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The first city commercial bank in the country? Bank of Shanghai passed the DCMM4 certification

The first city commercial bank in the country? Bank of Shanghai passed the DCMM4 certification

On August 14, the official website of the China Electronic Information Industry Federation announced that Bank of Shanghai has officially passed the national standard Data Management Capability Maturity Assessment Model (hereinafter referred to as DCMM) level 4 certification, and is also the first city commercial bank in the country to pass the DCMM level 4 certification.

Bank of Shanghai has made significant improvements in the eight capability domains of data strategy, data governance, data architecture, data standards, data quality, data security, data application, and data life cycle required by DCMM, and realized quantitative management. In order to implement the “Implementation Plan for Further Promoting the Implementation of National Standards for Enterprise Data Management in Shanghai”, Bank of Shanghai began to promote the DCMM assessment work in September 2022. It took 10 months to collect and sort out nearly a thousand materials. Passed the preliminary review in June and the preliminary review in June; participated in the formal review defense in July and passed it at one time.

  After the implementation of the strategic plan for 2021-2023,Shanghai BankThe effect of digital transformation is remarkable. In the past 3 years, nearly 30 awards have been awarded, including 5 provincial and ministerial awards. The platform supporting the digital transformation of the operation and management of the whole bank “Pocket Bank” has won the Financial Technology Development Award of the People’s Bank of China, and the digital treasury management “commercial bank advanced and “Ecological Transformation Construction of Physical Online Operation” won the Financial Technology Development Award of the People’s Bank of China, the digital risk control system “Intelligent Anti-fraud Knowledge Graph of Retail Credit” won the Shanghai Financial Technology Innovation Award, and “Digital Transformation of Banking Internal Control Compliance” won the China The subject award of the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, and the “Bank of Shanghai Digital Small and Micro Loan Product Construction Project” won the “Shanghai Enterprise Informationization Demonstration Project”. In addition, Bank of Shanghai cooperates closely with external organizations in the field of data, and is a member of the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission’s Data Governance High-level Expert Guidance and Coordination Committee, a member of the National Gold Standards Committee Interbank Market Technical Standard Working Group, and Shanghai Financial Industry Federation. Vice-Chairman Unit”, “Vice-Chairman Unit of Shanghai Digital Business Association”, “Shanghai Data Exchange Strategic Partner and the First Batch of Digital Businessmen”, “Shanghai Data Standardization Committee Director Unit”.

The award of DCMM4 certification this time is another major achievement of Bank of Shanghai in realizing digital high-quality transformation and development in an all-round way, and it is also a confirmation that Bank of Shanghai’s data management work ranks among the advanced sequence of city commercial banks.

In the future, the data management and application work of Bank of Shanghai will continue to be optimized and improved from three aspects, and will play a leading role as a model for city commercial banks across the country. First, the whole bank will continue to improve its data management capabilities with the goal of a higher level of DCMM; second, it will continue to release the value of data elements, and enhance the ability of data in various business scenarios, especially one-stop, integrated, and inclusive services; third, Through the data-driven high-quality digital transformation of “marketing customer acquisition, business management, and risk management”, the integration of data and scenarios + business application mode will be strengthened.

Further reading: DCMM is my country’s first officially released national standard in the field of data management, and it is also the most authoritative enterprise data management capability certification in China; it aims to help companies use advanced data management concepts and methods to establish and evaluate their own data management capabilities , continue to improve the data management organization, procedures and systems, and give full play to the value of data in promoting the development of enterprises towards informatization, digitalization and intelligence. DCMM certification is divided into 5 levels, level 1 is the lowest, and level 4 is quantitative level, which means that enterprises regard data as an important resource for obtaining competitive advantages, and data management efficiency can be quantitatively analyzed and monitored

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