The first exhibition of the first store!Tianjin Joy City Joy Hey New Festival opens up new life in the city

The first exhibition of the first store!Tianjin Joy City Joy Hey New Festival opens up new life in the city

From April 15th to 16th, the original ace IP “Grand Joy Hi New Festival” new fun hit, Tianjin Joy City opened the Jincheng Spring Carnival mode, focusing on the preferences of young customers, and introduced the North China premiere of “Hello, Great Artist” At the exhibition, the trendy products in the city can be discounted by 30%, and the rich consumption experience activities kick off the prelude to the “new life trend here” and open up a new “new” way of “hi” to play Tianjin.

  Art Empowerment, Awakening Urban Art DNA

As a landmark shopping center in Tianjin, Tianjin Joy City insists on introducing more representative, appealing and cohesive IPs into Tianjin, bringing Tianjin youths a new way to open their weekends and setting off a pioneering and trendy experience. This year’s Hi New Festival, we will join hands with Big Orange to hold the first exhibition of “Hello, Great Artist” in North China, using cartoons on world famous paintings such as “Frida’s Garden”, “Girl with a Pearl Earring”, “Venus” and “Children of Man” A new interpretation of the shape. With the help of the expression of artistic language, Jincheng consumers will be provided with a public space to immerse themselves in the beauty of art and exchange thinking and inspiration, and re-encounter the great artists of the shining era in the bright spring.

  Xinyiyuebuy benefits, happy shopping

On April 14th, the Tianjin Joy City live broadcast room was first opened, retail 85 yuan group 100 yuan, catering 79 yuan group 100 yuan, explosive products over 300 yuan minus 100 yuan and other heavy benefits opened a new prologue, follow-up more enjoy Benefits such as “Yue Full Rewards”, 100 vouchers with no threshold for high-quality consumption of 1,000 yuan, 100 vouchers with no threshold for clothing consumption of 600 yuan, and 100 vouchers with no threshold for accessories consumption of 3,000 yuan. Xinyi in-app purchase will be low Starting from 99 yuan, China Construction Bank increased group purchases…continue to empower the vitality of the business district and further boost the consumer market.

Pet fans keep coming, benefits increase. During the New Year’s Eve, members of Tianjin Joy City can enjoy the “redemption” of point surprises. Members can redeem event IP peripheral gifts with their points. The remaining money is a tidy gift.

  Young people should experience new ideas

During the Hi New Festival, Tianjin Joy City joined hands with Master Kong to hold the Chaoyin Dry Music Challenge, communicating with consumers in a younger way, activating consumers’ love for music, releasing their own attitude towards Chaoyin, and creating a very vibrant Hey new carnival atmosphere, rendering the new wave of ideal life.

  New ideas are constantly on May 1st HIGH FIVE!

Tianjin Joy City continues to strengthen the “first store harvester” label, and 13 super popular new stores will be launched in May. Among them, the much-anticipated Bandai Gundam Base Satellite store will be unveiled; the fashion shoe brand OETZI from the United States; Dashu Restaurant, which ranks first in the review list, goes to Shanhai, Maliuji, Russian Kitchen Flagship Store and many other Internet celebrity popular catering brands will also open their first stores in Tianjin one after another.

In addition, the popular artist Big Orange will meet, interact with art stickers, HIGH FIVE HIGH YOU! The rich trendy activities such as the May Youth Hi Friends Market provide more imaginative possibilities for the holiday life of urban youth.

“New life trend here” is not only the theme of Joy Hi New Festival, but also the brand belief that Joy City has always adhered to, bringing more innovative and interesting lifestyles to urban youth, and continuously activating youth enthusiasm Curiosity grows with the city at the same frequency.

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