The first “Inheriting the Red Gene, Helping Healthy China Action and Bright Action Series Public Welfare Activities” will be held in Guangxi

A few days ago, the Population Culture Development Center of the National Health and Medical Commission, the Health and Sports Development Center of the China Care for the Next Generation Working Committee, the China Care for the Next Generation Health Sports Foundation and the Huasheng Green Industry Foundation jointly signed the “About the Joint Development of “Inheriting the Red Gene, The Notice of Helping Healthy China Action Conference” and “Bright Action” series of public welfare activities”. This series of public welfare activities will be held in Nandan County, Guangxi in April 2023.

The vision health of Chinese teenagers has always affected the hearts of the party and state leaders. The holding of the first “Inheriting the Red Gene, Helping Healthy China Action Conference and Bright Action Series Public Welfare Activities” is to thoroughly implement the spirit of the instructions on the prevention and control of myopia in children and adolescents, and effectively implement the “Implementation Plan for Comprehensive Prevention and Control of Myopia in Children and Adolescents” issued by relevant state departments ” and the “Bright Action Work Plan for the Prevention and Control of Myopia in Children and Adolescents” and other documents, “to take good care of children’s eyes and let them have a bright future” is also to realize the promotion of the Healthy China Action, build green and healthy schools, and mobilize the whole The society should participate in the “Bright Action” and the construction of green and healthy schools, jointly promote the balanced development of education, and further promote the high-quality development of local economy and society.

It is understood that the first event is planned to be held on April 15, 2023 in Nandan County, Hechi City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. More than 1,000 people including people from the National People’s Congress, the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, health, education, literary and art circles, business representatives, people from all walks of life, local people, and school teachers and students will be invited to participate in the event. The activities will be carried out in the form of investigation and research, forums and evening parties. On the day of the event, the invited personnel will go deep into the local primary and secondary schools to investigate the education and teaching environment and the development of education, and conduct comprehensive discussions and exchanges in the main venue and sub-venues according to the topics. The activities of this conference will focus on “renovation and improvement of the visual environment of education and teaching, one of the eight aspects of ‘Brightness Action’, Guangxi’s implementation cases and implementation path exploration”, “under the background of high-quality economic and social development and the promotion of healthy China actions, promote Balanced development of compulsory education, exploring the responsibilities of the government, enterprises, society and other aspects in the process of promoting the improvement of the education and teaching environment” and other issues were launched.

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