Bona Cinema Line Co., Ltd., Beijing Zero Scale Film Co., Ltd., Beijing Yuni Film Co., Ltd., Sichuan Dalu Film Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Donglai Culture Co., Ltd., Hainan Fugui Jointly produced by Film and Television Culture Co., Ltd. and Fujian Zianran Film Co., Ltd., it will beReleased nationwide on October 27, 2023!

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