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The first Greater China Effie Global Marketing Award Winning Cases & Effectiveness Rankings Officially Announced

The first Greater China Effie Global Marketing Award Winning Cases & Effectiveness Rankings Officially Announced

The list of winners of the 2022 Effie Global Marketing Awards, Silver and Bronze Awards in Greater China and the annual ranking of the Effie Global Marketing Awards are officially announced.Among them, there are 4 gold award cases, 6 silver award cases, 19 bronze award cases and 19 shortlisted award cases.

The 2022 Effie Global Marketing Award in Greater China focuses on the business innovation model of overseas marketing. It aims to discover the marketing works with the most trend insight and breakthrough growth in the industry, and commends the brand-new growth space for the brand through standardization or localization innovation. , an excellent case of commercial value transformation.

Congratulations to the winning companies and teams!Xu Haoyu, managing director of Effie Greater China, said: “Effie actively embraces market changes and has insight into the new trend of global marketing. This year, the first global marketing award is set up. We hope that through the practical summary of successful overseas marketing cases, we can help the industry Find more effective and innovative overseas solutions, and use this to find more potential overseas marketing practitioners, integrate the advantages of different circles in different regions, and link cross-border integration to form a symbiotic development of global business circles , Continue to help Chinese brands go global. At the same time, Effie never stops pursuing practical results.Effie in Greater China looks forward to reuniting with marketing partners in the upcoming 2023 new season.

Detailed explanation of the gold award case out of the circle

“Tell Huawei’s story well, convey value and confidence”

–Global social media communication of Huawei’s corporate image

Case name:“Tell Huawei’s Story Well, Deliver Value and Confidence”——Global social media communication of Huawei’s corporate image

brand name:Huawei

Award categories:Global Impact – Multi-Country Linkage

Advertiser Company:Huawei

Main Agency:Yardi Media

Main delivery platforms:youtube

Walk into the fantasy world with virtual idol Nunu

Case name:Walk into the fantasy world with virtual idol Nunu

Award categories:Innovation Breakthrough – Content Marketing,

Innovation Breakthrough – Short Video/Live Streaming

Advertiser Company:glory

Main Agency:Shanghai Puli Marketing Consulting

Main delivery platforms:TikTok for Business

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds x Spider-Man cross-border marketing

Case name:PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds x Spider-Man cross-border marketing

Award categories:Innovation Breakthrough – Cross-Border Marketing

Advertiser Company:Proxima Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

Main Agency:BlueFocus Digital Marketing Agency/Shenzhen

Main delivery platforms:youtube

Congratulations to all winning teams!

The first Effie Global Marketing Award has attracted the attention of the industry since the start of the competition. After several months of recruitment, as well as fair, just, professional and rigorous preliminary and final review, through the detailed classification and in-depth evaluation of the entries, stand out among them The Gold, Silver and Bronze Award works are the best among the best, representing extremely high industry standards and marketing effectiveness, and have been unanimously recognized by industry experts and judges at different stages such as preliminary review and final review.

The effectiveness ranking of the first Effie Global Marketing Awards was also announced simultaneously.Effie Effectiveness Index (Effie Effectiveness Index) is one of the most authoritative rankings in the advertising marketing industry, which can directly reflect the creative solutions of the cases and the market effects brought by the solutions to related businesses. The companies and teams that can be ranked in the ranking of effectiveness prove that their marketing practices are recognized by the industry and achieve ultimate success in the effectiveness of marketing communication.

So far, all the awards of the first Effie Global Marketing Awards in Greater China have been announced, drawing a successful conclusion to the exploration of the 2022 global marketing field. At the same time, it also indicates that 2023 Effie is about to start its journey of exploring global marketing.

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